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The "traffic police" of the plumbing world are building inspectors who have the authority to flag a plumbing system and make it illegal to use until the violations are corrected. As far as the kitchen sink goes, most of the code issues of concern to homeowners involve the drain and waste system. Improperly installed drain and vent components can cause blockages, water contamination and the release of dangerous sewer gases into the home, and they can affect the plumbing in other parts of the house. As for the sink and faucet itself as well as the water supply pipes, shut-off valves and other plumbing fixtures, it's difficult to violate code if they are already code approved most are and you install them according to the manufacturer's directions. Often comically depicted crouched inside the kitchen cabinet with pants at half mast, plumbers don't always get respect, and one look at the International Plumbing Code IPC is all you need to understand why they do deserve respect. Every plumber is intimately familiar with the plumbing system and plumbing code, and that's no small achievement because the code is a voluminous document full of technical details. It contains too much information for the average homeowner to digest, and anyone who tries to do so understands why plumbers charge the fees they do.

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