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I knew I should have used my teleportation consumable and protected their feeble two tier higher ships. I don't believe MM or the mechanics are rigged to favor one team, but I also don't think there's any good reason for detonations to exist so I feel your pain on that front. Some days you can't escape RNG sodomy. I was in a match sometime last year where the enemy CV detonated 3 BBs in 7 ish minutes. I think these threads turn ugly fast, and fall into personal attacks so easily, because players are emotionally invested in something being "True".

So if this will see anyone from WG puppets than. Be proud and do what you do. Just keep your games goingmake them better and enjoy life xD.

World of Tanks - RNG Rigged Match

The thing about this was that I was surprised by the detail of their strategy. As people say in Russia with a sarcastic tone : Scandals, intrigues, investigations - show all that is hidden! AW gets directly compared to WoT. In WT chatting is non-existent - because, oh lord, you are fighting your own tank to drive around. They just have to avoid WoT fuck ups.

At the same time it is their weakness, because they will always be a WoT clone. AW needs to come with their own fuck ups to get ahead of WoT. Then learn to drive noob, lol. As for AW - they started with a great engine. This is quite pathetic and disgusting. In my country there is a certain political party from the right of the political spectrum that uses exactly the same tactics in internet mass media and it is utterly despicable.

But reading these and other forums i have to say i am not certain that the opposition of wg does not employ the same dirty strategy. I am constantly reading that war thunder or armored warfare will be the killer of wot and how much better they all are even though AW for instance is yet to be released. Capitalist world is a dirty place indeed.

You live in a fantasy world if you believe for a second that neither Gaijin not Mail. Ru are not engaging in a trolling campaign against WG.

Just look at the numbers of people shitposting here for months or years. Would be much easier to spot botter and stupid trashtalker since this comment section is already much toxic nowadays. Yesterday you went a step further trolling some girl streamer with big boobs. Yeah shes a stupid btch trying to make the most out of her body but hey most of the girls on twitch do that, thats not a new thing.

You however going that low making a post about it and basically trolling her well dunno it was a very sad thing to see and very disappointing. Now back to WG. Do you think that only WG does thing like this?

Nov 03,   WarGaming Exposed: Matchmaking IS Rigged - posted in General Discussion: Sorry about the clickbait title Anyways, Ive noticed a very strange phenomenon lately while playing stock tanks. Beofre you pull out the torches and pitchforks to burn this whiny incompetent, please realize this isnt an MM complaint thread. I dont know if its just me, but I feel like I was top tier for at least 5 games in. How Wargaming Sabotages Competition (War Thunder) Posted on February 27, by Silentstalker. Hello everyone, more and more dirty laundry comes out on Wargaming lately and the more I learn, the more I feel disgusted and disappointed, even by Minsk. thoughts on " How Wargaming Sabotages Competition (War Thunder) ". Oct 18,   Wargaming and the rigged matchmaker and system behind microtransactions An in depth explaination of why World of Tanks as a franchise is becoming a traditional pay to win game and how the developers are manipulating their players to commit to using premium services to get an advantage in .

Is it morally acceptable? Just like all those lies on the tv when you see an advertisement that tells you it will change your life when in fact it will only make your wallet bleed.

This is how the world work nowadays sadly but we have to get over it. That is their battle not ours. Oh and btw how can you tell if Gaijin did not do something to provoke WG or even fight back with the same tactics?

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Anyways, is this tactic reprehensible? All the events, the free stuff we get and whatnot. Never have I seen a free to play game that grows so fast and gives so much, WG actually makes improvements to the game aswell unlike other big companies.

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I mean look at the fuckin League Of Legends, it nearly looks the same as in beta and those guys are filthy rich. Oh yes they cannot upgrade the graphics too much because they want low spec pcs to run it properly, now that is what I call bullshit.

Anyways I hope that you will stop heading into this direction with your blog. Oh and one more thing, what you are doing right now, this hate crusade against WG, is it any different than what you just told us about WG? Who is this helping really? Oh wait I got a conspiracy theory too, do you get paid for this by someone? Just saying mateyou should really stop with this crap. This site is dedicated to companies and reviews about them.

Top work Mr Tabloid. What you just reported is what Apple and Samsung do to each other every day, as well as many other big companies while competing for the same market. This type of behaviour can be traced back to ancient Greece and Rome or even further back. Smearing the competition is a very old trick. Before the internet age it was done in newspapers, TV, radio, etc. If a game is free to play, even smearing campaigns cant force people not to test the game.

On the other hand, if the game is P2P, smearing campaigns can have an huge impact because a lot of people will be afraid of spending money to try a game that has many negative comments. Having said that, I think WG smearing campaign against WT is lame and unfortunately reveals WG fear for not producing good quality games.

Basically, WG does not trust their own products and feel threatened by the competition. WoT has a crap MM that prevents new players of enjoying the game, reducing significantly the influx of new players as can be already noticed in US.

WG russian based culture easily accepts unbalances and bias towards some tech trees because Russia was never a fair and balanced country. Unfairness is an ever present part of life for russian people but it is not easily accepted by western countries US and EU. This type of attitude is eroding steadily the WoT player base in both markets.

Even in Asia, China specially, WoT is different from the version we play here. Every game needs to be adapted to the market and WG failed miserably in EU and US specially US where they have a marginal player base considering the million population. WGL is badly designed and boring as hell, with incompetent commentators and the same few ridiculous maps, even if WG tries to forcefully shove it down our throats. Viktor Kisliy lost control of the big monster he so successfully created.

I have met him and I can tell you that is a brilliant guy. But the corporate layers under him are, in the most part, incompetent or biased and are slowly killing the golden eggs chicken. I wonder if obsidian entertainment has friends in Anonymous, that might be why they said they are ready. If so, WG is going to die. Apparently in Russian business all is fair. Gaijin does the same thing. At least WG has not taken it to the floor of the russian parliament.

Gaijin was steeling wowp airplane screen shots, so WG added a really ugly decal to all their planes to stop it. The only people who have to play more or less fair are the ones with not enough power, who have to rely on the law to protect them.

Ask them how they manipulate the MM in order to make IM harder to get. I mean battles in Light Tanks and i got 1 malinovka 1 prohorovka and like 70 city maps. Also - kill 2 mediums - no medium tanks on the nemy team.

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Kill arty - no arty in the enemy team. ASK them, as we have to collect major replay database and the concussions will not be very good!!!! Yeah, that sounds like something up the alley of WG. What is really funny is the reason why WG does all this crap - obviously they are afraid of WT, that they steal their clients.

Guess the next logical step for WG is to bash AW when it is released, since that will be an even greater threat. At the end of the day play what you enjoy and ignore the Trolls. OMG I have been giving my money to such dicks! Btw patch 9. AW is coming from Obsidian and if anyone knows how to deal with negative feedback, its Obsidian.

They have a charming history of releasing some of the most buggy yet most fascinating games of all times. They will chew up Wargaming, spit them out and move on as if nothing happend. Pingback: Do Wargaming sabotages other games? Even though they are the top dogs, yet they still consistently manage to hire incompetence.

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They should not be using underhanded tactics at all. Way to go WG! All these brats whining about how unfair it is. Children, go back to your video games while the Big Boyz play in the streets. Its funny, you try to imply that AW will have less hate in both ways. As a WoT player, I tried foruming there, and everyone is hostile to us. This whole thing reminds me of the al jazeera spy cables.

Same underhanded methods exposed, but less killings this time. Opportunity plus instinct equals profit. Greed is eternal. The riskier the road, the greater the profit. There is no honour in poverty. Whisper your way to success.

Not even dishonesty can tarnish the shine of profit. Let others keep their reputation. You keep their money. Employees are rungs on the ladder of success. Never be afraid to mislabel a product.

A wealthy man can afford anything except a conscience. When in doubt, lie. When Obsidian America wants wage war, they do it with the Stars and Stripes prominently on their lapels. This is disgusting. Everybody is human.

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Motherfuckers need to get along. Same can be said about crew experience you can buy max crew with gold only.

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Better luck with assumptions next time WT tomato. I suggest Obsidian should hire some very good network sec guys, cause WG maffia russian will hire lots of hackers to DDOS their servers constantly, WG is a criminal company that should be persecuted by international laws, remember their dealings with greece and not publishing their financials and such, i fear that WG is some front to the russian mob or worse.

It followed that everyone there were complete intel fanboys. Except me. AMD was the best thing possible to exist in the marketplace because - love them or hate them - they kept intel prices down and also helped push the arms-race of advancements. AW is the best thing that can happen for WoT. It blatantly tries to copy everything that works about WoT, and also offer improvements.

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This forces Wargaming to have to look at themselves and re-assess priorities. I want WoT to improve. I have over 22k games and 12 premium tanks. I just wish Wargaming had coders who knew more about real physics. Wargaming have turned out to be propaganda trolls. Now, what happened. And as for you, dear readers, think of this next time you see a hateful troll :. Gay people would like to have a word with you for your insult. And that group is much larger than you might think if you use the medieval definition of gaiety.

If you reject gaiety, you can never be happy again. Think about it. Notorious troll, else you could probably blame other players for teaching the kids to talk shit. Thanks to SS for posting this, figured it deserved a better place than the WT sub. Still a better love story than Twilight. I see you to often on this site are you WG Troll? This is just a reflex of the company founders behavior and childish mentality.

And Wargaming would be financially foolish if everything were random. That's not how free2play games work. For Wargaming? Only Wargaming knows. If it were me? I'd give beneficial matchmaking to someone who hadn't played in a week. I'd give beneficial matchmaking to ships I . WoT's matchmaker is rigged - the proof 3 years of lies only to be undone by their own hands with the patent US B1 filled by WarGaming in and published April 23, - Dynamic battle session matchmaking in a multiplayer game. Feb 09,   Wargaming's World of Tanks uses a software patent in its game match maker which keeps players win rates @ 50%, despite how hard you may play as a single player in the game. The outcomes of the games (win or loss of matches) are adjusted accordingly throught the Match Maker to give you a "low chance of a win outcome".

For small companies in the west? Maybe Silentstalker could enlighten us, if this is normal tactic used by other gaming companies? I hope that you are not naive enough to think that WG would be the only one doing this? I would say Sadistic! WG know nothing upon which this informative and well written article was based on. Your turn WG employee. Haha, so funny. Holy fuck you call that humor? I call it retarded, while not being funny in the least. They can redeem themselves by. That google translate is just not compatible between different grammatical rules but I get it xD.

This is just a ripoff of WoT, at least 80 percent. Generally, that is correct. Dying Light works even better than Metro engine so. Lol Dying Light single core bs Did the. Ehh Woras? Also, played and LL, and they worked fine, no need for Redux. If you say so With such a comment id say its a similar though opposite in target. It seems like we already have it here.

No need to visit WG forums.

Suspicious would you not say? Dude that link to the idiot WG EU community manager thing was really funny. Not to mention they have affected social sites, youtubers and many other third parties You would expect this shit from asshole mobile devs, but this is ridiculousSerB mafia confirmed. Turns out I was buying soap from Hitler. Holy shit I meanwow Another reason, amongst personal experience, to distrust Russians and their extremely shady practises.

Bad luck. Same as my own luck in dealing with British or French. A few? There could be thousands. Oh wow, you managed to completely fail to grasp the concept of a comparison to an IRL situation. Well played. WT tank? Jesuswhat a mess. If your shocked by this then take it as a learning experience This is how the world runs.

It may not be unique to WG but it is certainly unethical. Who cares if it is standard business practice in Russia, WG are catering to a world market. I could not resist xD. Oh, wow, so sneaky, how dare they? Well, nothing unusual in such business :. Not surprised. Oh yes they cannot upgrade the graphics too much because they want low spec pcs to run it properly, now that is what I call bullshit Anyways I hope that you will stop heading into this direction with your blog.

Dear SS, What you just reported is what Apple and Samsung do to each other every day, as well as many other big companies while competing for the same market.

This smear campaign highlights WG weaknesses: 1. WoT has a crap MM that prevents new players of enjoying the game, reducing significantly the influx of new players as can be already noticed in US; 2. Every game needs to be adapted to the market and WG failed miserably in EU and US specially US where they have a marginal player base considering the million population ; 5.

WG EU staff is so incompetent that even Minsk realized it; 6. WGL is badly designed and boring as hell, with incompetent commentators and the same few ridiculous maps, even if WG tries to forcefully shove it down our throats; 7. Thank you for revealing all these fatcs to us. That is why we read FTR every day. But welp, WT is still a buggy mess. Why are some of the WG employee so incompetent?

