They all praise the inventions made in Sumerian civilization. The Norwegian youth died. He then makes friends with Shonku, states he has no memory of things which happened in the last few days, and even asks for chocolates. Abinash Majumdar also goes with him. Professor Shonku is haunted by a repeating dream where he along, with his friends, are stranded on a beautiful exotic island without any inhabitants. Professor Shanku has even travelled across time zones into past and future For exploits comics prof directory shonku satyajit pdf, and download prof. Retrieved 6 May

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Sonar Kella Joi Baba Felunath Satyajit ebboks, shanku click dingulicomics: Abinash Majumdar reports it to Professor Shonku.

The Egyptian person who warned Professor Shonku chases him to Giridih and claims himself as a descendant of the mummified person. Retrieved from ” https: He comes back to Giridih and starts researching. At the same time, an Egyptian person threatens Shonku and asks to stop the excavation. His friends also hsonku the same dream.

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Finally Chi Ching called Professor Shonku to come up on the stage, being unaware that Professor Shonku provessor a great scientist and an expert of hypnotism.


The story ends when the child concocts a potion by mixing several very dangerous chemicals and acids, some of which were Shonku’s own inventions, and gulps it down before Shonku professor shonku comics a chance to stop him.

Shonku displays his crow, ‘Corvus’ to world’s leading ornithologists who had come to attend a conference in San Coics. Introduction and family background: Abinash Majumdar finds a ball spherical object near Usri river. He is the son of Dr. Pratidwandi Seemabaddha Jana Aranya You can download bangla comics in PDF format. They find the UFO and go aboard.

List of Professor Shonku adventures – Wikipedia

Professor Shonku approves his request and takes Majumdar with him. They reach Kalehe Territory of Congo and sets out in the jungle in search of Massingham. There he meets a man named Gregor Lindquist. At may prof to well read tin download anandabazar shonku bengali chhaya Auditing chapter 6, 7, 10 question and answer key PDF Manual Prof Dr.

Text widget These widgets are displayed because you haven’t added any widgets of your own yet. Professor Shanku has even travelled across time zones into past and future For exploits comics professor shonku comics directory shonku satyajit pdf, and download prof. Shonku tries to prove that human civilization has prospered thanks to the help of some alien civilisation that comes to Earth every years and teaches them something extraordinary.


Gregor informs him that he is a doll maker and invites him to see his creations. Professor Shonku gives the bird shelter in his own house. The parents desperately seek help to get their boy back.

At the same time a talking Macaw comes to the garden of Professor Shonku. His full name is Trilokeshwar Jun 3, Matriculation shanku view free download har Jun 5, A child who otherwise used to be normal, has “changed” after he fell professor shonku comics hurt professor shonku comics head.

List of Professor Shonku adventures

Professor Paumer from Germany sends a letter to Professor Shonku, desires to see his work i. The parents desperately seek help to get their boy back. Retrieved from ” https: Shonku gets hold of a mysterious sphere which changes its color spontaneously and comixs professor shonku comics sounds. At the same time Professor Shonku notices a report in a local newspaper that in Gopalpur, Nadia when a group of fishermen pulled their net in from the seat about twenty five bright red fishes jumped out from the net and hopped back to the sea.