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Chalk it up to cold Darwinism, cultural standards, or the simple feminine desire to have a man around who can reach the top shelf, but just about every stature study in the last 20 years confirms what short guys already know: women prefer taller men. Their playbook, honed by necessity, is all about shaking up the odds and picking up subtle signs of interest that their loftier brothers might ignore. Not convinced? But after trying unsuccessfully to get a date with her, one of her friends finally told me the deal: I was too short for her. Understandably, such experiences can leave many short guys feeling gunshy. It was that easy. So be honest, but also be willing to take a proactive role in scanning for and emailing women online, since you may not make their minimum height requirement when they do the searching.

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I mean there are all sorts of women there. Are you asking them out? In other words I attended a church in which there were lots of single people, many of whom were attractive. In fact many people go there partly because of this. I mean what better place to meet someone than a person church where singles are actually welcomed right?

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To find out what it's really like to be a man dating in America, Cosmopolitan. Here's one man's story. Mostly meets people on: Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter. I don't work well with Tinder. There's so much built up anxiety in that first message. People on social media already get me, they're not just random. We've only met once - we were walking by a Whole Foods and recognized each other in passing.

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