A tutorial is provided on how to use the solar module physical model. Also, a 3-phase voltage source inverter with both average and switching model is added. In certain conditions, the MagCoupler-RT block does not give correct results. Top January 20, The system consists of a wind turbine, induction generator, generator converter with current and speed control, and grid converter with current and dc bus voltage control. Top February 24,

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Press Next to start the cleanup. When parameter sweep is performed, additional plot is generated to show the output versus the swept parameter. Now, the actual value psim 9.1.3 used. Mod function A mod function block is provided to perform modulo operation. Battery model lookup table Three battery models based on the lookup table approach are added.

psim 9.1.1 professional

The function to calculate inductor winding and core losses is added. Psm, they are separated into two elements for better clarity. The tab function key is working in V7.


Two models are provided for the relay with one normally open switch and one normally closed switch: The metafile format is vector based, and gives better image quality, especially when the image is scaled. Based on the dc bus voltage and stator frequency, this block psim 9.1.3 automatically calculate the reference for the d-axis current control loop under the field weakening operation.

The function to remove Study is added. The most popular versions of the program 9. New functions to calculate power factor, real power, apparent power, and THD total harmonic distortion are provided. Click on the Uninstall Programs button 5.

The psim 9.1.3 lookup table Simview graph block allows data from Simview files to be used in a lookup table. This function is especially useful when comparing results, or generating consistent display for presentation. Notice that when you click PSIM psim 9.1.3. This allows include file paths to be added automatically when PSIM is installed. Lookup table external file: It is written by Powersim.

After you select PSIM 9. If it is used in the control circuit, previously an error will occur. Click here for highlights of SmartCtrl 2. To make it easy to use the solar cell physical model, a utility tool is provided that plots the I-V curve based on a set of parameters.


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A simulation waveform can be embedded in a schematic. The interface of the SimCoupler block in Version 7. SmartCtrl can design controllers for both single-loop and double-loop structures.

An extra parameter called Number of Cells Ns is added. In the previous versions, default parameter values can not be changed. A way to delete PSIM 9. This makes it easier to switch between these two types of simulation. The solar module physical model is psim 9.1.3 in v9.

The executable files below are part of PSIM 9. Now a plant can be defined psim 9.1.3 a s-domain transfer function.