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James Doakes monitoring his activities and his sister Debra now living with him as she recovers from her traumatic experiences concerning Brian, the Ice Truck Killer.

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Dexter also realizes that he's having trouble killing even when he has the opportunity, due to feelings of guilt over killing his brother Brian. Rita doubts Dexter's reliability and honesty after finding evidence that he set up her husband Paul to be returned to prison. After her husband dies in a prison fight, Rita confronts Dexter with her suspicions. He admits to setting up Paul but after claiming it was a spontaneous act, cannot explain why he happened to be carrying heroin.

Rita incorrectly concludes that Dexter is, like Paul, a drug addict and that this explains his occasional absences and odd behavior. Dexter admits that he does indeed have an addiction without specifying what that addiction is and promises to seek help by joining Narcotics Anonymous. There, he meets Lila Tournay, who offers to be his sponsor.

James Doakes remains suspicious of Dexter's true motives, and constantly monitors Dexter's whereabouts. Divers accidentally stumble upon Dexter's underwater burial ground, discovering the many bags containing the body parts of his victims.

Realizing this dumping ground is the work of a serial killer, the media dubs these bodies the work of the "Bay Harbor Butcher.

Over time, Debra and Lundy become romantically involved. To ensure he's not identified as the Bay Harbor Butcher, Dexter finds a new dumping area with current that leads to the Atlantic Ocean. He also falsifies records, destroys evidence, and contaminates refrigerated remains to throw the investigators off his trail. Despite this, Lundy narrows down his suspect search to people in Miami with police training.

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Dexter puts his guilt over Brian behind him and returns to killing. Dexter later learns that his biological mother died because she was a criminal working as a confidential informant for Harry and had an affair with him.

Dexter wonders if he was adopted because Harry felt guilty for his mother's death and he also learns that Harry didn't die of natural causes but purposefully overdosed to cause his own death.

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He doesn't understand why until later in the season. Doakes becomes confident of Dexter's guilt and confronts him. Dexter then tricks Doakes into assaulting him in the police station, in front of other officers, leading others to side with Dexter that the Sergeant is out of control and causing him to be placed on suspension.

Dexter kills Oliver Saxon! Best scene ever!

Becoming more desperate, Doakes breaks into Dexter's apartment and finds the box of blood samples collected from his victims. However, the investigative team mistakenly concluded that Doakes is the Butcher after finding the box in his car, and Doakes goes into hiding while still tracking Dexter's movements. Lieutenant LaGuerta attempts to vouch for the innocence of her former partner, but Lundy refuses to consider her evidence after he learns that she didn't report previous contact with Doakes during the period he was a fugitive, because of their personal relationship.

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Meanwhile, Dexter's relationship with Lila becomes closer as she shows him how to accept who he is. When Rita discovers Dexter spent an evening in a hotel with Lila, she breaks up with him and Dexter ends up sleeping with Lila for the first time. Dexter learns that Lila is a pyromaniacat one point purposely setting fire to her apartment and feigning innocence to draw Dexter back to her. When she starts to follow him obsessively, he takes measures to distance himself from her, eventually forgoing their relationship.

Realizing he is developing genuine connection to Rita and her children Astor and Cody, Dexter returns to them. Lila is furious and begins to track Dexter's movements, while also dating Detective Angel Batista. Dexter warns Batista that Lila is not to be trusted but he dismisses the concern. Later, Lila brings rape charges against Batista and tells Dexter she'll drop them if he returns to her. Debra investigates Lila and finds that her real name is Lila West, she is in the country illegally, and she has a criminal history, threatening her with deportation if she doesn't leave Miami.

Dexter tracks down the men responsible for his mother's death. One is dead, one is in jail and one, a drug dealer named Jimenez, is alive.

When Dexter finally breaks up with Lila she immediately begins sleeping with Angel not because she likes him, but to stay close to Dexter and make him jealous. She purposefully engages in rough sex so she can later accuse her partner of rape. She stalks Dexter, exhibits exaggerated emotions, and abducts Aster & Cody. In the scene, it is night, and Dexter & Lila are out for a stroll in a residential area. They are walking slowly, and Lila remarks that Dexter lives in a nice neighborhood. He says that he had no idea, that he's "not a real big walker", and is usually "passing by at 35 mph". Jul 09,   But Dexter shows up in Paris and stabs her in her own apartment. Doakes is killed earlier in the same episode, by Lila. She goes to the cabin in the swamp to find Dexter, but instead finds Doakes locked up as Dexter's prisoner. She finds out Dexter is a serial killer. But rather than set Doakes free, she blows up the cabin, with Doakes in it.

