We also bought cars as soon as we came back and then went into the studio to make the LP. The band recorded a follow-up album, Thinks: The title song of the British repackaged album had originally been the B-side of “Neanderthal Man”; part of it had also been reworked to become “Fresh Air for My Mama” on the debut album by 10cc. Stewart recalled that when the recording equipment had been set up, Kevin Godley set up his drum kit, Lol Creme got out his guitar and Stewart sat down at the control desk. I think there were a lot of other people who copied the sound, maybe unintentionally.

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Neanderthal Man (song)

Stewart said Philips hotlegs neanderthal man not entirely content with the song, however: The follow-up single ‘Lady Sadie’ just bombed out and neanderthla album hardly sold at all — though I still say that was a bloody good album.

Neandsrthal Gary Glitter came along with his records, I thought I could hear the same sort of sound deep down in there. It was a very mediocre pop song. The lack of further chart activity saw Neandrthal labelled as a one-hit wonder. The track listing includes all of the original tracks as well as the title track and the US stereo mix for ” Neanderthal Man “.

Guinness World Records Limited. According to Eric Stewartin the BBC hotlegs neanderthal man documentary The Record Producersthe band’s name came about because “there was a lovely girl at the time, a receptionist called Kathy, and she used to wear these hot pants, and we always used to call her “hot legs”, and so we thought we’ll call the group Hotlegs”.


Views Read Edit View history. It featured a simple repeated chorus and a heavy drum rhythm that Hotlets manager, Harvey Lisberghas claimed became influential in pop music.

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Views Read Edit View history. At the time this was an embarrassment to all of us, but hotlegs neanderthal man faded into insignificance when we found ourselves with such a massive hit on our hands. He said there was one further hitch before the song was released: Kramer and the Dakotas, and Gouldman, a fellow Mindbender and successful songwriter, to become msn owners of a Stockport recording studio which in was renamed Strawberry Studios.

The title song of the British repackaged album had originally been the Msn of “Neanderthal Man”; part of it had also been reworked to become “Fresh Air for My Mama” on the debut album by 10cc. This edition included the line up from hotlega original album release only.

Godley, in a interview, described hotlegs neanderthal man band as “doomed”. It really sounded very strange, so we carried on working on the number, adding little bits of piano to it. It was a good record, a little ahead of its time.

After just four shows, however, the tour was cancelled when John Lodge of the Moody Blues contracted a virus. By good fortune, Dick Leahy of Philips Neandegthalthe Record company that had released all the singles by Stewart’s former band The Hotlegs neanderthal man on its Fontana labelwas in the Manchester area on business and visited the studio.

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We hotkegs have stayed in England, neandertgal on tour, made promotional appearances, given interviews to the Press and TV and so neanderthql, but we just vanished to Antigua. Gouldman recalled that the band returned to their homes in Manchester expecting something else to turn up. Stewart said Leahy immediately claimed, “It’s fabulous! Inthe band was relaunched as 10cc.


The song reached No. He said the first task was to create a name for the band: It was actually a sheet we were going to fireproof one of the doors with — and then at the right moment we had hit it with a hammer. School Stinks and a follow-up single, “Lady Sadie”, differed markedly from the sound of “Neanderthal Man” and drummer Kevin Godley later admitted the band failed to properly capitalise on their hit with interviews or other promotional work. We’d opened a tour with the Moody Blues The band returned to the studios to work with other performers.

We’d had a hit record that had sold two million copies and nobody wanted us. A Pure Injection Of Pop”. By using this site, you agree to the Terms of Use and Hotlegs neanderthal man Policy.

The song, initially created only as a studio exercise hoglegs test drum sounds on new recording equipment, sold over hotlegs neanderthal man million hotlegs neanderthal man and reached No.