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Jump to content. Is there anyone who doesn't have enough of that in their garage? I for one bought my preferential matchmaking tanks because being bottom tier is not fun. The last thing I want is more of them. Removing the preferential matchmaking from the PMM tanks is going to have practically zero impact on this matter. I'd imagine that game breaking problem tanks would've removed from sale now before their existence finally explodes the whole game. They also sold E at the same time.

Mentor Increases the Crew XP gained for each member apart from the commander.

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Off-Road Driving Increases the mobility on medium and soft terrain. Preventative Maintenance Reduces the chance of taking fire. Recon Increases the view range of your vehicle. Relaying Increases the signal range of your allies' vehicles within your signal range.

"Perfecting" Preferential Premiums in World of Tanks

Repair Reduces the repair time of destroyed modules. Safe Stowage Increases the durability of your vehicle's ammo rack.

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Signal Boosting Increases the signal range of your vehicle. Situational Awareness Increases the view range of your vehicle. Sixth Sense Shows a lightbulb three seconds after you've been spotted.

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Smooth Ride Reduces the dispersion penalty while driving. Snap Shot Reduces the dispersion penalty of traversing the turret. Additional Grousers Increases the mobility on soft and medium terrain. Your hull must stand still for at least 3 seconds. Camouflage Net Increases the camouflage value of your vehicle tremendously. Spall Liner Decreases damage taken by ramming and high-explosive splash. Toolbox Decreases the repair time of destroyed modules.

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Cumulative with the Repair skill. Share on social networks Facebook Twitter. Join the community More thanplayers. Join us on Facebook. Problems solved. No more constant bottom tier misery for anyone.

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How bad would things be if people actually had fun? You know, the tanks people are playing because they are sick of being useless bottom tier cannon fodder game in and game out. Now they won't have a choice. What a brilliant fix. I am sure this is going to fix all the problems of the matchmaker.

This has naturally decreased their popularity because people primarily play premium tanks to make credits. Some of the easiest and most straightforward balancing ever and the profitability problems are fixed without the tanks being overpowered. This is how they are trying to frame the issue - PMM tanks are so hard to balance and the only way is to destroy them. You know the game is broken when armored heavy tanks are forced to play as passive support tanks in most battles.

But hey! PMM tanks are to blame, not the fact that Wargaming have engineered their matchmaker to prioritize these awfully imbalanced farmfests over everything else. The suggested changes on the KV-5 are laughable.

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First off you do not actually want the alpha damage buff because currently the reload is in a very harmonic sweetspot where you have a fairly hard hitting damage gun with medium-like reload, mine being 6. Basically you have significantly better than same tier mediums but you can still permatrack anything and often set up 2-for-1 trades against heavies with much longer reloads.

The alpha damage should not be touched. Now the penetration These values would be a fantastic change if the tank kept its preferential matchmaking.

Just wow. Are you serious?

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The required gold spam which is the 1 problem of KV-5 would not go anywhere. On the other hand in the "lucky" games when you spawn as top tier your tank would be more or less invulnerable against the lower tiers. I allow WG to copy my ideas and put them into practice, no need to thank me.

Since Wargaming are promising us "competitive" tanks that means we need machines that can put up real fights against them. I won't even go into soft stats or deeper details. I think you guys get the point. Since we're talking about a super heavy tank here it needs to be able to bounce tier 10 AP shells to be able to pull off its role. It will still be fairly easy to penetrate with HEAT shells.

Kv-5 matchmaking

It also needs a gun that's capable of hurting tier 10 enemies in terms of penetration. Of course this is going to add more misery to tier tanks but that's just fun diversity right? I think by now everyone has figured out the KV-5 would be ridiculous with my suggested changes.

But this is what it takes to have a tank that's competitive in tier 10 games nowadays. How do you make armor? How do you make a gun that penetrates and significantly hurts tier 10 tanks but that doesn't lolpen and 2-shot tier 6s?

Rebalancing KV-5 and other preferential matchmaking tanks.

It's impossible. It's just not possible. Leave the PMM tanks be.

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When I see players and youtubers complain about the changes, they're making the classic mistake. By August the KV-5 design was practically fully completed, and the production of a number of the tank's components and aggregates was begun.

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But because of the difficult situation at the front around Leningrad, all experimental work at the Kirov Plant was halted and all efforts were dedicated to increasing the output of production KV tanks. The latest date found in the preserved drawings of the KV-5 is 15 Augustwhen the battle was being fought around Luga and Krasnogvardeysk. Wikipedia page about the KV series tanks. Welcome to Wargaming. Tank Discussion. View Source View history. Jump to: navigationsearch. These differences are taken into account in tooltip boxes.

Additional Statistics Top Configuration. Camouflage Stationary: 3. Player Opinion. Pros and Cons Pros: Overall thick armor profile rewards angling and sidescraping Largest healthpool for a Tier 8 tank Good top speed and huge weight, good at ramming Excellent DPM for a heavy tank, better than some mediums Preferential matchmaking Cons: Poor penetration for a Tier 8 heavy tank Large and well-known weakspots While thick, the armor is mostly unsloped Poor hull and turret traverse speed Massive target with poor camouflage values, easily spotted Performance Despite its enormous weight, the tank is able to reach a good speed for a heavy tank.

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Suggested Equipment. Historical Info. Work was begun on the KV-5 tank "Object " in June The talented designer N. Tseits, one of the oldest workers of SKB-2, was named the senior engineer for this vehicle. Also in his group were K.

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Kuzmin hullL. Sychev turret and gun mountand N. Fedorchuk running gear components. The experience gained in the development of the KV-4 design was weighed during the design of the KV The result was a powerful tank of relatively unusual appearance. The hull of the KV-5 had a height of 0. Therefore the driver-mechanic and radio operator-machine gunner received special cupolas that permitted them an adequate sector of view. The rhomboid-shaped turret was of relatively large size.

Housed in it were the tank commander, who had a commander's cupola, gunner, and loader. The solid diameter of the ring was mm and the large internal space of the turret afforded all members of the crew normal working conditions.

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The tank was heavily armored mm. The project was eventually canceled in favour of the more advanced Russian heavy tank designs. No prototype was ever constructed due to the Leningrad Blockade. Historical Gallery.

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