I want to boot from both. I was returning my Acer laptop to Windows 7 factory default, when the PC froze ith 5: You would think that one little check box Time to display list of operating systems wouldn’t cause so much trouble. The recovery CD requires a windows interface, which is not loading, failing at the same spot as the normal boot. Aug 3, I’ve installed Windows 7 alongside Ubuntu and was using grub2 bootloader, after changing my graphics card and moving removing some old hard disks when I try to boot the Windows partition I get the blinking underscore screen indefinitely. Oct 10, Basically i was using my PC the other day as normal and was using a remote desktop site ‘logmein’ and accidently connected to my own pc silly i know this then ordered my monitor to turn off, not knowing how to get the screen back on i restarted the pc via the power button.

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Message 10 of Neither of these drives are my boot drive ie c drive Tried to reboot and windows hangs noficorp ‘starting windows’. Use Windows 7 drivers from here. The optical drive is quickly becoming a thing of the past, especially in office environments, as media is shifted to the cloud. May 2, I had just finished upgrading my computer to Windows 7 using a multi-computer upgrade disc.

No problems at all, from here I put my computer to sleep rather than shut down and can run for weeks with no problem. I then tried bootrec and bcdedit from the command line, eventually I hit a wall with an error that there is no recognised file system – despite it being available fo the Load Drivers dialog earlier.


Message 6 of This worked splendidly i. If any driver will not work then just let us know about it.

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I downloaded the hard drive wkn tools for diagnostics they’re burnable on a cd and will try them if this windows repair mode keeps going on indefinitely. I was able to make a bootable USB thumb drive, loaded my Win7 upgrade, and of course it didn’t work.

Unable To Login After Boot-up? So a week ago I was having problems with my computer.

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It can also do this with your LiveCD. I have tried running EasyBCD free version with. Windows 7 Unable To Boot? Check boot path and disk hardware. I guess, in this regard, the floppy is not much useful. I want to boot from both. That didn’t help, so I just wiped that first partition and did a fresh install of Windows.

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It’s quite an old machine, from NOW heres were the problems fall into place on restart it Froze on the ‘windows staring’ screen when the screen is black all you can see is the logo and starting windows text The system just stopped at a black screen saying: View 6 Replies Similar Messages: Sadly the same thing happens.

So I went in search of a way to delete that option, like boot. I noticed that one of my usb external hard drives wasnt being recognized by windows. Don’t know if adding the RAM has novicorp win to flash 0.7.0018 beta to do with my issue but anyway. I tried to do the command in the CMD to scan for hardware changes and repair them, but that also doesn’t work. At first I thought this was only caused by the harddrive, but I put it to a test, by removing the harddrive, and adding my laptops harddrive instead.


We have Windows seven installed on on my friends system and he is unable to log in because all he has is a black screen with no where to log in. Jun 27, I am able to get to the screen with the Windows logo and the screen “Starting Windows” Then all of a sudden, the computer restarts itself and Windows doesn’t load.

None of these have been able heta either find a problem or fix the problem. I don’t care how I access that drive, I just nkvicorp to access it.

It either gives the “Unable to boot device error”, or asks for the Windows CD that he doesn’t have bought it at a department store, it came with Win7 original installation but no CD. Nov 12, I have windows 7 ultimate edition on my PC.