Ahhh, another adventure, another novel comes to an end. When I started reading the novel I was like lost in those places beautifully defined in the novel. You dont know whats there waiting for you. This novel was a huge mess. Return to Book Page.

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Karakoram Ka Taj Mahal / قراقرم کا تاج محل

Its like a fairy tale where the prince comes to seel his fairy who has been waiting for her whole life! The first page describing a death scene was making kz awful and I was so worried but I kept on reading.

Her gesture could ever be measured in cash or kind. As, it’s not just them who feel numb in the laps of Rakaposhi but us too, who can’t even fathom the reality behind this novel. May 23, Fatima karakara Zahra rated it it was ok. I would not recommend karakaram ka taj mehal novel to anyone. The novel was quite adventurous and lovely. Trivia About Karakoram Ka Taj This is the story about the climbers of Rakaposhi mountains which are in the Pakistan.

Karakrm Ka Taj Mahal By Nimra Ahmed

The survivor was kenan cenek meal Ufuk in Muzaffard, On one hand, I can’t help but enjoy the karakaram ka taj mehal packed journey to the top of an un-summited mountain but on the other hand, the guilt, eats us up inside, as it is someone’s true story.


Someone, up there in the heart of Rakaposhi lived this life which gives goosebumps to others by even the thought of it.

At the end, it blows away your senses and makes you realize that when Allah decides to connect two persons, whole universe starts conspiring for it.

When You will read itYou can feel the Rakaposhi in you, the scene plotting of nemrah is awesome. After reading this karakaram ka taj mehal i really want to climb Rakaposhi.

Amazingly well written by Nimra Ahmad. Well, it was admirable to read about Ufuk Arsalan, his climbing and deep detailed knowledge of mehao scene. Is this a real story? This is the story about two climbers who fall in love with each other.

Its our new page They knew the harsh Himalayan winter would be tough and surviving in tents, especially when they were not winterised, in itself would be an uphill task. Novel is amazing but Gaj Ahmad finished it very speedily. Feb 12, Hina Safdar rated it it was amazing. She could not give millions or even a few hundred dollars, as she came from a humble background.


Karakoram Ka Taj Mahal / قراقرم کا تاج محل by Nemrah Ahmed

For a seismophobiac reading this book on karakarak october, even though its been 13 years, was a mistake Overall it is a good piece of work! You dont know whats there waiting for you. Apart from the tangled love story, the detail about Rakaposhi made me fell in love with mountaineering.

Nice novel with different theme. In every line it was told that this thing ak that much far and blah blah blah I wasted my whole day reading it.

Karakrm Ka Taj Mahal By Nimra Ahmed – Urdu Novels

Little Yalcin was conferred on the Sitara-e-Eisaar and karakarqm given a token amount of 5, dollars in recognition of her soul-stirring gesture towards Pakistan. Prime Minister Recip Tayyip Erdogan also visited the affected areas to personally console the survivors. Nov 03, Qurat rated it liked it. It starts freezing and killing the readers along with Ufaq and Pareeshe hopefully, I’ve spelled it correctly.

Such a great novel Feb 26, Mashal Ahmad rated it really liked it Shelves: