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Does anyone know how the matchmaking is done? Looking at this match I was in and many matches my team was severely outmatched. I can't figure out what metric they are using to match players in a game. Is there anything that can be done on the players side to improve the matchmaking to favor themselves? Is Karma a factor? Not a complaint, just trying to understand what metric is used since some matches are severely unbalanced.

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Matchmaking question

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Question About Matchmaking. Thread starter boshedo Start date Mar 5, Hey Guys, I just recently started playing Modern Warfare again.

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I'm only rank 11 atm. How does the match making work? I've been stuck in games with rank 60's or so. Do they have matchmaking that matches you up with your same levels?

Honestly I feel like a burden joining those games since I'm still fresh. I usually get wrecked pretty hard. I've been enjoying the M4. I've unlocked some attachments for it. I've been watching plenty of youtube videos as well.

Nov 12,   Matchmaking question. Eddbopkins Member Is there a matchmaking algorithm? Did it decide to take a nap when placeing me into a few games? Does the devs care about there game match quality to players? In the few games iv played against the top 10 people when im only ranked it was a blow out lost by over + points my team. You can set single points per question or points per each match Shuffle mode allows you to shuffle matches, clues or both The different grading styles available - full points, partial with deduction, partial without deduction How to add custom feedback for both correct/incorrect answers Matching Questions are automatically graded. Matchmaking question. Close. 1. Posted by 24 days ago. Matchmaking question. Does anyone know if there is a hidden mmr system right now or are the games we get in completely random? And if there is a mmr system, does it take personal score into consideration or is it only based on wins/losses? 2 comments.

I play on pc. Most of my team mates are on console so I'm not sure if they have aim assist that helps them out. Thanks for your help. Carlos Owner Staff member. Just learn the game more and more as you grind the game.

Jul 30,   Matchmaking looks at ship tier and number of each class. I think +/- 2 tier matchmaking, premium consumables/camo, modules, ships type, and captain skills create more imbalance than win rate. Look at ship stats of the same tier. Some have the best ships doing double the damage of the worse ships.

In general, 's Modern Warfare is different from the other Call of Duty titles. Instead of being locked to just a loadout, you have access to a gunsmith. The gunsmith is like your second loadout. In the past, you were locked to only one or two attachments per loadout. Or when you used up the pick "x" slots. Referring to the various iterations of Pick With 's Modern Warfare, you get to pick your loadouts, and 4 slots of attachments. Rank up your weapons to be able to deck out your weapons fully.

However, matchmaking is based on your skill. The more "skilled" you are, the more the algorithm places you in the same lobby as the guy with the same behavior as you.

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The problem is that it's kinda stupid. You could reverse boost to game the system, but your account will look weird with all that suicides.

Carlos said:. I appreciate it man. I don't mind grinding it out. Just going against guys with all their attachments and perks is very difficult.

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I have more deaths then kills. Its just frustrating. I've never been good at shooters but keep trying. Yeah, I faced this for a while. I'm a good player, but I did die a few times here and there. Until I got better, and better with time. Learning the maps helps, too. However, you don't need to know every spot, just learn the familiar locations, and anticipate where they'll be.

Matchmaking question

For example, a lot of people camp in the open container in the middle of Shipment. I'm the 17 games I played today, we wentseeing 2 other unicum divisions. Both times, they were on the opposite team. It's not the abundance of good players that lead to lopsided games, it's the lack of them that is the cause.

But I had a PR rating and averaged k damage which included a kamikaze match in my Worcester where I only did 30k because I value my time too much to waste minutes on a guaranteed loss the imbalance was so insane. There were several players on the team with less than a PR rating which you need to get hit in the head with a brick at least 20 times to be that bad.

The point is, that when the RNG runs its bad streaks like tonight, the only way to counter it is to be a unicum player and div with two other unicum players. Even then, it may only be enough to balance the match and sometimes you still are not favored.

You know when you're really running bad when you're in a 3-man unicum div and you lose two matches in a row. Almost always that will break up the unicum div. They have a very low tolerance for bad runs thWG throws at you. So they cut their losses and take a break. Like stepping away from a blackjack table that is running cold.

Mar 26,   However, matchmaking is based on your skill. The more "skilled" you are, the more the algorithm places you in the same lobby as the guy with the same behavior as you. The problem is that it's kinda stupid. You see terms such as "Skill Based Matchmaking" and "SBMM," that's what they're referring to. Matchmaking Question. Question. Close There is matchmaking based on skill (match making rating or mmr) When you start brand new account it finds you average opponents. An account could be win/loss and still be average mmr. With Matching questions, students pair items in one column to items in another column. The number of items in each column doesn't have to be equal because you can reuse answers and add unmatched answer choices. Unmatched answer choices are distractors that don't match any item and increase the question's difficulty.

It's going to happen to the best in the game, so you can only imagine if you are an average player or especially considerably below average, it's going to happen a lot more frequently.

WG isn't doing anything on purpose. It's just the nature of random selection.

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It's easier to remember the bad streaks, because our ego's expect the good streaks to be the norm. It's human nature. WG can do anything it wants, Tell you what it wants you to hear and do just the opposite behind closed doors and your none the wiser. White knight.

WG can Do anything it wants, Tell you whatever it wants you to hear and do the opposite behind closed doors and you never know because your closed minded and defend them at every turn. Spread it on thick! Oh look, 3 are balanced and 6 are unbalanced to one side or the other with a random distribution.

You get a higher percentage of unicums on one side or the other in a stacked team. You need to play a total of 5 battles to post in this section.

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The problem is that matches are often decided by either 1 really good player or 1 really bad player the rest of the team have 0 saying in either case.

It could be that the matchmaking algorithm had to few players to pick from. So after a lot of time it started to consider a wider range of players.

This could play in conjunction with you or the other player having a huge rating deviation. I assume it plays in how to create matches but if not there would be no point in picking glicko over elo. Crystal Black. Quaggan doesn't know, thats why Quaggan put? Just a thought in this pinky head, but when league system was introduced, at the beginning of season players were matched by their MMR, because "everyone was in same division" and when "there was not enough players" their MMR was used instead of league standing, or something like that.

It was fun, because high MMR players had it harder to climb, because they were playing one against each other, every match all the time, even in bronze.

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I remember this when we had the pip-system like amber, emerald etc. It was a problem for climbing but in my opinion these matches were some of the best and most fun because they were close.

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