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Before I took the old one out, I color coordinated etc. It looks like I have the new one in right but the monitor, though it has power, won't start up. I must be missing something. I have the main plugged into the motherboard, one in the CD Rom, one in the hard drive and a little one in the floppy drive. Nothing in the modem card. Can anyone surmise from what little I've told you, what I need to do?

You can usually find power supplies in tech departments or stores, as well as in online shops like Amazon and. Make sure that you buy a power supply that is optimized for your region. Power supplies for European markets use different voltage settings than the ones used in North American markets.

Assemble your tools. You'll need at least one screwdriver typically a Phillips head to open the CPU housing, which is usually the right-hand side of the CPU box when looking at the back of the box. You may need a different screwdriver for your power supply as well-look at the screws that came with the power supply to determine whether or not this is the case.

Ground yourself. This will help prevent you from accidentally damaging the internal components of your computer with static electricity. You can buy a grounding strap to help keep you grounded while working.

Open the computer case. You should be looking at the computer's internals at this point. Lay the computer case on its side, with the exposed side facing up.

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Set the power supply's voltage switch. If there's a voltage switch on the power supply, switch it to the v or v setting. This will ensure that your power supply provides ample power without damaging the components to which it's connected. Not all power supplies have voltage switches, and those that do normally have the switch set to the standard of the region for which they were purchased.

Find the power supply's intended location.

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Power supply units PSUs typically sit at the top of the case; this is why the computer's power cable usually plugs into the top-back section of the case. Refer to your computer's instruction manual for the proper placement of the power supply unit, or look for a rectangular cut-out on the back of the case. If you're removing an old power supply, look for a power plug on the back of the case to find the power supply.

Insert the power supply. The power supply should have a distinct "back" with plugs and a fan, as well as a "bottom" with a fan on it. The "back" should face the back of the case, while the "bottom" should face the internal part of the case.

If you have an old power supply in your computer, remove it first. Screw the power supply into place. With the "back" of the power supply unit pressed against the back of the case, insert the included screws to lock the power supply into place. Many CPU housings have shelves on which the power supply will rest. Attach the power supply to the motherboard. Find the main power cable on the power supply usually the one with the largest plug and attach it to the long, rectangular port on the motherboard, then attach the secondary power cable to the motherboard.

Depending on your power supply and motherboard, you may not have a secondary power cable. The plug used to attach the power supply to the motherboard is usually a or pin connector.

Connect the power supply to other computer components. Using the smaller cables, connect the power supply to your computer's hard drive, CD drive, and graphics card. If you have other components in your case e.

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Guides and more Go Site Pages Go Home What's New? Search This Site Custom Search. Therein lies the problem. I'd gladly get that. Another problem is this. I appreciate you trying. Keep up the good work! Somemes one thing at a time. Without the video, the conversation gets boring.

They both have a large battery of drivers in their database. The worst that could happen is that Windows would force the default VGA driver to be used. It would look as if you are in safe mode, but you will be able to do whatever you want. I'm gonna try that. I've just sent for a cheap video card. I'm sure you'll be hearing from me again! Thanks Ray. Valerie, Followed all other post and you are going in the correct direction. As another possibilty look at the top of the Capactors.

Installing A Power Supply

Hi Bill, I have mentioned that I fear the motherboard might be done in. However, I don't know what Capactors are or how to tell if they're crowned. Could you please explain that to me in layman's terms? Thanks, Val.

Sep 13,   Re: Hooking up a new power supply by frankzxcv Aug 23, PM PDT Im a little confused here, if nothing is coming on the monitor, that could .

Val Round cylinders near CPU. Good capactors are flat on top.

In this video, This Old House plumbing and heating expert Richard Trethewey hooks up a new dishwasher. Steps: 1. Shut off the water to the kitchen sink. 2. Use a wrench to remove the existing shut-off valve on the hot-water supply line under the sink. 3. Install a new three-way shut-off valve onto the existing hot-water supply line. Richard Trethewey. Jun 19,   Next, you have to connect the internal power cables from your new power supply to the rest of your computer. Plug the pin power connector into your motherboard first, then go for the 4 . 1. Slide the computer power supply into the case, and secure it with the four screws. These go in from the outside of the computer, on the back. 2. Next, find the main ATX power cable. Connect this into the ATX power supply connection on the motherboard. 3. Next, connect the 4 Pin power cable to the motherboard.

Close enough? Would invite you to the shop and show you if you were close to Zephyrhills. OK Bill, found those. My husband, after reading your description, thinks a couple of them are 'crowned'. I have already sent for cheap video card and so I'll try that. If that doesn't do anything, I'll take out the hard drive which I hope is in tact, and write this machine off.

It's good to know how one can tell in the mobo is defunct. Thanks for your help and anything you can add will be greatly appreciated. From all the posts it appears that most of the components are good. Have a system here now that lighting struck. Something you may want to look at. It's me again.

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I bought a cheap video card and installed. Now I can see the PC start up but it won't go beyond the dos mode. It says it recognizes the master hard drive, the floppy drive, the modem and it tells me that it's loaded a driver for the CDRom.

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However, the cdrom, although it lights up, won't open. I've tried ating the windows boot disk etc. Has anyone any suggestions of where I might go from here. Val, "A" prompt meaning that you are using the boot disk? If system does not boot please post error message. Two possible solutions in correcting boot issue depending on error message. CD-ROM drive lights flashing indicates that drive can receive and send data, drawer not opening indicates mechinical failure.

Action to take is replacemeant. Hi Bill, I'm obviously in over my head here. However, I like to learn as long as I can find someone with enough patience to teach me. Thank you! Yes, I used a boot disk. Yes, I tried without one and get the following message: "Disk boot failure. Insert sys disk and hit enter". I also get a nmessage saying that "not found any active partition in HDD.

New power supply hookup

Since all of the other things seem to work, I'm assuming the mobo is OK? What would be your next recourse?

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Val, "Disk boot failure. Partition recovery is iffy, if you have files you wish to keep slave this drive to another system and pull your data off or take it to a shop. If this is so then MBR is damaged. Re-post why power supply was changed. Very interesting and I'd love to try all that.

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However, I've been playing around with it and have now got stuck on "verifying DMI pool data".

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