I was quite impressed with the movie otherwise. I mean, think about it. March 9, Reply. All she had to say was: Simbu Karthik is no Barney Stinson.

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Unknown May 29, at Gautam just tried to make her look a bit less of centraal bitch, but failed. Please check your email. Hope you understand man. Although I never fell in love regret!

I was quite impressed with the movie otherwise. The feet touching, the kissing before vinnaighandi it, the need for the guy to believe his girl is not dumping him, to want her physically and emotionally is all real. Which is why that scene in Days of Summer comes to mind. Who wants that shit? I have not understood girls as much as others who fell in love have, but I think women like Jessie who are fickle and irresolute should not even fall in love.

May 14, Reply. Hey, wait a minute!

Vinnaithaandi Varuvaaya: Not a review | MADRAS INK.

February 17, Reply. I think you are over-analyzing the movie. Finally, the whole movie to me is like a dessert dressed and topped so gorgeiously that you centrsl want to keep looking at and forget consuming it…You know its going to be sweet anyway…!! We will send vinnairhandi password reset email to your email address. It felt like I was living a nightmare of watching a Mills and Boons novel adapted to screen. Posted by Emil Kumar at 5: July 8, Reply.


Vinnaithaandi Varuvaaya: Not a review

This site uses cookies. They just showed a phase of his life. In my opinion the movie is neither different or refreshing…Trisha shud stick to her routinue of a few half naked sdene in exotic locales and silently batting her eyelids at the heor…please sweety dont even try acting…you ruined the character of jessie and the whole movie for me.

By navigating the site, you consent to our use of cookies. At the end it looked like there was no love in between them.

Why not let the hero also make a movie about HIS confused romance and let the audience figure it out for themselves?!! Then I went to Google maps, went in and out of Central park, still no clues. Report Community Violation Copyright Infringement. Ulagathula ethanayo ponnunga irundhum, naan yen sir Jessiea love pannen? In reality, people are very inconsistent, flawed.

But after having endured the movie, I did feel that it was on some level, I liked it…specifically, the story telling, cinematography and characterization. Yes, it is a very mature ending no doubt about that.


I thought varuvaja the movie was dragged on unnecessarily and it should have just ended when she told him that it wouldnt work. So I went to youtube. Hiphops and the film promos were all Deja vu. But none including yours told me what I wanted to hear.