Shadmehr Aghili – Che Khab Hayee. Ebi is working on his Last Album. His Album Setarehaye Sorbi was one of the top albums ever released in persian music indusutry. He is now living in Spain with his wife Mahshid. Shadmehr Aghili – Alamat Soal.

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Shadmehr Aghili – Poleh Aatefeh. Shahab Tiam – Dokhtar Kaboli Persian hit.

Ye Dokhtar

Shadmehr Aghili – Zhinaa. Keyvan – Dokhtare hamsaye. Automatically share your activity on Facebook. Ebi is working on his Last Album. Saeed Asayesh – Dokhtare Pooldar. The song’s lyrics were written by Ardalan Sarfaraz.

He has also worked with great composers like: There are three artists dokhtzr the name Ebi. Parviz Rahman Panah – Dokhtar Joolideh. His third song, “Shab” Night is the song Ebi himself agrees made him a star. Shadmehr Aghili – PopCorn – 01 – Aghoosh. Andy – Dokhtar E Bala. The arrangments were done by Shoubert Avakian.


Shadmehr – Mikham beram. Music for your Website. Dokhtar ghoochani – Ziba shirazi. His voice, and his choice of songs has won him awards dokhtsr around the world, such as “Master of Voice” in with the song “Persian Gulf” in Australia.

Ebi & Shadmehr – Ye Dokhtar – video dailymotion

Dokhtag click the confirmation link in that email to change your email address. Ye dokhtar ebi is one of several pseudonyms of Japanese composer Susumu Yokota, who worked on the free visual novel Narcissu. Log in to watch more. His Album Setarehaye Sorbi was one of the top albums ever released in persian music indusutry. After a few years he started his solo career with a song called “Attash” for a movie with the same title. Kouros – Dokhtare Hamsaye.

Shadmehr aghili – Zod tamoom mishe. Make my profile public at.

Ebi & Shadmehr – Ye Dokhtar

Sediq Shubab Shokhak – Dokhtar-e khana. His new album is Hasrate Parvaz with the songs from Shoubert Avakian. Ebi ft Shadmehr – Hamin Khoobe. Having dokhyar his career over 30 years ago, he is a well established star with fans all over the world. This action cannot be undone!


Shadmehr aghili – Ye Kari Kon. Tarafdar – Shadmehr Aghili. Edit Profile View as Public Logout.