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Your Library Podcasts News. Show More. Good morning and welcome to the ride! Junior is looking for a very close family member. Obama critiques Trump.

Today would have been Ahmaud's 26th birthday. Baltimore Ravens star Earl Thomas got c Find out who is closing doors and finding phones. The Chief Love Officer hears about a manipulative child with divorced parents along with trolls and more. Tommy gives a wellness call to a loyal listener that works in her local hospital.

The attorney for the family of A Steve finally has his grandkids and this is the first time that they have seen him not wearing a suit. Let's get it. Sister O'dell may just be impervious to the pandemic.

The governor of West Virginia apparently doesn't have a governor for his mouth. Big ups to all the nurses on your day today.

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We are to provide you with motivation, inspiration and information. Time to tear dey mouth out! The CLO has his hands full today with custody issues, complacency side-effects and more. Shout out to all teachers during Teacher Appreciation Week.

Don Lemon gives Trump pure eloquence.

I wouldn't use a Steve Harvey dating site because I know who Steve Harvey is. I would be open to his recommendation for a fish sandwich, but outside of that prism, hell no. Jan 29,   Every other Wednesday morning, during the top rated Steve Harvey Morning Show, four (4) lucky members will appear live on the Steve Harvey Morning Show. One female listener will choose from three (3) eligible bachelors to go on an elegant night on the town, courtesy of and the Steve Harvey Morning . This $25 service finds some of the cheapest flight deals on the web for you. Finally, a commuting backpack that looks great with your power suits. You won't believe the price of this luxurious cashmere shawl. Get the benefits of a Sonicare toothbrush without the hefty price tag. This hair tool is the absolute easiest way to get styled hair at.

Happy Cinco De Mayo! Big Dog points out George W. Today's show is dedicated to those that are staying safe.

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Wear your masks everybody, let's get it. Bush urges us to rise together. Sister Shirley Strawberry's hair came up in Church Complaints. Steve has new Family Feud content for our enjoyment on YouTube. Anthony Brown has the things that we must adjust to when living with someone you normally don't stay with.

Happy Friday it's the first of the month. Brandy stops by the show to discuss new music and the latest in her life. Has the quarantine Babyface, P. Today's show is dedicated to caretakers. Huge shout out to the maintenance staffers and security at the hospitals.

Steve Harvey is notable for having written advice books on dating, gender differences, and relationships (notably, the books Straight Talk, No Chaser, and Act Like a Lady, Think Like a Man) and for having regular couples' therapy sessions on his talk show. Delightful is intended to translate the wisdom from his books and talk show into the date 2/10(2). Good morning and welcome to the ride! Call yo mama and dem it's official The Steve Harvey Morning Show is up and running. Find out who is closing doors and finding phones. The Chief Love Officer hears about a manipulative child with divorced parents along with trolls and more. 45 had an interview with ABC News.

The Chief Love Officer addresses adult child enablement along with teenage independence, plus more. Babyface has recovered from coronavirus and will have a treat for Mother's Day. Diddy has some heat on him regarding comments about Joe Biden. Tommy places a wellness call to Steve Quarantine Story, Cardi B. Steve has a funny quarantine story. Cardi B. Steve calls a young college graduate and offers sound advice.

The CLO addresses newly wed issues. Tommy checks in with a listener from Detroit. Coronavirus cases has topped 1 million. The country is trying to re-open, however, certain fears exist.

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The owner of the house that threw the reckless party in Chica Steve is feeling real good and he is on top of the world. Big Dog and his trainer have a disconnect and talks about it.

The CLO answers concerns with familiarity and repeat cheating.

The Official website of Steve Harvey Morning Show. On-air from 6am EST to 10pm EST. If you missed it on the radio, check out podcasts of the full show daily. Mar 11,   Best of Steve Harvey Morning Show. Highlights from Steve Harvey Morning Show. The Debate in Nevada. Feb 20, 3 min. Whitney Houston Tour. Feb 20, 4 min. Sheryl Underwood 02/20/ Feb 20, 3 min. Sand and Soul Love Special. Feb 20, 2 min. Carla's Reality ate 02/20/ Feb 20, 5 min. Stream The Steve Harvey Morning Show free online. The Steve Harvey Morning Show - Listen to the Steve Harvey Morning show station every morning online - free on TuneIn.

Michael Jordan still has issues with Isaiah Thomas. Kanye West is officially a billionaire. The Harvey Foundation ha The whole crew is present and accounted for. We are here to enlighten, encourage and entertain you!!! Trump is up to no good and the world wonders about the status of Kim Jong Un.

