I hate boys except my dad and may family. Leave your name in the history! I’m stuck and stranded to my feelings to someone which is not good. Then we became best friend for a long time but every week he changes his girl friend and he never noticed me. And I remember someone when I heard this song! And that time I told him that I was falling in love with him.

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We became friends and we started hanging out. I fell in love to a boy. After hearing this darrne I cant take off the lyrics on my mind and I always repeat it. I was too much relate to this song even I’m a girl I have a crush older than me.

Darren Espanto – Stuck Lyrics

Even he don’t know my feelings for him. Keep posting annotations and earn respect from LyricsMode community. So that’s the meaning stuck by darren espanto lyrics the song stuck bye Darren to me. I was too dumb to notice That there’s something about you What am I supposed to do I sure wish I knew All ylrics butterflies I felt inside Never really mattered Wishful thoughts inside and smiles End up being shattered What are we supposed to be I’m hopelessly addicted to you But you never felt the same Time may pass us by But you stay stuck on my mind And that moment we stared that night I thought it was right But maybe I was wrong all along I held onto something that never really mattered Stuck on that starting line I’m still silently, bby hoping you’ll end up with me Related.


And it really hurt me so much.

Darren Espanto – Stuck Lyrics | SongMeanings

Even though he doesn’t know that there was something about him that made me crazy, I’m still quietly and silently hoping he’ll end up with me. I Love this song because, the lyrics are really beautiful!

Why not create an account? Don’t hesitate stucm explain what songwriters and singer wanted to say. And I remember eepanto when I heard this song! There’s this guy who looks like Darren Espanto in a certain Darren really hit the truth hard with this song. I first heard it in a radio station when I first heard it, it’s already in the part “Silently, Quietly hoping you’ll end up with me” and I carren like what the hell!? The guy who never noticed me even if we get to see everyday. We started talking and all I can say is stuck by darren espanto lyrics.

And when Darren sang it! So every day I gave him notes and we walk together going home but he still talks about girls.

Darren Espanto – Stuck Lyrics

I always saw him. I’m still stuck on that starting line coz I know what I held on something, will never really mattered. I love the sweet voice kyrics Darren.


Darren Espanto is really talented, his song inspired me because I felt that way too. If this song really means something special to you, describe your feelings and thoughts. I had a crush way back when I was in primary school, until in highschool I was deeply in love with her.

He explained that in real life, its not always happy endings with your crush unlike all bu other love songs. Go, Darren, go Phillipines, Go my country!

Everytime I saw him I always remember the days that I’m with him. When I saw his reaction, my heart broke to a trillion pieces. I will support you Darren Espanto. But maybe I was wrong all along. As long as I’m with him that time I’m happy. And I know it’s Darren who’s singing. I am relate to this song. By the way, I appreciate how Darren sang the song, I really thought it was some hollywood singer.