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In truth, this precious bond between two individuals is what brings the peace and happiness in human kind. The ultimate happiness of finding and living with the right person is almost divine. To share every thought without words, to feel every feeling mutually, to celebrate mental and spiritual connection is a thing of rarity. In our society, young men and women are not allowed to choose their own life partners and matchmaking for marriage is done by the elders of the family. And thus, we witness a host of frustrations building in couples nowadays. We have put the power to choose back in the hands of the individuals who want to marry.

It's not that simple Apr 24, pm. Yet another Pakistani guessing lacking self respect.

Pakistan matchmaking

I think its unfair to generalise. Most educated people do not think that way. Change is already happening and you are part of it. If you'd put your ego aside and stop moaning, you'll start working towards a more positive attitude. The statement has a deeper meaning than your literal interpretation.

Read it again. I second kat here. Would also like to add that when you claim things as the divorce rate is increasing I hope that never happens. I'd rather have a cute and fun wife instead of a rich one.

Ch Allah Daad. I don't think anything has been changed, rather situation has gone from bad to worse. I got an opportunity to attend few weddings during months of Feb and March of this year.

All those weddings were of upper middle class and none of them were internet or love type marriages. Boys and girsl were allowed to see each other only when everything else was fixed and arranged. Amongst few other thing which I had noticed were that parents and families have become more demanding, esp. I agree with kat, BUT this doesn't mean we write the same stuff again and again, the exact same stuff every other time. Sayameen L. Apr 26, am. Well, the moment you think you're going to be 'picking up hot girls', no matter how 'bad' you are, you've already started on a very questionable path.

My statement is a fact not the comparison. Personally, I would like to choose my life partner. Divorce was not an acceptable by the society option in the past and people had higher patience and commitment level. Today we fail to understand that no marriage is perfect but it is normal way of living your life and requires effort to make it work.

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I strongly agreed with old style to find a bride. Anyways, technology based matchmaking is useless I think and bit different from Islamic style. Isn't it? Usman Chaudhry. What matters most is understanding; not looks, traditions Syied Nasir Mehdi.

Just how many marriages by young man's own choice and Internet result in divorce? An alarming number.

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I am not talking about western culture where marriage is pleasure game. What Clinton did and one can finds hundreds of such cases. The system of arranged marriages in the past that both sides use make enquirers regarding the income of the Groom to be and vice verso. Then closed family members use to visit and see the girl.

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Whereas man was an open book. Even then both parties use to make enquirers from neighbors and family friends and finally a request for the marriage use to take place.

Such marriages use to last for life.


But boy and girl falling in love in college, street or Internet is nothing but lust and charm is over in short time. Apr 25, am. This is true still most of Pakistani are not familiar with modern technology. But even who know usage of modern technology, they have practice of cost system more strongly. Because when they not find good match around there residence then with the help of technology they look for around the world.

Caste is based on Qabils where some one belong and Islam also discuss about Qabils.

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Despite I agree with Kat, I think older generations were happier because they were 'less materialistic'. Mab Turan. Men marrying for beauty. Women marrying for money. That is the ultimate folly. Like the Chinese we should let young people get married early, have no kids first ten years and then have only one child.

That would make for a healthy and happy society. It is not that easy. Well Mr. Zulfiqar only if you know as per Islamic teachings men and women are not allowed to look at each other let alone talk or interact. The reason you were so surprised because of being chided by univ was either you weren't aware of Islamic teachings or too impressed by the western secular lifestyle.

Even our culture also does not allow such interactions. Too be successful in the Akhirat and Dunya we need to adopt Islamic lifestyle. Islamically even the co-ed institutions are not allowed to exist. The integral feature of a true Islamic society is a complete segregation of men and women in every sphere of life and in it lies our success.

Well Brother Don't lose hope one day you will get what you want Today I look at the many pitiful couples of past and wonder if they would be together if their wives have had a choice. The Indian male of today is whining because now women are dumping them at their will. We guys are in an ever increasing pressure to be decent and mature and rich otherwise as per Evolution goes, we are doomed to be extinct.

Poor us :. Can't agree more. I feel awful about the lady who ends up being your life partner. Yes but now girls are getting much better deals. Pickup Artist. What I cannot figure out is why women always say they want to find a nice guy but then they wind up dating creeps. It seems like it's necessary to be a total jerk or a "bad boy" to pick up hot girls these days? Apr 25, pm. Men and women are equal if we talk in context of reward for good deeds and retribution for bad deeds.

A woman can definitely be more pious than a man but when it comes to social roles men and women are not equal. Men have a role as bread earners and public dealers and head of the family while womens role is centered around her home and upbringing her children. Moreover Islamically it is proven by authentic Ahadith that women lack wisdom and intellect.

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This does not mean that women can't be intelligent. Wisdom and intelligence are things world apart. So here also women are not equal to men. Hit it on the head! Personally I think the idea of arranged marriages was because guys didn't know how to woo a girl and in other cases, the girl was in a way forced to marry someone who will be beneficial to the family.

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Nowadays, I think it's the girls who decide who they want to marry based in order of looks, physical fitness, communication skills, house, status, family background, education and the list goes on and on. Wait one more, does the guy know how to cook? By the time a guy gets all the qualities, he is too old now and should find a girl in his own age group.

You have right, I completely agree with that. Single mother. It might be really difficult for single mothers at a young age to cope up with the needs of her child. A lot has to be taken care of in bringing up the child which includes the welfare of the child as well as managing with one.

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Zohaib R Q. Why Pakistani's still believe in caste system inherited from Hindu ancestors. Sheikh Chilli. God made the love and Man made the marriage.

Now its upto you what you like to foundation of your own family. Nadia Talha. I think whether it. Faraz Qureshi. Beside improvement in match making, through technology there are still several unmarried male and females in the society, which is not a healthy sign generally.

Pakistani Matchmaking Consultancy. Shaadi Organization Pakistan, is designed to bring to you a number of choices in selecting a life partner. We have put the power to choose back in the hands of the individuals who want to marry. Apr 21,   Pakistan Society had such a fuss on Shoaib Mallick wedding. My question to it is please some one spell the benefit of the society out of the wedding except an increase of . Pakistani Matchmaking / Rishtay, Rishte in USA, UK, Dubai and Australia., Karachi, Pakistan. 1, likes 9 talking about this. Pakistani Matchmaking / Followers: K.

Apr 27, am. I feel in arranged marriages, people don't build high hopes on partners. They start willing to make compromises assuming they want the marriage to stay.

The scope for pleasant surprises in future is higher, since you don't know much about your partner to start with.

Apr 14,   The spokesperson of Chinese Embassy in Pakistan said the Chinese laws and regulations strictly prohibited the cross-national matchmaking centers. Rishta Pakistan is a free Pakistani marriage proposals service for local and overseas Pakistanis. It is a Pakistani Matrimonial online matchmaking site. So why is our Pakistani matchmaking services so highly regarded? We believe in providing a very personal, hands-on matchmaking experience. We screen each prospect carefully to make sure that our clients are presented to accomplished, upstanding and desirable candidates. Majority of our clients are successful professionals: doctors, accounts.

In love marriages, people think they know everything about their partners and hopes are high. The scope for unpleasant surprises is high which leads to despair and in many cases to divorces. Hence the higher rate. No basis. Just a thought. True version of Islam is totally distorted. Apr 26, pm. Hello, I always had a question about the arranged marriage that baffled me. I understand that arranged marriage can be fine and good etc, but the fact that people who hardly know each other have to live togather.

How does it work? What if the woman isnt attracted to the man? What if the man isnt attracted to the woman? I never said they were physically the same. My point was, we should value all individuals based on their character and actions and contributions to society rather than concentrating on the physical differences that you outlined.