I guess armoured warfare and warthunder will DP wargaming and leave it sore. Hey SS, would you mind if I volunteered to troll you for money? I could use the cash. I would try the WT community, but not everyone has a smartphone to confirms account creation. Happens everywhere. So it isn't that there is no data.

consider, that

It is that the data doesn't support the conspiracy claims. And if you just reacted to that comment negatively, and assumed I was talking about the side you favor Because it's two sides of the same psychological coin. The vehemence and venom of their stances have nothing to do with facts either way. And it doesn't appear strongly tied to player stats or player skill.

Some players are invested in the idea that they have less control of the outcome of battles. Some players are invested in the idea that they have more control of the outcomes of battles. There is truth in this. And maybe some of it is due to MM and ship being used.

When you are bottom tier most of the time in a ship that usually can't carry a team when top tier like the Boise you might fall into one camp? When you are top tier in a Kremlin, Smolensk, or say Benham that can carry you might fall into the other camp.

As far as MM being broken, it is. But my tin foil hat says its due to low amount of players queuing up for battle. So the MM rules get thrown out with the bath water.

Since the PR event I am seeing lower and lower numbers and much longer queue times. Seeing a lot of odd ball MM, like one team having a 2 man and 3 man div, the other none. Or one side having all high ranked players, the other side maybe 1 or 2 low ranked.

Or one side having a bunch of what many would consider OP ships, the other side none or maybe one.

Wargaming matchmaking rigged

What seems consistent though during the week is the low queue numbers in the late morning till around 7PM, sometimes all night. Even in my own clan I see fewer playing than a month or two ago. Three, count them THREE detonations on one team, including myself.

I'm trying to wrap my head around today's losing streak, but this just solidifies my belief that day to day you get put into an RNG bracket, and cannot escape it until the next day. I've detonated twice today, lost 6 games in a row, and have been on the worst teams possible.

Win rate is meaningless in this game. Otherwise, keep the discussion on the issues. That is high enough to happen at least once a day, and today it decided to happen to you and the 11 other people on your team.

The reason why we dont see it happen is simply because the probability of one or more players in the game making a post about it is not included in the formula. Some people have a lot of IRL stuff on the go during the week. I usually can't guarantee a good continuous session until after my kids are in bed, around pm on the North American eastern seaboard. On nights when there's something critical hidden behind the dailies, I'll frequently not go into Randoms at all, just so I can keep on having victorious battles.

All I meant is that, my teammates are likely to be better compared to me, than your teammates compared to you. The biggest problem I see, is that you rarely see solo purples. They're usually in a division. Because of skill distribution, there's going to be a lot more average or worse divs queued up.

It's statistically more likely anyone gets an average or worse div on their team than a good one. So when one does show up, there probably won't be one to match it.

WarGaming may use their matchmaking to give good players harder games, but that's the point of matchmaking. Ultimately, the most fun game is a close game, and if you're a good enough player to win 70of your normal matchmaking games, it's a perfectly valid decision to bump you up to try to get you playing with more balanced odds (i.e. First, the matchmaker defines the number of tankers and Platoons suitable for each battle tier and game mode. It analyzes the modes each player flagged for a battle session, vehicles they chose for a battle, their tier and whether they follow regular or special matchmaking rules. Step 2. Creating two evenly assembled teams.

I am totally sure you can provide that data and aren't just pulling it out of your behind. What would be interesting is the number of DETS which occur per game for a 24 hour period.

You obviously have your position, and refuse to read through the posts.

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I read them. It is clear you're grasping for straws. On average, odds are it will help and hurt teams equally, but sometimes you're just unlucky and it RANDOMly will disproportionately hurt one team.

Or maybe the other team is just running det flags.

WarGaming Exposed: Matchmaking IS Rigged

Who knows. So of the examples listed above which ones are on the rigged win side and which ones are on the rigged lose side? All I've ever seen is WG statements, which are data In my experience MM works just like this:.

Now as I have mentioned in other threads there is a secret list of players that WG does Rig against and you are on that list so This is known as entropy. Thats why the lottery uses caged tossed number balls as then it is TRULY Random and not a pseudo number program generator. I've figured out how to get consistent wins at tier 8 however every time I explain it on the forum I get told I am wrong, so I just go back to winning while others are whining My findings span over many games, at different times of day in different ships over a 8 month period.

I do everything to help my Team, and within the 1st 5 minutes weve lost 5 shipsroglstomps to their

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