Let it be me. Ako na lang sana. I included a hyperlink because I don’t want to go into the bloody details of the subjunctive mood. More info in our Cookies Policy page. When you consider the word sana at the end of A ko na lang Ako na lang sana. And you search anyplace, [but] I’m just here. Keep up the good work friend.

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Whatever gimmick you want. I don’t know what awaits me.

I wish you knew. Used up all your [prepaid] load texting. English translations at the bottom. I won’t spoil your whims. And you search everywhere, [but] I’m just here. Sinulat ni Tunay Na Tagalog sa oras na 3: Let it be me, let it be me, I guess.

No, you have to be as correct as possible in your posts and this song kang a threat. Oh well, I’ve decided to be as correct as I can be. And you search anyplace, I’m just here. Kung sinu-sino pang tinatawagan mo, nandito lang naman ako.


It reminds me of Build me Up Buttercup. Ako na lang sana. I wish it were I.

A little bit of explanation: The person is talking to the person she loves. Glad to be part of your net community. You’ve searched up everything on the internet. And you search anyplace, [but] I’m just here. I’m cracking my skull and pulling out my soft squishy brain trying to be grammatically correct in the translation of Ako na Lang. Do I scrap this song out just because I have to be correct?

I wish it was me. Very interesting discussion glad that I came across such informative post.

Zia Quizon – Ako Na Lang lyrics

How nanxito you lose credibility? Why do you have to title your catchy song like this? Zia’s somewhat new in the industry. Let it be me, if it can just be, I wish.

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Nathan’s Soliloquy: Ako Na Lang Guitar Chords (Dave Lamar and Keiko Necessario Version)

Since the lyrics talk about an “unlikely” situation, then the mood of that wish becomes subjunctive. Here are the lyrics. It’s too difficult to translate!

You call anyone, I’m just here. When you consider the word sana at na,an end of A ko na lang Ako na lang sana. Did I destroy your Build me Up Buttercup memories?