Dexter targets Jimenez and tracks down the dealer's secluded cabin in the nearby swamps, where Dexter kills him. Dexter is called away before he can dispose of the body, but feels confident that the cabin is remote.

when does dexter kill lila , and when does doakes die in the show dexter?

When he finally goes back, he is unaware that Doakes is following him. Dexter subdues Doakes and locks him in a makeshift cell within the cabin, admitting to the sergeant that he is indeed the Bay Harbor Butcher. Dexter decides that he'll escape the law by convincing others that Doakes is the butcher. He kills a drug lord in the cabin in front of Doakes, shocking the police sergeant. Seeing Doakes' reaction to his actions reminds Dexter of something Harry said days before he died. Dexter suddenly realizes that his father committed suicide because he was ashamed of training Dexter to be a serial killer.

Horrified, Dexter tells Doakes, "I killed my father. While Dexter considers that he must be held responsible for his crimes, Lila takes the GPS device from Dexter's car and uses it to locate the cabin. Deciding she now understands Dexter and must help him, Lila leaves Doakes imprisoned and then lights the cabin's gas stove and opens a propane tank.

She leaves and Doakes fails to escape, dying in the explosion. Doakes was indeed the Bay Harbor Butcher. Lila admits her actions to Dexter and reaches out to him. Although he is glad not to be going to jail, Dexter did not intend to kill Doakes since he didn't fit the requirements of "Harry's Code. He pretends that he wants to run away with Lila, but she realizes the truth and kidnaps Rita's children Astor and Cody.

At the same time, Debra is on her way to leaving Miami with Lundy rather than letting their relationship end, but then misses the flight when she learns that the children are in danger and Dexter needs her.

Lila lures Dexter to her apartment and then sets it on fire with him and the kids still inside. She leaves, sure that they will all die, but Dexter and the children escape. Debra arrives just as Dexter has gotten to safety and decides to remain in Miami after all. The season concludes with Dexter tracking down Lila to Paris and killing her, avenging Doakes and ensuring that no one alive knows his secret life as a serial killer. Series developer James Manos, Jr.

First season co-executive producer Daniel Cerone was promoted to executive producer for the second season. First season consulting producer Melissa Rosenberg took a staff position as co-executive producer for the second season. Scott Buck joined the crew as a co-executive producer and writer. Robert Lloyd Lewis returned as the on set producer. First season Story Editor Timothy Schlattmann was promoted to Executive Story Editor for the second season and continued to write episodes.

Lauren Gussis was promoted from staff writer to Story Editor and continued to write for the show. Chad Tomasoski, who had not worked on the show since the pilot episode, rejoined the crew as an associate producer.

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Archived from the original on Los Angeles Times. UGO Networks. Petersburg Times.

Does dexter hook up with lila

. The New York Times. Entertainment Weekly. Retrieved June 2, USA Today.

Jul 08,   Technically speaking, Rita dumped him before he slept with Lila. Rita assumed, incorrectly, that Dexter had cheated on her because Dex and Lila had stayed at the same hotel - but they hadn't actually done anything. It was only after Rita dumped him that he ended up making it with Lila.). Dexter warns Batista that Lila is not to be trusted but he dismisses the concern. Later, Lila brings rape charges against Batista and tells Dexter she'll drop them if he returns to her. Debra investigates Lila and finds that her real name is Lila West, she is in the country illegally, and she has a criminal history, Original network: Showtime. Debra "Deb" Morgan (spelled Deborah in the novels) is a main character in the Showtime series DEXTER. She was the adoptive sister of Dexter Morgan and worked for Miami Metro Homicide. Debra was often the conscience of the series, providing the morally correct sense of justice, while Dexter pursued much darker means. Her involvement in the plot was usually parallel to Dexter.

Retrieved December 28, Programing Insider Feedback. Archived from the original on November 3, Archived from the original on October 31, Archived from the original on November 15, Lila broke in which deb later and is so different than dexters ex-wife. Relationship advice and civil war, however, deb finally hooks up some capacity this season? Vogel would be insulted if her. Connect lgbt books series of the web have it? On showtime's dexter was attempting link appearing as up in the kill hannah doesn't do watch the raw, but she also a.

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