I followed the steps then entered the code and it said that it had unlocked it The new profile should change the network selection setting over from automatic to manual. How to manualy do the hardware detection? I’ve followed all the procedures without a success. The full procedure is given in the 1st post in this very thread! I’ll try this on my modem and after i’ll post the result. I tried may times to get my unlock code.

qmat huawei

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Openline unlock your Globe Tattoo huawei E & E & E * for free *

I have seem a lot of dump and null values in there. I realise this thread is quite old, yet I find myself with the same problem that has been discussed and, as far as I can see, solved here, so here it goes: This site uses cookies to help personalise content, tailor your experience and to keep you logged in if you register.

qmat huawei

Indunil Abayarathna April 18, at The IMEI is Tried to find in blocknote and Hex program anc could not find the code. It is actually generic not an operator dependent firmware. With the two buttons pressed, count from qmqt to 5.


Suranga March 17, at If its a E then yes, if its a E then no!

Unlock The Huawei E220 HSDPA Modem

The only thing is how can i flash the dashboard? Then run the Unlocker. Could I get an unlock code for my es? B, the find string had to be “53 64 1C 00” thanx Try running under Windows XP 32 Bit.

qmat huawei

Don’t search for the full string 53 64 2C 00, only search for 53 I followed the guide and even went as far as disabling all start-up items in msconfig to see if something was interfering with the process. So the whole modem doesn’t work anymore?

Glad no harm done and sorry.: Got my s unlocked with first code, following telece’s advice. Look in Windows task manager.

qmat huawei

Indunil Abayarathna June 3, at But couldn’t find the string 53 64 2C I have only ever seen the PC installed version Do I mqat to register for E?


I can’t find the code in the attached file, but maybe you can help. I’m guessing that was causing most of the oddities.

This could be due to one of several reasons Are you using Windows XP? I’ve had quite a few devices on my desk, some were locked, others were not locked at all, but only had a qmatt software that sometimes wouldn’t let you configure any other provider.

Thanks Try again, your file is to big! Have you shut down all dashboard software? And now i am using unlocked and updated firmware with peace and harmony!

Didn’t realise I could use the Three dashboard for any network, created and saved a new profile and it worked like a charm. Its like only working with “Maxis Broadband” Malaysia only.