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By clicking Mobile Payment it will route you to the Mobile Payment page. Click on the link to find our fee schedule. A reservation fee is a fee to recover staff time for booking a reservation and to cover merchant credit card charges. Instead of having many names for this fee we settled on Reservation Fee. You will see this fee applied for online bookings and mobile payment bookings and if you call in and book over the phone. Fees vary in price depending on the booking platform. A maximum of three changes per reservation allowed.

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With the prospect of scheduled blackouts looming, solar owners have been pushing to add battery backup to their systems to keep the lights on during grid outages. Grid-tie inverters are designed to convert DC direct current from solar panels, but they are not designed to integrate with a battery bank. Batteries are the most expensive part of a solar system. We wanted to make this really clear upfront, since people who call us often get sticker shock when we tell them the backup power package can cost more than the system itself! If you are concerned about recent blackouts and want the most cost-effective solution, your best bet may be a gas generator. A gas generator is usually large enough to back up most or all of your household, where an inverter and battery bank is usually sized to power only the essential appliances, because large battery systems can get expensive quickly. Gas generators have their own downsides: they are noisy, less environmentally friendly, require maintenance and a fuel source.

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NOTE - bidet attachments are quickly running out of stock on Amazon just like food ins stores, etc , so get yours sooner. Here are the ones still available:. In this guide, we will review step by step, how to install a bidet attachment to your toilet. We will use the example of the Zen Mechanical Bidet attachment, a super popular model on Amazon. This particular bidet seat attachment is a dual-nozzle, hot and cold water bidet. There are many similar products out there in this price range, and installation is also very similar. Whether or not you have purchased the Ginie Bidet or a similar attachment, reading this guide will help figure out how to install a bidet quickly and without any problems.

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