There are times you need a quick peek or fast file management. A Password Protection Service. I disapprove — the amount of packaging used in shipping is ridiculous. One of Geeqie’s strong points is its click-and-view file manager interface. Image viewers Graphics software All software. Most Popular Newsletters News Alerts.

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In the same way you should not rely on an image viewer to handle graphic-intense image editing, collection management and photo album maintenance. Features A summary of Geeqie may be found on its Wiki page.

The instructions for downloading and installing are easy to follow.

Geeqie Image Viewer Geeks Out on Features

You could compare Geeqie to similar graphic viewing tools the likes of Xnview, Gwenview and gThumb and find numerous similarities and a few key differences. Germain Jul 6, 5: Zooming and split display options really add to feeqie usability of this image viewing app. It is the best free image viewer program. Geeqie is a newcomer to established distros. Amazon Rewrites the Conquest Advertising Textbook. A handy short-cut feature lets you click the Set as wallpaper command to bypass the Geeie desktops own procedure for creating a new wallpaper choice.


However if you are compiling from sources it is recommended that you get the latest sources from the Geeqie repository. This, of course, reduces or enlarges the size of the graphic display window on the right. While it’s a lacking feature it’s not something one can ggeeqie for granted from an image viewer. It shows photos in a timeline or as a calendar or in folder hierarchy.

A well-executed content marketing strategy can help attract targeted traffic to your website. But it is starting to make the rounds. Once you click on a graphic file name, its image instantly pops intoi view in the large display window on the right side of geeqir app’s window. Once you click on a directory, the top portion of the disoplay goes blank so you can see the files contained in the selected folder.

I like the extra touches that Geeqie builds into the interface. Even manual installation is not difficult for Geeqie. It runs very fast and consumes very little system resources.

Geeqie Image Viewer

Personal tools Create account Log in. Geeqie can easily become a one-stop, do-it-all image viewing app. Geeqie is stable, there are frequent updates, and compiling is a quick and painless task. If you need help or have questions about Geeqie, just send a message to the mailing list. If it does not have a built-in feature, chances are pretty solid that you will never miss it.


You would not use a word processing program to carry on an instant message-style conversation over the Internet.

Geeqie Image Viewer

Forget about loading an image file in a cumbersome photo editing application just to discover pertinent Metadata. The choices include list and tree options for folders and image lists as well as icons and thumbnails.

With GQview falling into disrepair after its developer abandoned the project several years ago, Geeqie is keeping this viewer tool alive and well.

This adds to Geeqie’s overall usefulness. One of Geeqie’s strong points is its click-and-view file manager interface. I also like being able to float the file list or hide it and the toolbar. So having a collection of go-to viewing tools to meet a variety of graphics needs is a better strategy.

Geeqie GQView Barely acceptable: