Figure shows the CW test window and map window. The Probe displays the following on the map: The time interval between multi downloads. Figure Active set PSC strength window 5. The command consists of two bytes one frame , with 15 effective bits corresponding to power control value of each time slot. The Offset Angle dialog box is displayed.

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Introduction to GENEX Probe

For each UE, several test items can be configured and carried out one by one. In the CW Data area 4 Enter the custom upper and lower limits.

Indicates the types of the traffic. Figure View menu For details about the View menu, refer to section 5. Indicates whether or not to measure the rake finger count.

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Genex probe number end Indicates the end number for cells. Chapter 8 Configuring Test Plan gives a panoramic view on how to configure a test plan. The Probe displays the event and its occurring time in the list. At that time, the system starts the test, but does not save the log file. Video Streaming The Probe can display some video streaming files with. You can set and run the test plans in sequence to excute Same device several tasks in batches.


Introduction to GENEX Probe – ppt download

Figure Active set PSC strength window 5. When the UE is in idle state, the first information must be about the cell where the UE resides. If you do not select them, the data file does not contain the associated information about the options. To end a test Genex probe About project SlidePlayer Terms of Service. The genex probe takes effect only when the test device is available. To dot the drive test line on the map and select report points on the Localizer map.

Two ways are available to limit the size of data file: The operation is the same as that of the RRC Messages window. Huawei recommends adopting the maximum value. Indicates whether or not to disconnect the data connection. Measure Delay z True: If the call fails, drops, or hangs up, the Probe waits for a call interval genex probe originate another call.

Indicates the ending number of a primary scrambling code Group number end group. To set the color and font of each parameter, as shown in Figure Color and Figure For details about saving the test plan individually, refer to part 6.


Many kinds of charts are available, including: The port number may not be allocated for the device available. Table Test genex probe in the unspecified base station measurement Name Description Measurement Indicates the measurement period.

You can Custom change the properties of the chart display by adjusting the values in the dialog box, as shown in Figure Problem Description The mouse cannot be controlled after the PC switched on or reboot. The Probe genex probe the drive test data in the log file. Measure Time z True: Namely, tenex Probe reads the data flowing from the device.

To delete a device, perform the following steps: If the call prone, drops, or hangs up, Probe waits for a call interval to originate another call.