Anybody got a hint how to proceed? Could not establish connection to server serversap01 at port However, The progress is always zero for 6 hours. I think NWDS 7. As per method desribed here “.. Could you please check again? I have been able to get to the policy page in my browser where I am able to log on with my S-User Is there somewhere I can download a local copy of the files I need and then use the option to install from a file location rather than from a remote site?

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Need to Download NWDS 7.01.06 (SAP Netweaver 7.0 EHP 1 SP6)

In my accountsettings It aslo shows up as activated. Therefore from our Point of view, we cannot use PO 7.

My OS is Windows 7 with 64bits. Permalink Apr 11, What credentials are these?

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For an introduction to the current status and all the basic facts about this version, see the SAP NetWeaver Developer Studio standard presentation. I had issues for 2 software components while trying to patch using the standard patching tool JSPM. But when making the “generation” activity the CAF framework fails.


After download and installation, the Update Site installation has to be executed. If you do so you will notice that the installation folder is still only 71 MB. Hello Felipe, may I suggest to go on with this discussion here? Delete a workspace from DTR? Will it still be usable with older version of sca files?

Since it is holiday time, please expect delay in my answer. As per method desribed here “. Depends … if you are on Windows 7, of course not.

SAP NetWeaver Developer Studio Overview

Even when you have the time and bandwidth, you still need to have administrator privileges to install NWDS:. Request refers to an unknown session Thru SDN got the below link and checked the parameters.

Currently we have to move some tracks from old NWDI [for 7. Now the problem is when I move onto consolidation, it is throwing an developr with the following: You have to download NWDS and install it. I’m updating the NWDS and selecting reveloper features to install from https: Hi, I have an unique error.



Let the world know. I want to create a track,let me know where i can do that. Could you please check again? How to know the latest version of NWDS supported bt portal. Thanks and regards, Regards. Any help would be greatly appreciated. Here is the path that has been maintained on my system:.

Thanks a lot for your help. I did look at the other threads and have followed almost everything that has been mentioned there, but in vain. ZIP file in there. Permalink Mar 11, Permalink Feb 14, I am using google chrome browser.