Drawing such unnecessary distinctions to begin with, as you did, just creates a rift in society. I just wish people would lighten up a little! And isn't this the same reason why desperate girls are reduced to spending every minute of their time prank calling young men in order to flirt with them? I am sorry but I believe that unless these barriers are broken down, we cannot progress because everyone is caught up in this segregation that they are intrigued by the unknown, it's only human nature Just because our ancestors practiced a system does not mean that we have the obligation to practice it.

If we see an inept getting by simply because of the system, then it is not fair for those who are eligible. You seem to be complaining that you can not pick-up hot girls and implying that the reason is you are a gentleman and not a bad boy.

But seriously with a name like 'pick-up artist' and a professed desire to pick up hot girls - do you really think girls stay away from you because you are a gentleman? Could it be because they have figured out that you are a bad boy after all? I agree with Usman Mullah Ji. Apr 29, am. Why do people marry?

Yes, there are a multitude of reasons, here are some common ones: lonely, sexually frustrated, wealth, trophy, on the rebound Most of the above are valid reasons to marry, at least to my knowledge. Are they correct reasons to marry? I don't know.

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Just because they are valid does make them right. Most people go into marriage having weighed to the best of their own wisdom the impact to their lives. The idea that one can make a correct choice is a fallacy. Fahad Rehman. Apr 30, am. Dear Alfiya, You are very misguided. It is requested to kindly consult with a person who is more knowledgeable than you in religious matters. So you have quoted an irrelevant examples of Hazrat Khadija PBUH just to prove this fact wrong that true Islam doesn't allow men and women to meet and talk alone before their marriage.

Your statement is also highlighting that you are trying to say that if Hazrat Khadija PBUH was in a business and she is directly dealing with men then you must be trying to say that no concept of Hijab in Islam is there either. But I personally think that its really hard in this era to get married to a girl without knowing her at least a little, but still accept this thing, that its wrong and we are going against our Islamic teachings.

WellKeeping in view the life style followed in a particular community, it works fine while in many it does not. Let m put you in two opposing scenarios. One in which boy or girl grow uptill they enter in age band where they start feeling appetite for establishing a relation, they normally are married. When they put up togetherdespite of being strangers to each other prior to their wedding, but want that keep their bond of married life intact is the fact they have not tasted different flavours before marriage.

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In this situation, the emotions and all that enough to mold thinking in long run not only to live together but with minimum risk of collapse of sacred relation of marriage. Now in otherwise scenariowhen boys and girls open their eyes in free culture where inter sexual mingling is not a question markthey grow young very early, go through many divers experiences.

Now boss, no matter even you are frank, seen or unseen nothing can work for keeping you in one fold for life long. Since their are neither any moral nor any other barriers so male intend to keep chasing females they come across everywhere same is case with female so there remains least chances of such a relation to mature and live longer. If family set up is to be nurtured, kids to live with parents, arranged but with mutual consent of boy and girl can work more effectively than other wise.

I strongly agree, otherwise there is no caste ,racial or another base countable other than being Muslim in Islam. A beggar of any caste can marry with princess. Ayesha Sanasith. May 02, am. Wow, great blog. Really looking forward to read more. Latest stories.

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Govt likely to unveil tax-free budget for Herd immunity? Must read. Peerzada Salman. Nasir Jamal. Images Staff. Nighat Dad. A new board created by Facebook will tackle content moderation.

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Rashid Amjad. The government should adopt a three-month flexible rolling budget for next year. Maleeha Lodhi. The pandemic highlights the need to address longstanding flaws.

Usama Khilji. It is important to explore the strengths of the bill as well as address its shortcomings. And thus, we witness a host of frustrations building in couples nowadays. We have put the power to choose back in the hands of the individuals who want to marry. Find your fairy tale ending by selecting the perfect partner from Pakistan and abroad.

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