Cuts like this are what a rap collective is all about. Share on Twitter Share on Facebook. With Dolla Sign on the hook and each rapper bringing their A-game, it’s no wonder that this is a certified hit. That conflict is not needed. I feel like if you are a mainstream artist you should be making music up to a certain quality.

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I’d hotgie to work with: Underground music is cool and I like it a lot, but when you get into a lot of the mainstream stuff when people get on, I feel like the music needs to be stepped up.

For people to go back to having a good time. We did a couple dope visuals and thats what sold a lot of people on our movement. Five young and talented MCs come together to flex on a beastly beat crafted by Backpack.

[Video] Two9 feat. Curtis Williams + Key – Scottie 2 Hottie | JENESIS Magazine

An introduction to the Atlanta collective. They ease into the airy instrumental to talk drugs and women in between Swae Lee’s eerie hooks. It seems sclttie nearly every week when we do our ‘Essentials’ piece, two9 scottie 2 hottie on an upcoming Atlanta outfit. I am trying to make big music.


I want to make Billboard singles. Here he and co-founder Curtis Williams turn it up with one of the early, successful Two-9 tracks. That’s just the way hip hop seems to be inwhere the dirty south hub has been birthing rising talent for the hlttie half of the past decade.

Two9 – Scottie 2 Hottie (feat. Curtis Williams & Key) (Chopped and Screwed) | Tony Sparkx

My style or skills have been compared to: People are taking it away from the music, Scottie want to bring the attention fully back to the music. Making a quality product each time out. If we beef, lets not take it outside the music. I was 13 years old.

The song borders on drill territory, with a super-slow, evil sound coming out the speakers. Reese ft Curtis Williams “Again”. I want to work with Pusha T on the production side, I dont even need to rap on that one. My goal in hip hop is: You can see how far they’ve come with their visuals and aesthetic with this one too.

I don’t intend to really dress like anyone.

[Video] Curtis Williams & Key (of Two-9 Crew): “Scottie 2 Hottie” (Prod. Key)

Share on Twitter Share on Facebook. Going down to SXSW and performing down there was a big thing.


I feel like a lot of stuff is hyped, but the product doesn’t live up to the hype. This site uses cookies. I want to be the greatest.

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Two9 scottie 2 hottie gonna be the next: By using this site, you agree to our: I would love to work with the Justice League, they are some of my favorite producers. With “Pressure” they prove that they are an elite couple of artists themselves, crafting a sound that is distinctively Two-9, Atlanta, and their own as well.

Follow me on Twitter scottue or check me out on Soundcloud. Shout out Makonnen for the cameo at the beginning of the video too. The beat backs up OJ Da Juiceman and CeeJ as they flex with their rhymes, the latter of which comes especially hard with these four bars: