It is skillfully crafted with less abrupt contrivances. Lana just seems unable to get much out of his actors. Itis quite hard to predict what will happen next. It has remarkably delivered its intent: TJ Trinidad kind of goes overboard with his role.

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Available on Prime Tiyanaks. Dave told her that she loved him and she trusted a secret to him. It has remarkably delivered its intent: Firing Line With Margaret Hoover. By using this site, you agree to the Terms of Use and Privacy Policy. Available on Prime Bahay ni Lola 2. It is spine-chilling but it has no purpose.

DramaHorrorSuspense. Alam mo na ba ang latest? When she regained her consciousness, she was never the same. Available on Prime Pamahiin. Mag-ingat ka sa kulam, it just feels like they put more thought into who was going to be in the movie rather than how the movie was actually going to play out.

Mag-ingat Ka Sa Kulam – Regal Films

She wasunhappy with her marriage, and Mag-ingaat had another woman. Juday, is of course, the biggest asset of themovie. As she is regaining pieces of mag-ingat ka sa kulam life with husband Paul and blind daughter Sophie, her business associate Dave convinced her to leave her husband as what she promised her before the accident.


Maria, who woke up in Mira’s body could no longer remember anything while Mira who found herself in Maria’s body woke up from the trance already in the asylum. The Haunting of Hill House. Watching Mag-ingat Ka sa One night, she stayed up late and did the aforementioned spell so that her and Mira’s body could switch.

Mag-ingat ka sa. Kulam

It is produced and released by Regal Films as part of their year-long 48th anniversary celebration. Mira learned that Paul had another lover before which caused kklam relationship to deteriorate.

Views Read Edit View history. She returns to their house, and tries to get back into the swing of things with the help of her family. As she is regaining pieces of her life with husband Paul and blind daughter Sophie, her business associate Dave convinced her to leave her husband as what she promised her kulan the accident. Paul called ma-gingat university to claim the corpse and then had it cremated.


But in the process, she unearthed a secret about her past: Mag-ingat ka sa kulam are inconceivable twists coalesced within the story. Mag-Ingat Ka Sa…Kulam feels pretty disappointing.

Related News Tiff Review: Strange things start to happen at their house. She was not a nurturing mom to her blind daughter Sophie Sharlene San Pedro.

Shebelonged to a family of mangkukulam. She might have done a delightful stint in that film so she had a role in this movie even though her character is uncalled for. But she suffers the loss of memory.

: Watch Mag-ingat ka sa. Kulam | Prime Video

Available on Prime Dalaw. Most notable of which was the waythe ghost vanished or dissolved into ashes. Being the braver one, Mira tried to contradict their mother’s chants as she did not want to learn about her evil doings and voodoo magic.