Better compatibility to detect video; 4. Scale feature added and playlist supported. We’ll optimize the decoder in next beta release. We’ll fill more results in the later days. Please follow this link to read the complete disclaimer. Pausing or rebuffering may cause no audio.

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Imobilecinema content of this website is not supplied or reviewed by Apple Inc. The YouTube app still works, imobilecunema previously safari went into the YouTube app when I tried to play imobilecinema video instead of just displaying a white screen.

I got URL not found quite a few times, so you might need to try adding imobilecinema URL multiple times imobilecniema add the resources successfully. I tried reinstalling it and uninstalling it while it’s on but it doesn’t seem to work.

iMobileCinema and Youtube

Anyone on firmware 3. SBSettings controller added; 3. But hardware decoder imobilecinema lower CPU usage. Disclaimer This website is not owned by, is not licensed by nor is a subsidiary of Apple Inc.

Pausing or rebuffering may cause no audio. Playing a video from imobildcinema still displays a white blank instead of switching to imobilecinema youtube app.


iMobileCinema: Play Flash Video in iPhone Safari – video dailymotion

This a bug imobilecinema release. On your jailbroken iPhone, just add http: I have the imobilecinema. We have rewritten the entire code, and made a better performance on Flash Video playback. Here are some of the known bugs:.

But I would recommend you to avoid installing it for now as the beta version appears to be quite buggy and seems to mess imobilecinema mobile version of websites which have multiple embedded videos. The result of http: Imobilecinema redirection is supported, so if your embed src is http: VP6 decoder optimized; 2.

Scale feature added and playlist supported.

News from iMobileCinema

imobilecinema So, be patient, the site supports will come back in a couple of days. All articles, images, logos and trademarks in this site are property of their respective owners. Unclickable on lower screen bug imobilecinema 2. And what was the repo you got it from?

iMobileCinema YouTube Channel Analytics and Report

I tried this out on Google Video and YouTube and it seemed to work quite imobilecinema on pages that have a single embedded video. The sites which are NOT hosting videos, like imobilecinema or blogs, are not listed. Thanks for your supports. Ikobilecinema changed back to software audio decoding from hardware, because we were troubled in the sound cutting off problem while using hardware decoder. If you wanna thank me hit “Thanks” in the lower left of my post.


To enable it, you need to change configuration manually, which located in: The controller is a BossPrefs plug-in, and is published in our Cydia source. This is useful if you want to generate different flv file urls, for mirror sites or temperory files. We’ll update the parsing code imobilecinema our server in the next month. And also are imobilecinema able to to watch YouTube videos from safari?

Designed by Blog Consulting. I uninstalled iMobileCinema and it didn’t solve anything. The time now is