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By Zadina , February 17, in News. Spyrian made a blog post on the official forums regarding matchmaking in Heroes of the Storm and its present state. Matchmaking improvements have been a work in progress for the Heroes of the Storm dev team since last December. Most recently, we saw improvements in matchmaking for Rank 1 players. Spyrian posted an article regarding the current state of matchmaking.

Overall I feel like I am missing information. It is true some maps been removed from rotation when I found nothing wrong with them. I also love you claim they should have used the Overwatch engine wich makes no sense. Overwatch engine is made for a FPS type game so using it here would cause more glitches. Let alone it has been in development since Heart of the Swarm. People hate battlenet client,so blizzard ended up pushing this as a side game to wow players.

Tanks tend to survive more, especially when enemy team focuses on your DDs first and you are unable to CC them and punish them for that. So over time you build up higher damage with your small hits than DD is able to pull off because they die before they can even cast their combos.

So first question to ask when you end up with the highest damage as a tank is if you gave your DDs good opportunities to pull off their combos or not. Edit: with guldan on a team peeling is especially important, because he does poke damage. It is rather normal to have high hero dmg with e. And yes, too much engage focus of the tank player can be the problem.

However, most of the players prefer to play assassin and a solid portion of them just do not know how. They thrive against badly positioned opponents and get blasted as soon as the other team actually knows how to play. I play about half of all the games as a tank and i can ensure you that peeling for this type of players is impossible. Even if they occassionally stay in range of the abilities of their tank which usually tells you if the assassin player knows what he is doingthey do not step back after peeling.

They think that every action of their tank is an invitation to engage. This is also the type of players that engage in a team fight before their tank is there and blame him for their death afterwards. Of course theses assassins end up with high death counts and low dmg numbers compared to their tank.

grateful for the

Good point. Maeiv and it is certainly the right choice if its a safe gank. However, a good assassin player. Well, first you say that bad assassins engage before tank, then you say there exist assassins which are good in engaging, which I agree with, but we were obviously taking about assassins which are NOT good to engage with. While there are many situations when one should usually wait for the tank to engage e. Even a Kealthas can iniate a fight if someone is badly positioned and in range of his stun; he just should not do it, if there is no follow-up e.

On the other hand, there is no need for a tank to expose his backline, if his team is currently winning in the poke war. That was the best time. Now they said "we want the games to be longer and here we are minute games. This is when rage quitters came out. It was very rare before when the games were promised minutes. Its super rare to win with an afk partner. The soaking phase while being unique felt broken from the start.

Most good players lose and give up on this game because their team fumbles once late game which should never happen to the better team. Objectives on maps such as DK are broken AF.

My team got the Dragon 4 times straght and always rushed with Dragon and almost got to the core. Best example is like a senior in HS football teamed up with jr high school kids vs.

All freshman-junior kids. The MVP screen should have never existed. Azmodan just soaking top lane all day while objective is up and never helps team, but we end up losing and he gets mvp. That makes this person think they are better than everyone. I could go on but I doubt anyone is willing to read all this lol. The game be re worked and improved in future.

And everything yhis happened to mow from almosy 4 yearsbecause Blizzard team must work non stop in something. Its normal for our human race and gameing industry. In year, the game be better. I can gave you for an axample EvE online, this game is on 15 years, and his developers non stop improveing and re working. I played this game avarage 1 year. I stoped because os boring and PvP sometime is unfair. Blizzard needs to lay off more employees, especially the ones that made this game.

Until the good players get better rank rewards from winning or less from lost. Destroyer December 21,pm 1. So why did it fail?

BAD leadership. CJBlack December 21,pm 2. HOTS was a really good thing gone wrong. Beeswax December 22,am 3. Maciej December 22,pm 4. Beeswax December 22,am 5. Kotlol December 22,pm 6. Hate to say it but your summary lacks information that comes off just wrong. Gruncor December 25,am 7. Very bad kit. We do not have items, we do not have selective skills and as passive in the same active space is pathetic.

TTK took out all the tanks and healers. Level 20 Blessing of the Bronze [Active] Cooldown reduced from 90 to 30 seconds. Cooldown reduction when hitting enemy Heroes with Sand Blast reduced from 8 to 1 second. Wave of Force [R2] Cooldown increased from 20 to 30 seconds. Chomp [W] Damage increased from to Now also does damage to the primary target. Lurking Terror [Active] Slow duration increased from 1 to 1. Level 10 Null Gate [R2] Cooldown reduced from 30 to 25 seconds.

Return to Top Tassadar Base Health increased from to Force Wall [E] Cooldown reduced from 21 to 18 seconds.

Mana cost reduced from 70 to Cast time reduced from. Birth time reduced from. Maximum bonus damage increased from to Return to Top Bug Fixes General Fixed an issue where locked talents could appear to be able to be selected in game, causing confusion.

Heroes Cho'gall Disconnected player replacement A. Deathwing Disconnected player replacement Deathwing A.

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He will land in Destroyer form once he reaches full health. Disconnected player replacement Deathwing A.

February 7, Imperius, Anduin, Qhira, Deathwing, and more: Heroes of the Storm in review. January 23, All Aboard: Creating the Nexus's First Multi-Hero Mount. December 20, Cataclysmic Creations - Deathwing Community Roundup. December 19, Gameplay ates. Heroes of the Storm Balance Patch Notes - February 12, Nov 06,   i just want to get this off my shoulder, been playing this game for so long. and each season i notice the same things the matchmaking is forcing me to be around 50%, winrate. i have not been able to get out of silver league, i was doubting if its my skill. so i made some friends with platinium ranked players, was just playing with them and asked for honest opinion. am i maybe a bad player. Feb 08,   Why Quick Match is bad for HotS' health. If you solo queue, either on Quick Match or Ranked, you're gonna have a bad time. Heroes of the Storm is still on baby steps with roughly 2 to 3 years, and Blizzard is trying their best to make the game distinct from their competitors, namely LoL and DotA. happen, however, is one team having a.

Murky Fixed an issue that caused Murky A. They now correctly take double damage. Tassadar Shadow Walk now has proper fat finger protection. Zagara Fixed an issue with Zagara A. Cassia and Tracer have been reworked in the latest Heroes patch. Mythic Pantheon Skins Now Live. Blizzard quietly released new Heroes of the Storm skins for Cassia and Tracer that were featured in the Greek Gods skins preview back in March. Check out the official patch notes for more information!

Do you like the new skins? Free-to-Play Hero Rotation: May 5th. The weekly free Hero rotation has been ated for the week of May 5. Heroes developers answered your questions on yesterday, and here is a recap of the AMA.

AMA Highlights They have no plans for publicly facing roadmaps because they tie their hands in ways the team is not always comfortable with. A new Hero will be revealed soon, they have a huge lineup of Hero reworks planned, and new awesome skins.

None of the Heroes that are currently in development classifies as Support, but things could change. The team is still not sure what to do to improve Haunted Mines gameplay and there are no plans to bring the map back for now. Towers of Doom started as Arathi Basin, but the devs could not find out how to get it to work quite right. If you observe the towers, they are themed very similar to main areas in Arathi Basin.

The team may experiment with new buffs to make AI games more interesting, like increasing AI health and power by a percentage. There will be some changes to tower aggro in the coming future to fix stuff like Azmodan's global summon hitting someone in top lane causing a bottom lane fort to attack him. The Invisible Horse mount will return in the future. The D. Va rework is still in the works. They are very well aware that Ragnaros is in need of a new skin, but that won't happen this year, unfortunately, as they are in the process of evaluating what they're going to do for The new Nexus Anomaly increases game length by approximately 1 minute across the board and there are no huge changes in win rates.

A new balance patch is planned for the near future with fixes for the new Anomaly and some Heroes. Battle Passes are a cool idea, but the feature requires too much engineering and UI work to be implemented, and they rather focus on game content for now.

The Heroes team believes that the number of crowd-control effects in the game is appropriate. Season rewards could be back next season. The team is overall happy with Tassadar and the rework, but he is currently trending a little lower than they'd like, so expect buffs soon. We haven't seen new banners in the game for a long time, and they are discussing getting some more in.

Init's possible that we're get our hands on the Death Knight Arthas skin that was removed before Beta. We also extracted all questions from the thread that got answered by the devs and you can find them below. Source I'd like to know, what's the roadmap looking like for our favourite game? We know there's nowhere near the resources as in the beginning, but that absolutely doesn't mean development is dead as was proven by you all! We've received feedback on the desire for a roadmap previously and have discussed it a few times since our last AMA.

apologise, but

So while we obviously have an internal roadmap for Heroes that usually looks over a year out, we like to give ourselves flexibility to add to, change, remove, or move things around as needed and a publicly facing roadmap ties our hands in ways we're not always comfortable with. What are we comfortable saying? We have new heroes in development and will be sharing info on the next one soon.

We have features coming that will make the game better while also improving our ability to support it. We have some of the coolest skins in the history of the game yet to come.

And we want to be building toward a world where we can add more content to the game year-over-year. Stay tuned! Do you have any cool stuff to report in this area? Good morning jjp3! We are indeed discussing how we can cross-promote with our other games, as the past events were extremely awesome! That said, there is a lot of differing opinions on how to set them up and when they should occur. While I don't have anything concrete to share right now, we are definitely discussing it and are always looking for new opportunities to make it happen?

Can we expect a new support hero to be added in the future? The Heroes we are currently working on do not fit into the Support mold as of right now, but that can always change and has many times in the past!

Around 6 months ago I released something you can use to modify the map that is loaded when you are watching a replay that allows tracking of a bunch more stats The way it works is really quite simple: the game looks at the replay. There's quite a lot of stuff there, like the amount of healing from each ability, damage from each ability, damage modified by armor, healing to each ally, damage to each enemy, and more niche things, like the amount of damage DVA prevented with Defense Matrix.

Is this something that players could have their accounts actioned for using? Although I released the first version 6 months ago, I've been actively using it for the past 8 months or so. Hey Spazzo, It's one of my dreams of being able to give you guys more numbers from the games. It's still on our wishlist. I've spoken with our engineers about exposing damage mitigation in the past. My understanding is that it would require code support. Thanks for the question! If Blizzard wanted to implement something like this, they totally could, and not being limited to triggers would make it so much easier to do compared to how I had to do it, although some things would still need triggers or an engineer to add new stuff, like an example of something I implemented is tracking Sonya's Wrath of the Berserker bonus damage - this currently would require triggers for Blizzard to implement it, or add new features to data to track the bonus damage from DamageDealtFraction as part of a behavior.

Means that if you've got something applying armor after damage in the same loop, that armor did nothing in relation to that damage, but the triggers don't know that but even that has it's own little exception in which you can discern info from where there isn't any.

It does make this kind of stuff more complicated to implement telemetry for if the specific data is not already exposed to triggers in an easy to use way. In most cases exposing data like this would require changes to the code, which means it depends on us having a compelling reason to do so - a feature or piece of content that requires it. Like everything it is a matter of resource allocation and prioritization. I'm asking for a friend of course: Are there any new main tanks in development or at least conceptually planned?

While I would love to have it back at all, I think even small changes could improve its status with players, like replacing the sappers with a vision camp, increasing xp from skeletons, etc. Hey secret, Actually, the design group just met about this the other day.

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We have some initial blue-sky ideas on things we could do to improve the gameplay of the battleground, but that is about as far as we have currently gotten. Just bringing it back in its current form is really tricky as there are a lot of bugs many of them super edge-case with the way the mines work that are very difficult to tackle and would require a major amount of resources to resolve.

Overall, we love the map and all of its unique assets, and hope to return it to the map pool some time in the future! Tassadar's was the most in-depth rework so far, with an entirely new talent tree, a new basic ability and a new heroic.

In terms of his development, as well as where he fits in the release cycle, does the team consider him a "new hero"? Or was his workflow still closer to that of past reworks? I knew from the beginning that Plasma Shield would have to be cut in favor of another damage ability, so I started experimenting with various abilities and what became Shock Ray fell into placepretty quickly.

Figuring out talents took another few months, but came together fairly easily. Moving Force Wall from an ultimate to a Basic Ability was a little contentious at first, but as we got used to playing with it we realized it worked well. Black Hole came very late in the design cycle and went through multiple iterations before it became what it is today.

Patch Can we expect more features like this in the near future? A lack of these kinds of features, many of which are highly requested, is one of the things that has dampened HotS' popularity for years. Are we finally going to be getting frequent feature ates?

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Hey Pscythic, We absolutely love bringing new features like this to the game and are always working on and prioritizing the next ones. As passionate developers, any individual features release is normally just the beginning, as we often have improvements or quality of life changes already planned and adding more from player feedback.

These, of course, get put into the chute against all the other features we are wanting to work on. It's a never-ending cycle that is honestly one of the more difficult parts of actively developing a live game.

Hi HotS team! If so, could you share some popular rules to follow? Do you guys all join some giant voice chat server all day?

that interfere

Do you typically communicate by walking up to other computers or send assets over a network? First off holy cow you did a lot of work here. Yes we have art bibles and design guidelines for direction. The purpose of the seniors and art director of the team is to make sure that everything is directed towards those goals. There are things that we do in the craft of these things that we teach new artists who join the team what we want them to utilize. Art does dictate some direction abilities will go because of noisiness, performance, or it might look too much like another ability.

Ultimately our job is to get creative with it and get it done. Can we expect more new heroes for ? Almost every other ability that does delayed aoe damage will show a red outline first, including ones attached to a hero like Ragnaros E. Hey Senshado, We tried several iterations of this. Every solution that was noticeable was also super noisy and added a lot of clutter to the battlefield.

We haven't been able to find a good compromise so far, but we will keep trying. Is there anywhere we can send ideas for skins? My family keeps making it a game to come up with ideas. So far we have Goldshire farmer murky. Lord of the high tide Ragnaros. His weapon is a surfboard. His Q would be a water effect similar to a splash. W would be a beach ball. His lava wave could use a tidal wave effect similar to the surfboard mounts You can post it in the Heroes and Heroes Forum.

More than 1. Less than Will there be any more improvements to the newly implemented saved builds for talents? I feel this will help more accurately show the value of healers such and Uther and Morales. Hey RedFive, Those are all really good suggestions we are exploring. Hello again! When will Deathwing's emoticons :deathwingembarrassed: and :deathwingsad: finally be swapped?!

Literally unplayable Oh dang, we weren't aware of that one! We've got a bug in now, thanks for the heads up!

Any ates on a potential gifting system?

simply matchless

We do currently have some hero bundles available for gifting in the battle. There are a series of interactions that we are unsure of in regards to them being bugs or intended features.

It would be real slick if we could get a definitive answer. The interactions are: Brightwing - banned from entering vehicles on Dragon Shire and Volskaya Foundry; is she supposed to heal while in vehicles? Garrosh is prohibited from using his level 7 "Into the Fray" to throw turrets; Turrets are generally immobile through any other means so Garrosh throwing them seems a little weird Tyrande level 1 "Elune's Chosen" - globally banned while playing with Leoric on the same team.

It continues to heal even after he is dead, reducing his death timer even further than normal. That seems a little odd. Not only that, is there someone that organizations can contact within Blizzard? After all, we are all working for the same things.

Improvements So Far

Thanks for clearing it up! Heya, thanks for all y'all do! Brightwing's Soothing Mist passively healing while inside vehicles - this is a bug. Garrosh's Into the Fray able to be cast on allied Turrets - this is a bug.

Tyrande's Elune's Chosen healing Leoric while he is Undying - this is a bug. I've entered reports for each issue now. For most people playing vs. AI mode, 'Elite' level is probably too easy and they're probably looking for a harder challenge.

I think the resources required to do this is low, relative to the big pay-off for vs. AI players. I like this idea a lot. I think there is a lot that can be done to make vs. AI more interesting and unique in a way that PvP doesn't really allow. I will pass this idea along to the team!

How do you feel about enemy forts attacking you for dealing damage to enemies that are nowhere near that fort? For example, Lunara's poison draws building aggro even when the enemy player leaves the lane, and Azmodan's global summon can hit someone in top lane and cause a bot lane fort to attack him.

We anticipated that this kind of feedback could happen, and we had many debates internally about exactly how tower aggro should work.

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For the release, we landed on a design that emphasized clarity as the most important ct to guide tower targeting decisions. Have you planned heroes with a more atypical gameplay, for example a hero based on the speed of movement like a rider, or a hero a little artist who while he is channeling a spell we can draw with the mouse the AoE, heroes with surprising gameplay?

We like to try technically crazy things early in a heroes iteration cycle and sometimes we get cool stuff out of it. Qhira's Revolving Sweep is a good example of that.

Long long ago we thought about giving Brightwing an ultimate where you would "draw" a path of healing with your mouse for a few seconds. I think that idea was pared down and refined until it became Blink Heal. Unfortunately, complex systems that sound really cool on paper often either end up with not-so-cool gameplay or a bottomless pit of technical problems to overcome.

What are your thoughts on melee assassins? It has been talked about by players a lot but I think that devs have only admitted they're in a weird spot. I know that many of them like Kerrigan and Illidan can be oppressive when they can fully sustain themselves because they function as bruisers with more damage.

Do you accept that that's their fantasy and their weakness? They either outlive everyone and kill them or they die in seconds Or is there room for improvement? Maybe they should be less reliant on autos so that they don't get countered by blinds and auto-attack speed reduction as much?

Heroes of the Storm sucks, great example why Hots is terrible.

And maybe they have less active sustain in exchange for that? Have you figured out the equation? Hey -Duality! I think that Melee Assassins are in a weird spot due to where they fit into a team composition.

Most teams compositions that players are comfortable running consist of a Tank, an offlane Bruiser, a Healer, and two Ranged Assassins. This means that other team members have to flex their roles or risk running Melee heroes in their composition, which often feels uncomfortable though statistically is still completely viable. In regards to their design, there are specific Melee Assassins who have the high octane style of gameplay where they can dominate an entire enemy team if things go right ex.

I think this is acceptable, as it fits a specific fantasy that many players like to chase. There are definitely some heroes in this category that can use work to be less spikey less often, but this is no different to me than other Assassins, Tanks, or Healers who could also use help in various ways.

Lots of Mounts are currently unavailable for purchase, and hasn't been for years. Any chance that these will be brought back, either permanently or as Limited-Time Items? However, some older mounts we might be able to bring back, and there are others that we may be able to do new variations of. If anyone has a specific mount they want us to look into, leave me a reply and I can discuss it with the team! Has there been any progress on this front?

Defy MOBA Expectations

Hey Exvaris, There has been progress on D. We are still working on her. Are you ever going to fix the Hanamura Samurai's Slash? It's still broken Thanks for the detailed report Pscythic. I appreciate the effort of including a video, it makes my job much easier. I've entered an issue to help move this closer to being resolved. We have other things that are ahead of it. Does the elemental lord of fire have any skins in the works? Every time new items are added to the collection I look to see what you tease us with.

Ragna Robot and Dark Nexus Ragnaros are the ones that come to mind immediately. We have a bunch of cool ideas. It is still a goal. Could you take a look at Sylvanas during Haunting Wave and Lunara Leaping Strike both still being interrupted by the Dragon Knight kick knockback, despite both being unstoppable? I'll make sure we investigate that shortly. KT has a bug where his L7 and L1 D talents do not work properly together. The SP increase from the L7 talent doesn't increase the L1 heal.

Can we get this fixed? Thanks for the report - I've entered an issue for tracking. What kind of unique challenges have come up from using an old engine?

How did you get around them?

Apr 17,   Matchmaking is the best scapegoat and the easiest one to find, you can basically say that every time you lose it's because matchmaking. That's basically the reason why Blizzard is not showing the MMR but now people take all sorts of values to point towards matchmaking (account level, games played, win-rate). Five Things I Hate About Heroes Of The Storm. But the whole reason this praise-worthy system exists and feels so necessary for HOTS is because the still-in-beta game is already ridiculously. I haven't played enough LoL/DOTA to comment on the ELO/MMR systems themselves. But there are other glaring issues that often lead to really bad matches in HotS. The player pool is still small in HotS. This can make it hard to get 10 similarly skilled players in the same game.

