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Tank Nut and Gamer Wannabe! Huge fan of tanks and World War II history. Huge World of Tanks fan and by far, the game I've played for the longest time. If you like my content, please consider donating. View all posts by Harkonnen. If we look at the pref vehicles in game, both performance-wise and historically, a good amount were made to achieve one goal. The IS-6, mutant, super Pershing, type 59, etc.

Does anyone think WG will buff these tanks so much that they can penetrate a Maus or a Type 5? Just check the normal Tier 8s. Tier 8s are just cannon fodder for Tier 10s.

WG already confirmed that there are just too many players playing Tier 10s to give Tier 8 tanks better MM. And now they will just add the PrefMM Tier 8s to the pool so they can get farmed. Aside from getting MOEs or grinding to the next tier noone is playing normal Tier 8s.

It is just not fun and it even COSTS lots of credits because you are constantly facing fake tanks with fake armor and no weak spots. Why would you play Tier 8s and lose credits if you can play Tier 10s, lose money but have way more fun farming lower tier tanks. To me fix seems very simple - buff penetration, like give is 6 something likethat makes it competitive vs equal and higher tiers and low tiers dont care if you pen them with pen or Armour is alright, could be too good some time ago but with all powercreep and goldspam its alright now.

Also fcm fix seems easy - change it to medium so it has medium mm and if you want to make it bit better, buff gun handling. Faire compensation will be to give my money back and to let me do whatever i want with them.

I don,t want to be shited with personal reservs or credits or other useless stuff. I have all other premiums that i want so a trade solution is not an option for me. I bought superpershing, is 6, wz for their great armor backthen and in compensation they had bad or week guns. I bought this tanks to bounce something with their armor and not to make happy retard tier 10 players. The problem is in their new mm system.

It should be otherwise.

The KV-5 is a Soviet tier 8 premium heavy tank. The KV-5 was to utilize some components of the KV A new turret was designed, incorporating the mm ZIS-6 gun. Two roadwheels and a single support roller were to be added on each side. Preferential matchmaking Cons: Poor penetration for a Tier 8 heavy tank Large and well-known weakspots.

Now in 10 games with a tier 8 tank you get in a tier 10 fight in 6 or 7 games. With tier 9, 2 games, and 1 game with full tier 8 and if you are lucky 1 with tier 6 when you are top dog. I thing it should be otherwise. Let the tier 10 boys to fight moore often between them. In 10 games 7 games should be only in tier But wg will never be agree with that. Anyway limited mm premium tanks are the last oasis of joy playing a tier 8 premium tanks and now wg want to kill our last resort of joy.

Wg want us to make less and less credits with our premium tanks and to force us to buy credits with real money.

Limited mm premium vehicles are less and less met on the battlefield why are them such a big problem? Put them out of shop and they will dissaper naturally without any problems in 1 or 2 years.

For the KV-5 they have said players will be able to either keep the tank, exchange it for a different premium, or get its full value in gold. So they will likely do that for others too. Remember, those are replies from RU region. On RU with its loads of players, pref MM vehicles are a ig problem. One test made by them shows regular T8 tanks get top tiered T6 more often than the pref MM ones.

RU has a bigger population BUT it is spread over more servers. There are two RU servers that have around k players at peak but the others are way less populated.

Unstoppable Platoon Gorynych KV-5 WOT Console Halloween Monster Tanks - Indoor Man Gaming

And btw Russian players are complaining about the state of tier 8 MM as much as European players. There are Polish, German, English, etc. The only time WG listened their EU base was when basically every contributor told his viewers how overpowered the Defender is.

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As someone that bought the KV-5 on release day, I completely agree with the money-back option. Good luck getting a dime back from WG.

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You agreed to WGs terms of service with them stating any fees are not refundable. Use this to support allies by firing over them, or to shoot down on the roof armor of your opponents. There are large weak spots on the hull and turret. So, limit your enemies' access to them, if you are in a city, sidescraping can work well.


Sometimes, depending who is firing at you, driving around backwards actually can work. So, driving around backwards will not allow shots into your weakspots, but the controls are counter intuitive and only seasoned players should try this, as it is very hard to do well.

Do be careful, though, as the upper half of the rear is 90mm flat plate, and is easily penetrated. With the beginning of the war, a whole series of collectives entered the project. Thus, the notion of a forged turret was abandoned and replaced by a welded turret design.

