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It is always difficult meeting new people when moving to another country. This is becoming easier since there are more and more dating sites on the internet. This makes it less complicated to meet other singles. Almost all platforms offer different services and not all services are for free. There are quite some websites that claim to specialize in Dutch online dating, but there are only a couple that are interesting and worth your time. With our tips we will ensure that you will sign-up for a dating site that fits to your needs.

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In many ways, having a relationship with someone you met online is a lot like having a relationship IRL. But just like any other kind of relationship, online relationships can be healthy, unhealthy or abusive. First and foremost, we want to talk about your safety online. Be cautious about the information you give out online, like your full name, personal email, cell number or address. To learn more about safety and relationships on the internet, check out this post on Scarleteen.

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