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So I was watching a rerun of Friends the other day I admit it, I still love that show. Everyone was shocked at the unusual pairing, and even more so at their very amorous behavior. But in the end, the couple prevailed. Recently, I read a blog where a separated, lates woman stated that she wanted advice on how to land a much younger man - say, late 20s or early 30s. If you want to get people into a heated discussion, forget politics or religion - bring up an older woman wanting to date a man half her age.

Life is just too short to worry about what other people think when it comes to being with and loving someone that can make life extraordinary.! Older men dating younger woman still retain the biological choice all things being equal to have children at some point. Older woman dating younger men that hoofs is often off the table, therefore for the relationship to be long lasting and successful the choice to forego children with this partner has to be made.

Yes and no. I struggle with this, too. As I am already almost 36 years old, unmarried, and with no children. I think of your point often, and it makes me sad, as if my options are few. However, no matter how old someone is, they can have trouble conceiving. So I have determined that this is definitely not a deal-breaker. Adoption is always an option as well.

At 58, I have met and started regularly dating a 45 year old man whom has quickly become my best male friend. We had the age discussion when I realized that he was becoming quite enamored of me after about the fourth date. As a writer and very active outdoorswoman who works in management in a very male-oriented business, we found that we have so much in common that I feel I have met my soulmate.

We can talk for hours and lose track of time completely, the sex is out of this world for us both, no matter what we do we always have fun together. Let me tell you right now, men like this one in a small community are very few and far between. Most of them are married. Even if we were not quickly heading into an actual relationship, I would want this man in my life. I had doubts because of the age difference when I first found out how old he was, even though I have dated a couple of men close to yen years younger, and immediately talked to him about it.

I had not even considered dating for almost three years. My last relationship, with a man my own age, turned into a total mess he lied to me and my friends for over a yearI find myself hesitant to put my foot in the water again.

What I am worried about is the future, about when I turn 65 and he is still, in actuality, a young man? Any of those around? I would like to commit to this man, at least let him call me girlfriend lol he asked me if he could, I said he was getting there.

But the cold feet are there. I am 32, going on 33, and am dating a man who is 22, going on When we met a year and a half ago, I thought he was about 27, and he thought I was about He quickly became my best friend. I even helped him try to find women to date, encouraged his dating endeavors, and even tried setting him up with women because I wanted him to be happy.

I knew I had feelings for him, but was able to put them aside because he was younger than me, and I was in a relationship anyway. Well, over the time that I knew him, it was more and more clear to me that he was such an absolutely incredible human being, and I realized that I needed to actually be with him in a relationship. He has shattered all of my preconceived notions about younger men being immature, and shown me that just because younger men treated me poorly when I dated them as a younger woman, that not all men are like that.

He treats me like an absolute queen. Nobody has ever treated me better in my life. I need some help! I have been crazy about him since our first interaction! My only other Taurus connection was my best connection ever to date :. So now this guy, who caught my eye the moment we saw each other, is on my mind every day! I am a very young, sexy 50! Think Cindy Crawford! He moved Shoulder to shoulder w me And he then started guessing my perfume. He smiles the entire time I am on his floor, I think others may notice but his eyes twinkle tooand when I brought him in dessert to thank him for helping me w something he immediately pulled it into his chest.

He was so excited. So ladies, gents, I want to mention happy hour next time I see him 2 wks. Because of our prof relationship I believe I will need to make the first move but before I do do you think he is interested!?!? Based on those simple examples? Thanks loves!

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Others may have. This is a discovery that I, myself, am really hoping to find. My Aunt is 12 years older than my Uncle. They were married young, and lived a long and loving life together until he died recently.

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My grandmother was 10 years older than my grandfather. It was her second marriage, and they lived and lived together until they died.

Tips for Dating a Younger Man

She outlived him, too. So, it is possible. I am currently dating a man who is 9 years younger. We shall see how that goes, but so far it seems really great.

We are both divorced and have some life under our belts. We are on the same page about many things and he makes me laugh. Who knows-perhaps this will be the one I spend the rest of my life with.

My sister married a man 11 years younger. They have been happily married over 20 years and have a son. Also I had a cousin who married a woman 17 years older than he was and they had a wonderful union til death they both passed away him at 74 and her at I wish I could past this.

I used to be a strong, independent and confident woman since being with him I have lost myself, my independence my confidence. I left a comment 3 or 4 months ago. I think people need to hear me. Hi, all. I have been with a man who is 11 years my junior he is 33, I just turned I have always been into fitness, and as a result, I always surprise people with my age.

My partner is very physically fit, and looks his age or younger. From the day we met until now, we have been on fire for one another.

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My partner always calms me down and reassures me. I admire him for taking a very rough start in life, and forging ahead, educating himself in his own ways, identifying a natural talent and working to develop it into a marketable skill. I love the way he looks st life, his interests snd passion for them, his incredible musical, artistic, mechanical, intellectual and physical talents.

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I see an amazing person, spirit, not a man of a specific age. We have many unrelated interests. With him, somehow, our lovemaking is just another way in which we connect, bond, and express our love for one another. I will admit that over the last year, my sex drive has increased, while he has begun to experience certain frustrations.

He is a homebody. Basically, the same things that make ANY relationship flourish. First of all, 40 is still very young and then, a year gap is really minimal.

My Boyfriend Is 14 Years Younger Than Me

There is no dilemma here, just go for it. Instead, talk to me about year differences in strong, crazy attractions that ambush you late in life, when you thought you were done with that kind of shit. How does a mature woman handle THAT? Should I tell him, or will he run away screaming? I am right there with you!!!