The KV-5 benefits from Preferential Matchmaking, which means it will not see any Tier X vehicles. When playing in a platoon, however, pay attention to the vehicles your comrades choose. If one of them uses a vehicle without Preferential Matchmaking, you . Jul 01,   PMM List (Premium MatchMaking, Preferential MatchMaking, or Preferred MatchMaking list) - posted in Tank Academy for players BY PLAYERS!: Heres my personal PMM list, (Whatever you want to call it?) Preferred MatchMaking, Premium MatchMaking or Preferential MatchMaking. The list is sorted by nation & then grouped by tank types; lights, meds heavy . Sep 12,   Now it's clear that introducing preferential matchmaking was a mistake. There are problems with some of those vehicles, but we're readying them for a rebalance. Perhaps with some tanks, which will be unfit for rebalancing, we'll propose a buyback. We wait for a moment where we can change the KV It's a tank which rebalance we.

In view of the absence of a h. By August the KV-5 design was practically fully completed, and the production of a number of the tank's components and aggregates was begun. But because of the difficult situation at the front around Leningrad, all experimental work at the Kirov Plant was halted and all efforts were dedicated to increasing the output of production KV tanks.

The latest date found in the preserved drawings of the KV-5 is 15 Augustwhen the battle was being fought around Luga and Krasnogvardeysk. Wikipedia page about the KV series tanks. Welcome to Wargaming. Tank Discussion. View Source View history. Jump to: navigationsearch. These differences are taken into account in tooltip boxes. Additional Statistics Top Configuration.

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Camouflage Stationary: 3. Player Opinion.

This past May saw us test changes to the KVHad they proven agreeable, they would have been applied to other preferential tanks. The results didn't align with the intended outcome, however, and the majority of player feedback was negative. Kv 5 Preferential Matchmaking with chubby cheeks and trust me I smell like a rose always¦. I am bold and beautiful with a sense of humor and full of energy. I offer you the Kv 5 Preferential Matchmaking best time of intense pleasure to share I will be listing to your all most secret desire and fantasies to satisfy Kv 5 Preferential Matchmaking/ Preferential Matchmaking Premium Vehicles. Currently, they are testing changing the characteristics and see how it works. The first vehicle will be the KV-5, but there are a lot of problems with how to do it, compensation and things like that. I believe that if preferential vehicles were only limited to being top tier in ,

Pros and Cons Pros: Overall thick armor profile rewards angling and sidescraping Largest healthpool for a Tier 8 tank Good top speed and huge weight, good at ramming Excellent DPM for a heavy tank, better than some mediums Preferential matchmaking Cons: Poor penetration for a Tier 8 heavy tank Large and well-known weakspots While thick, the armor is mostly unsloped Poor hull and turret traverse speed Massive target with poor camouflage values, easily spotted Performance Despite its enormous weight, the tank is able to reach a good speed for a heavy tank.

Suggested Equipment. Historical Info. Work was begun on the KV-5 tank "Object " in June The talented designer N. Tseits, one of the oldest workers of SKB-2, was named the senior engineer for this vehicle. Also in his group were K. Kuzmin hullL. Sychev turret and gun mountand N.

Developers Q&A: Preferential Matchmaking Premium Vehicles

Fedorchuk running gear components. The experience gained in the development of the KV-4 design was weighed during the design of the KV The result was a powerful tank of relatively unusual appearance. Dispersion on turret traverse.

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This complex improvement will positively affect gameplay comfort and combat performance, emphasising the pros and reducing the cons. Gun depression angle in the rear.

Gun dispersion during movement and on hull traverse.

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In addition to the overall improved technical characteristics penetration, aiming parameters, stabilization, and shell velocitythe T will receive a long awaited improvement for its gun depression angle, both in the front and rear. The vehicle will be more effective and versatile; its gameplay will become more diverse on maps featuring irregular terrain.

THe combat performance of this legendary vehicle will match its status. The Type 59 will be able to fully participate in battle and influence its outcome. Complex improvements to the fire power, aiming parameters, and armoring make the Type 59 suitable for the current situation in Random Battles.

The Super Pershing will be able to perform the role of a fire support vehicle, having received decent armoring.

Kv 5 preferential matchmaking

A handful of technical characteristics have been improved: firepower and aiming parameters will be considerably improved, while mobility will be improved a little. The frontal turret armor will be stronger, the armor of vulnerable spots will be improved, and balancers for the gun will be added to the collision model as a screen. Thanks to the revamped technical characteristics, the Jagdtiger 8,8 will survive for longer in battle and be able to cause more damage.

The increased penetration and rate of fire will allow this TD to perform its main role: causing damage.

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At the same time, complex changes to mobility will allow for escaping enemy fire and fighting for survival in close-range combat.

Solution: All-around vehicle rebalances on a vehicle-by-vehicle basis to improve their statistics combined with matchmaker rule revision. The underlying problem for these vehicles is too many battles versus Tier X. The matchmaker rules revision is designed to better the experience for them, too. Share on social networks or discuss on the forum Facebook Twitter. Previous news item. Next news item. Join the community More thanplayers.

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