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NOTE - bidet attachments are quickly running out of stock on Amazon just like food ins stores, etc , so get yours sooner. Here are the ones still available:. In this guide, we will review step by step, how to install a bidet attachment to your toilet. We will use the example of the Zen Mechanical Bidet attachment, a super popular model on Amazon. This particular bidet seat attachment is a dual-nozzle, hot and cold water bidet. There are many similar products out there in this price range, and installation is also very similar. Whether or not you have purchased the Ginie Bidet or a similar attachment, reading this guide will help figure out how to install a bidet quickly and without any problems.

When you turn it, clockwise towards the rear, this activates the nozzle on the left-hand side.

BrassCraft 3/8 in. Compression x 7/8 in. Ballcock Nut x 9 in. Braided Polymer Toilet Connector. Model# BDL F. Buy 25 or more $ Free delivery with $45 order. Set your store to see local. Fluidmaster 3/8 in. Compression x 7/8 in. Ballcock x 12 in. L Click Seal Braided Stainless Steel Toilet Connector. Free delivery with $45 order. How to hook up the bidet toilet attachment to hot water. 1. If you will be installing the hot water, it is best if the sink is within a few feet of the toilet and has exposed water lines. For example, a pedestal sink. However, if you have a sink over a cabinet, you may need to drill a hole in order for the hot water to reach the inlet of the. Universal in Braided Stainless Steel Toilet Supply Line. Model: #B4T12U (71) Write a review. for pricing and availability. Universal in Braided Stainless Steel Toilet Supply Line. (30) Write a review. for pricing and availability. Universal in Braided Stainless Steel Faucet Supply Line. Model: #B4F20UL (46) Write a review.

It will drop out from behind the plastic shield and spray water on your back side. Note, the change in distance is not a large one, but you can use the one that works best for you.

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Now, you may have noticed that the water pressure seems to be really high. In fact, on full blast, it can be pretty intense. In most cases, you will not need to power wash your bottom, so its best for you to turn the dial very slowly in the desired direction.

If you turn too much too quickly, it will feel like someone is spraying you with a super-soaker. The last dial on the bidet is the temperature control.

Types of Toilet Water Supply Lines

Just like in your sink, you can have either all cold water, all hot water, or somewhere in between. If it normally takes a while for your water to heat up, you may want to run the hot water using the cleaning dial, before activating the bidet sprayers.

This will ensure that you get your desired water temperature, rather than a cold surprise. Many users find that the pressure of the spray is a bit too strong for their taste. There are two things you can do to reduce and adjust the pressure. First, you can try to leave the cleaning spray on, when you activate the bidet. This will reduce the water pressure from the sprayer.

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With a few adjustments, you should have no problem washing up easily and with comfort, with the water temperature and pressure that you like. The Zen bidet is designed to be installed DIY.

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If you are a DIY pro, it can be as quick as 20 minutes. The reason for this high price is that the contractor has to factor in their cost of coming out to your house, even though the job itself is quick and easy.

Can you choose not to install the hot water even if the attachment has the hookup for it, and only install it with cold with no issue? Yo can do go with just cold water, even if you have input for both hot and cold. This is especially true when the fittings are old and corroded.

Toilet water supply hook up

Use two wrenches, one on the fitting you are tightening and the other on the valve or pipe you are tightening to. For small leaks you can try tightening the fittings. Be careful and don't over tighten.

May 08,   Step 5: Connect the Water Supply. Unscrew your toilet's flexible water supply hose from the toilet tank's fill valve (not from the water shut-off valve!). It may drip a little. At the toilet tank, screw on the bidet t-valve where the water supply hose was connected. Next, screw the water supply hose to the bottom of the new t-valve.

Too much torque and you can make things worse, a little leak becomes a big leak. Go a quarter turn at a time and check to see if it is still leaking. Dry the fitting off with a rag and rub you finger across it.

A dry finger should mean no leaks. If the toilet water supply line is too corroded you will need to replace it. Shut the water off at the water shut off valve.

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Is the valve old and corroded to? With the water off you will want to loosen the fittings.

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The two wrench thing applies even when you are removing the old one. Two things you have to do with the supply line. First you have to shape it to the right bends. Use a tubing bender or your thumbs to carefully bend the pipe. Don't kink it. Dry fit the tubing to the flange on the toilet and mark the length to cut it.

Use a hack saw to cut the tubing to length. Get a new nut and ferrule for the end that goes into the valve and a large nut for the closet connection.

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Make sure the supply line you buy is for a toilet and not a sink, they are different. Put the nut, then the ferrule on the line and start the tubing into the valve. Turn the nut finger tight. Put the nut on the toilet and tighten finger tight. Tighten them down if you are sure they fit.

How to Install a Toilet Bidet Attachment: ZenBidet Hot & Cold Water Attachment

Turn the water back on and check for leaks. A more popular choice in recent history is a flexible line with factory installed fittings. Since the line is flexible you can move it as needed for proper alignment. The fittings screw onto the valve and toilet tank without any additional parts.

Simple, less than ten minutes to install one of these. Toilet water supply lines come in two styles. Plastic lines are less expensive and are usually white.

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Stainless steel lines cost a little more. The steel lines are still flexible and are a little tougher. Flexible toilet supply lines have factory installed ends on them.

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These ends have integral washers built into them, so they are ready to go. The likely problem with this type of line is a leak at one of the fittings.

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Tightening them up is usually the solution. A flexible toilet water supply line is a little easier to tighten. It is still a good idea to use two wrenches.

Replace Old Bathroom Water Supply Lines (Without Leaks!) -- by Home Repair Tutor

This is just to make sure that you don't damage anything else. Tighten the fitting that is leaking a quarter turn at a time until the leak stops. Use a dry rag and your finger to check for leaks. Replacing the supply line is pretty easy.

See the article on 'Toilet Supply Line Fittings' for information on getting the supply line connected correctly. Obtain a flexible toilet water supply line that is close to the length you need. Do not get a supply line for a sink, it will not work on a toilet. One end of a toilet supply line is much larger than a sink line. Hook up of 6 - 24 of 24 of three basic components: connect to make sure your saniflo macerating toilet. The water supply to swap out what makes a running - how to supply to connect the water supply. Isolate the us plumbing system is tight do you have the toilet water supply The first step in removing an old toilet is to turn off the water at the shutoff valve located either on the wall or floor behind or beside the toilet. This valve controls the flow of water into the supply line and then into the toilet tank. Flush the toilet to drain all the water from the tank and toilet bowl.

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