teldrassil burning moving

Meanwhile, the night elf druids traveled through Ashenvale’s canopy and was using guerrilla warfare to reinforce hot spots. The Horde assaulted the Grove of the Ancients , setting fire to the ancients and fighting the defending druids of the Claw present, until Malfurion finally arrived, who confronted Sylvanas and the Horde, blinding them before leaving again. When High Overlord Saurfang arrived and took residence in the Astranaar inn, a night elf rogue named Tavar disguised himself as a Forsaken and tried to lure Saurfang into the open for an ambush. Both sides tried to push each other away. In the distance, Delaryn heard something going on.

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The Horde then progressed into Darkshorewhere Malfurion confronted Sylvanas. Fending off the attack, Sylvanas believed the druid would soon return with an army. Battles War of the Thorns. War between the Lightbound and the Mag’har.

Saurfang was nearly about to meet his end until Warchief Sylvanas attacked Malfurion and drew his attention away from him. Saurfang tried to challenge Malfurion to a mak’gora to keep Malfurion’s attention on him, though Malfurion had little interest in an orcish duel and was after Saurfang’s life anyways. Champions were sent to the Twilight Vale to find the druids present and send them to the Ancients’ protection.

Teldrassil is Burning

Sylvanas decided to have the champion use the explosive reserves and apply pressure with Zarvik Blastwix ‘s bombardiers, directly attacking the forest by destroying trees and killing many wandering wisps. Conflict emerges in Darkshore as the Horde and Alliance battle for control over Teldrassil in this limited time event!


Third invasion of the Burning Legion. But since his colleague had died, he asked the champion for help. Sylvanas incapacited the champion and congratulated the orc, before asking him to finish the druid and leaving for the shore.

With both factions debilitated in their ability to reinforce Kalimdor and the Eastern Kingdomsthe Horde came up with a plan to secure Kalimdor and elicit a political crisis in the Alliance that would lead to its downfall. As the Horde progressed through the Twilight Valethey took down the owls, along with anything standing in their way, such as the Blackwood furbolg. The heroes saved some of the furbolg, and sabotaged some of the Horde’s terrible war machines, saving dozens of lives.

As the main Horde army marched through Ashenvalethey teldrassul their first resistance at Falfarren River. Though it pained him to ask this, he asked the champions to put them out of their misery before they endangered anyone else. After a quick aerial scouting mission, Sylvanas took the champion and a handful of her remaining forces to the wall and used her banshee abilities to open enough of a gap for the group to sneak through.

War of the Thorns

In the distance, Delaryn heard something going on. Sylvanas, transformed — from the Warbringers: Both sides tried to push each other away. The orc let them leave, before joining his Warchief on the beach.

The next order burninh business for now was to establish a foothold at the base of Darkshoreand Commander Grimfang of the Zoram’gar Outpost would be able to accommodate an incoming army. But for every foe slain, two more took their place. Delaryn explained that she grieved for Sylvanas, for she had made life her enemy, and that was a war she could never win; that she could kill her people, but she could never kill hope.


Teldrawsil helping trapped citizens escape and assisting the fight at Lor’danel, Malfurion and Sylvanas locked in one-on-one combat once more. As the last defenders rallied, the Horde warhorns sounded from the north. In response to telddassil, Sylvanas turned Delaryn’s head to gaze at Teldrassil in her final moments, then gave Nathanos the order to burn Teldrassil, to which he and the rest of the Horde present complied.

Genn refused and carried both the night elf child and Mia, determined telddrassil to lose either of them.

Knowing the night elves would resist them at every step of the way, including during occupation, she also planned to kill Malfurion Stormrage. His brethren were about to answer in kind, for nothing should disrupt the balance of nature. Malfurion ordered a majority of the night elf defenders to fall back, while he and a few defenders covered their retreat from movkng forests.

Innkeeper Mkving gathered every resource available so the army would want for nothing, and the weaponsmith Dagrun Ragehammer stood at the ready to repair the soldiers’ weapons.

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Until then however, his army was too small, they just needed a way to pass through the wisps. The Horde started by sending Horde rogues to attack night elf patrols and outposts in Ashenvale.

Mia and the child were subsequently trapped underneath some collapsing rubble, causing Astarii and a night elf mage to try to dig her and the night elf infant out. The subject of this article or section took place during the War of the Thornsthe Battle for Azeroth pre-launch event.