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Someone at the strip club used the Zoom account of the congregation. Brad Pitt nails his performance on SNL. There was an infamous house party in Chicago.

Fool 2 has a special coronavirus quiz. The Chief Love Officer Clorox, Kem Interview, Halle Berry and more. Often imitated but never duplicated. Happy Friday.

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There are 4 Atlanta residents that will not be going anywhere. There is a legendary comeback that is made with Fool 2. Soul singer stops by to discuss new music and more. Rodzilla shows concern for his North Korean friend. What are the things that home school teachers are seeing in the house? Did Michael Ja We need your undivided attention.

Uncle Steve is feeling inspired and find out why right here. The Chief Love Officer speaks about blended families. Most of the guys who "flirted" with me were unable to carry a conversation past "hi. One Delightful plus is that, like Tinder, it shows you matches as soon as you log in. When you see these matches, you can click "Yes," "No" or "Maybe. The first day I signed up, I got the below message. But I wasn't thrown by this. Messaging has always felt like the most awkward part of online dating.

You either come across too rehearsed, eager or boring, and it really isn't a fair representation of your personality. Luckily, to help the message-challenged, Delightful has stock email templates, suggesting lines like, "You look like someone I'd like to get to know" and "You deserve a flirt.

Since I was trying new things, I decided to be more forward than normal. After all, Steve Harvey had suggested that I make the first move, which I found out from a sidebar that popped up on my page.

It's where many connections are made or lost. But it's also a whole lot of fun.

Steve harvey morning show dating site

Think about it: you can go from not knowing someone to hitting it off in just a few messages. Here a few ground rules to keep in mind when you're having conversations. Sending the first message shows that you're interested, not desperate. If you see someone you like, reach out to them. If you wait too long, someone else might swoop in. It's hard to have quality conversations when you blast the same message out to everyone.

Take the time to make each message unique to that particular person.

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As you start to exchange messages, you may feel pressure to try to win them over. Save that for the date. Use your messages as a time to get comfortable with each other. Less than a week into my membership, I started messaging Jean, a pharmacy manager. He seemed sane, so we exchanged info quickly and arranged to meet in Brooklyn. He wanted to take me salsa dancing, but as much as I like the idea of an adventurous first date, that would've made it tough to get to know each other. At Starbucks, I found we had a lot in common.

We're both Libras and shopaholics. He shared a lot of information about his ex, which most relationship experts would advise against, but I didn't mind.

Still, after Jean, I fell into a rut. Most of the men I talked to on Delightful seemed normal, but they chose to initiate contact by using the aforementioned message templates.

None seemed smart or funny enough to sustain a virtual conversation. For example, one guy had "science nerd" in his profile. As a lover of science myself, I found my interest piqued. So, after he sent me a stock message "Nice profile! I'd love to hear from you"I replied:. Him: "hahhahhaahahahahah not really i wish! Me: "Isn't that what's in your profile?

Him: "yes u right! I was expecting too much from a guy whose username contained "chickenwings" in it.

Best staff in the business

I sent an informal poll to a few of my friends asking whether they'd sign up for a dating site run by Steve Harvey. Their answers:. Not really. I'd be scared that the men who would sign up for it would be I would be open to his recommendation for a fish sandwich, but outside of that prism, hell no.


Honestly, I don't know what made him a relationship expert. What would make his site different from others - Black E-Harmony with a side of Woman-bashing?!

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Why not. It's all a dating game any way.

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His book is all the rave so let's put it to the test. Because Steve Harvey. I appreciate Steve for trying to do things in the black community. He's done a lot of work with the youth, self-esteem building, etc. However, I don't really value his advice from a personal perspective.

The Steve Harvey Morning Show

I cringed at every relative who mentioned reading "Think Like A Man. I can only imagine how creepy the guys would be who signed up. Hello cat daddies. Ultimately-and unsurprisingly-the biggest barrier to the success of Delightful will be the guy behind it, whose love of telling people what to do may not match up well with people's desire to date who they want a "sexy queen" however they want using a template for whatever reasons they want green card.

My month-long membership with Delightful is almost up, and I'm not renewing it. I'm all for self-improvement, but I couldn't take much more of Steve Harvey's constant reminders about what could be wrong about my dating habits and why I need to change.

In fact, a dating site that so aggressively scripts romantic communication may only end up drawing and keeping the people who aggressively need those kinds of scripts.

And those people are hard to talk to, let alone date. Steve Harvey's is not the message I want to send or receive. The A.

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