And most naively, any hope for rebuilding something new like a HotS 3. Every engine and game project has challenges, unrelated to age. Heroes is no different in this regard! Most of the hard problems we face revolve around systems that were built for other purposes that we have to refactor or systems that simply don't exist that we have to build up from scratch without destabilizing other parts of the game. Things like pathfinding, networking, and ability usage are examples of things that are vastly different between games like Starcraft 2 and Heroes of the Storm.

Our origins in Starcraft give us a ton of benefits as well though. The engine is extremely data-driven, which makes implementation time for designers blazing fast. This is why we can easily test and iterate on things like the Nexus Anomalies. Many general systems like movement, unit selection, and projectiles already existed in the game, so we started with a huge leg up for that stuff.

Can you share or promise to share soon statistics that are especially relevant to the current anomaly with the community? In particular, how have game times been affected and are any heroes seeing significant changes in winrates? Hey Pscythic!

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We also have our normal balance patch coming up that will include changes that should address various concerns over the anomaly as well as to multiple heroes.

Have you ever considered Battle Passes in HotS? What is your opinion on the current amount of slows, pushes, stuns, roots, stops and displacements in the game? Do you think that damage across the board needs to be nerfed also? Greetings FloatingWatcher! I think the current amount of CC effects in the game is appropriate. Many heroes need at least one of these kinds of effects in their kit to be effective, and so that means that you will likely have at least 5 of these kinds of effects in every team composition.

This has been the case since the game was released, and I think it's worked out just fine. To help answer CC, we've also over time added a slew of effects that prevent or negate CC as well, which gives teams ways to answer these things.

In regards to damage, I don't believe it needs to be nerfed across the board. Time to kill hasn't gotten out of control in a general sense, though burst management on an individual hero basis is something that we keep an eye on. Are there any changes planned regarding the recent Nexus Anomaly with all the feedback you had? Will it be cancelled, modified, improved, not touched at all? Yes, we already have changes coming in the pipe for the Nexus Anomaly.

You can expect for any Anomaly that we will iterate on and improve them after they've been released if there are things that can be made better.

QM Matchmaking is not as bad as it is. QM matchmaking while is not the best, is still decent for QM. I have seen a lot of winnable matches, only to be lost by playing badly and . Apr 05,   HOTS has probably the most fun core game mechanics. It is easy to pick up, and hard to master. It has fantastic art and graphics. The heroes and skills are fun and creative. So why did it fail? BAD leadership. Firstly, Blizzard should have invested into developing their own Dota when it was clear how successful Dota1 was back in Warcraft III's golden years. This cost the game tons of players. Spyrian made a blog post on the official forums regarding matchmaking in Heroes of the Storm and its present state. Matchmaking improvements have been a work in progress for the Heroes of the Storm dev team since last recently, we saw improvements in matchmaking for Rank 1 saporiviafrancigena.comn posted an article regarding the current state of matchmaking.

Could Murky's Egg health scale at a percentage per level please? BTW, Tychus' health regen scales at 4. Speaking of, is it known that the scaling values aren't exact percentages? I'll check out Murky's Egg scaling and Tychus's Health regen. Not sure why the egg scaling is not a percentage. In regards to weird scaling values, there are sometimes limitations in the editor when it comes to very specific percentages that results in this.

I remember being frustrated when trying to tune some Lucio healing talents back in the day because they tick every second and some of them were fractions of those ticks, which I wasn't able to get exactly where I wanted them to be?

Hots matchmaking still bad

Those scaling values not being exact are most likely because Heroes uses a fixed-point float, rather than a real floating point value. This is primarily to support parity when transferring information over the network and is common in games that use lockstep networking like we do and have to have perfect synchronization between clients.

Pretty please can we get end of season mount rewards again for ranked? We have been exploring season reward options and if things go well should have something to show the next season. Heroes community has a lot of talented artists, and there are a lot of amazing skins concepts. Could you tell us more about the implementation of Janitor Leoric into the game?

What is the process of interaction with the author of the original concept?

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