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I suggest calling a HVAC contractor that specializes in hot water heat, not a plumber. Do they exist?

Just bought a home with an oil burner with a summer/winter hookup. I am not familiar with that type of system. The house does not have a separate hot water heater, so the oil furnace provides the hot water. I am not sure how to switch the system to just hot water only. Currently there are some baseboards that get heat. Apr 05, What is a summer/winter hook up? Is it piped into the plumbing? Something thats installed in the boiler? I know the concept though You dont have to use oil to make the boiler run to get hot water. We have a 50 gallon hot water heater in addition to the boiler as a "bonus" and from what i'm told, I should do this summer/winter hook up but what. May 13, Winter - Summer Hook Up. Discussion in 'Plumbing Forum, Professional & DIY Advice' started by jwilson, May 11, jwilson New Member. I want to set them up so that I use the tankless in the summer and the boiler coil/gas hot water heater in the winter. The gas hot water heater will be piped so that the cold supply goes into the boiler.

I am still looking at HE quotes as well, just leaning standard. These two guys were both HVAC, from two of the big outfits in the area. Just kind of disturbing as a homeowner when the second guy tells you the first was wrong. Originally Posted by nemojones.

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I would NOT go with a tankless coil in the boiler. I would highly recommend the indirect.

Aug 05, Hi, I have a summer/winter oil boiler in a small furnace room in the center of a circa 's split level. The chimney was relined last year. This year I was going to remove the above ground oil tank from the crawlspace and have a new one put in, but with oil prices being what they are, decided to see if I could get gas and what cost would be involved. Oct 21, I have a summer-winter hookup on my oil fired boiler which heats the water. In this day of high oil prices what is the most efficient temperature differential I should set for boiler to turn on to heat the water back up again? a 10 degree differential or 20 degree differential. I understand that when I turn my thermostat on to heat my house in the winter this temperature . Hello, I have a oil fired summer/winter hookup.I attached 2 rads and 1 cooper /finned baseboard in the basement on the same level as the boiler, problem, with the thermastat off to the boiler, when the boiler is fired up to heat the domestic water the new (2) radiators and the finned toob baseboard all heat up.

Depending on the hot water load jacuzzi, etc it may actually be more than the heating load, so the boiler will have to be sized that way. But that is a rarity. It's the model GV, you might be interested, and it could fulfill your requirements.

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My mistake the GV doesnt have a coil for domestic hot water. Since you're still considering all options, you should at least look at the Navien combi-gas. Space heating and domestic hot water all in one.

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No indirect tank needed. Very cost effective.

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Please read this Currently there are some baseboards that get heat. Is it as simple as valving the baseboards off at the furnace or do I need to do additional adjustments?

We have an oil-fired boiler with a summer/winter hookup. It supplies very little domestic hot water. There seems to be a mix of hot & cold coming from the hot water spigot. we don't turn the cold water spigot on to get a shower. If we're running any one item in the house for hot water usage we cannot even wash our hands at another place without.

July You shouldn't get any hot water migrating up to the baseboards when there is a call for domestic hot water. You more then likely have hot water migrating past a flow check, which could be stuck open, or partially open.

Winter - Summer Hook Up

If you can post a pic of your system we could help further. I would contact your oil dealer usually when you move in, the existing oil co.

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I think it is generating heat based on the winter system and having heat available to the baseboard system. What is the normal way to turn the system to summer mode? Working on getting a picture to make it easier.

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There really isn't a summer mode. This can lead to leaks within the boiler which will decrease efficiency and eventually lead to the death of the boiler.

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One is the front door. This innocuous part of the boiler is a key component to the boilers efficiency. The reason for this is not the steel, but the fact that the door is large and opens up to show the entire combustion chamber.

Winter summer hookup

This allows us to thoroughly clean the combustion chamber, which allows for maximum heat to be transferred from the exhaust to the cast iron. Another way that the boiler is efficient is the shape of the internal casting.

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This gives more surface area for heat to move from the exhaust to the water. Got gas?

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I mean, do you heat your water by gas, not that you have an upset stomach. The heat exchanger is made of stainless steel. This helps to prevent corrosion, which will not only prolong the lifespan of the boiler but will also increase efficiency from lack of rust.

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The heat transfer tubes have dimples to aid in heat transference. It also looks great. It is painted with high quality paint and a clear coat.

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Plus it has advance controls that use an lCD screen.

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