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I am seeing someone 20 years younger and everytime i look at him, i feel like ive lost all my senses and the wind was knocked out of me!! Its insane. I feel alive and free and finally able to be myself because at that moment, i dont care!

But then my insecurites come crushing down and i hide. My husband is 19 years younger than me. I have a lot of youthful energy and have always been taken for much younger.

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My live is the most stable it has been in s long time. What more could I want? I am now pregnant in my 40s, unexpectedly and excited about sharing a child.

Dating a guy 15 years younger than me

Look for maturity not the number of years on this earth! We have a strong chemistry and connection for almost a year now. Depending on what angle I see myself, I definitely think I look my age although I feel beautiful.

I was always attracted to older men, so this is challenging for me. No matter our challenges or my urge to pull away from my fears of the future: like me looking old in and unattractive to him in years, we seem to keep being drawn to each other. He wants to get married next year and I wonder if I can handle it. I know my clock is ticking and just not sure. You only live once.

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You can also subscribe without commenting. Spread the love. Frank and Alice, from Friends. Steve on January 18, at am. Kelly Clark on May 16, at pm. Me either Reply. Zina on June 16, at am.

Feb 21,   "Back in , I ended up dating someone I worked with who was 15 years younger than me. We found ourselves in a romantic relationship . "My girlfriend is 15 years younger than me!"- Such a relationship is no longer a rarity today. Statistics of dating applications confirmed the truth which we already knew: after 40 years, single men start looking for younger partners, while women choose peers and older men. However, a person can find a soul mate, regardless of age.

Smh Reply. Kimberli Allen on June 25, at pm. Devon on February 12, at am. JeffO on January 26, at am. Ava on February 3, at pm.

I did not set out to date a younger man; I just fell madly in love with someone who is not my biological age. I am not a "cougar," the horrible label given to women who date younger men. When the roles are reversed and an older man dates a younger woman, the men are often congratulated and revered. Jan 17,   Ideally, aim for a man no more than 10 years younger. More than that is okay too, but once you get in the years younger range, you're dating a different generation altogether, and only in exceptional situations does this ever work out. Also, there's a difference between being open to younger men and ONLY wanting to date younger men. "A younger man has more energy and is more willing to try things," says Lindsay Slosberg, dating expert for the app Let's Date. "In turn, doing new things increases dopamine in the brain, triggering a desire to spend more time together and assisting in lighting your sexual fire.".

Anonymous on November 25, at am. JPG on April 18, at pm. Sabrina on August 15, at am. VEE on November 26, at am. Hmmmm, am in a similar case jst as urs bt am jst a year older, he is so adorable and he calls me his indescribable desire Reply.

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Tara on September 15, at am. L on November 15, at pm. Beatrice on November 17, at am. You go for it. I think it sounds. Absolutely wonderful, for BOTH of you. Cat on February 12, at am. Steven on November 12, at am. Corrine on April 23, at pm. Andrea on March 7, at pm. All the best, Andrea Reply. Tara Ferrare on September 29, at am. Erm on November 15, at am. Tammy on September 13, at am. Dulce on May 20, at pm. Christie Hartman on September 13, at am.

Sue Anon on December 24, at pm. Lala Leyla on December 27, at am. Dulce on May 21, at pm. Zelda on August 9, at pm. Tina on January 2, at am. CalGal on January 8, at pm. Donna on February 6, at am. Caroline on May 24, at pm.

Julie on December 11, at am. JD on September 10, at am. Tamra on August 23, at pm. Gregarious on May 8, at pm. Anonymous on May 29, at pm. I can relate Reply. Emma Jayne on June 28, at am. EmJay Reply. Sam on September 18, at am.

Buzz on November 3, at pm. Holly on October 11, at pm. Donna on November 7, at pm. L on November 18, at am. Thank you for sharing this.

Its truly a needed inspiration. Lunar on December 10, at pm. Linnaea on December 8, at pm. Basically, the same things that make ANY relationship flourish Reply. Zoyla Candela on January 4, at pm. Anonymous on April 17, at am. Mel on June 1, at pm. Zina on November 25, at pm. You only live once Reply. Ultimately, the age factor didn't matter much to him. We were both successful in our careers, we constantly talked about current events, and had similar political and social views. But, to be honest, it was exhausting to date him because he could never relax.

When I suggested just spending a night at home eating dinner, he'd beg to go out and try a new restaurant or get a table at a club.

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Deep down I was more of a homebody, so it didn't work out. We found ourselves in a romantic relationship when we slept together after our company's holiday party. At the time, I had just gotten a divorce, so getting into a fast and fun relationship was a whirlwind post-divorce experience. It felt refreshing to date a good-looking younger guy.

Dating a 15 Years Younger Woman: General Advice

He said I was the oldest woman he had dated, but that he liked to date women older than him. We didn't have much in common, but that didn't matter.

We had a great time together. When my two kids found out they were 8 and 11 at the timethey wouldn't even talk to me. They were mad that I had moved on from their dad so quickly and also found it weird that I was dating someone so young. My friends thought I was just trying to get revenge on my ex-husband, who had cheated on me. However, the only reason we were together was because our relationship made me feel good about myself. We only dated for five months, but that wasn't because of the age gap.

However, there were four or five times when we were out and people thought that I was his mother. It didn't help that he looked very young because of his baby face. It was embarrassing when I had to tell people that he was my boyfriend. When we met online, I wasn't looking for anything serious but he was actually looking to settle down. He had just finished law school and was working crazy hours. On the other hand, I was working two part-time jobs, while auditioning as an actress.

Despite me being older, I liked to joke around and party, while he liked to Netflix and chill. Ultimately, it didn't work out because he was looking for a wife and I had no marriage goals for my near future. United States.

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