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As Mrs. So when asked to write a post about living with Celiac disease, I first thought of what I was really really good at, and that was being single. I feel like a lot of people out there in the blogosphere can relate - as not everyone can be in a healthy, committed relationship. Some of us are stuck on Match. Like every single person, dating was the absolute worst, yet necessary, part of my singledom existence. Dating before going gluten-free was easy - you could go to any restaurant, anywhere, and order something tasty to share over what was sure to be an awkward first meal.

Whether you have celiac disease, are gluten intolerant or choose to be gluten free for health reasons, we welcome you to GlutenfreeSingles, a website committed to building a national and global community for those who are gluten free.

Living a gluten-free life can be challenging, especially in a world where gluten-soaked foods are just about everywhere. At GlutenfreeSingles, you are not alone! We Connect Gluten-Free Individuals Interested In: Gluten-free dating partners Gluten-free friendships Gluten-free evening socials A gluten-free online community News, recipe's, ates and advice on our Social Media Products and Services related to living a gluten-free lifestyle. I was just recently diagnosed via endoscopy, with the blood test several months before that showing very high anti body levels there was a waiting list to get the endoscopy, hence the delay.

Having some good and honest advice has made the whole experience a lot less daunting. This place feels to me the same way walking into the back door of my childhood home does Gluten Dudeyou have touched so many lives and you have a way of making anyone who finds your blog to feel so understood and a part of a welcoming and supportive community.

Thank you SO much! Your blog is wonderful; it is such a huge relief to know that you as well as your followers and guest bloggers actually understand. It really means so much! Living gluten free is a tough life to live and I think the reality of it that you portray on your blog helps those of us who still struggle with it.

I want to thank you for being so honest and supporting a gluten free community that uses their knowledge and power for the good of the community.

You are fighting the good fight sir and I appreciate you more than my words can really say. I am just starting month three of a gluten free lifestyle after finally being diagnosed with celiac disease and your blogs have helped to educate me and my family and put things in perspective.

I had to let you know how much help your blog has been in getting my husband to understand better what it is like to have Celiac. Thanks GD. I came across your Blog today and you had me in tears!!!! Tears of recognition that other people go through these frustrations, tears of laughter through understanding and tears of pain as I go through all of your contributors rants and rages!!! Before discovering you and your amazing followers I honestly thought I was just nuts.

Now I know to rest when needed, to not trust something just because it says gf on the label, and most importantly, to advocate and be a voice for myself and this disease. Thank you Gluten Dude! Keep up your awesomeness. I am a well educated researcher on celiac disease; because not only was I diagnosed 4 years ago, so was my husband.

This is the only site that has the most credible and the most knowledgeable information on how to handle the disease and the community who promote products as being gluten free. Thank you, from the bottom of our celiac guts, for your time and keeping us informed. I have met so many wonderful people on your blog including YOU! Thank you for all the hard work and energy you put into making this a place with lots of good information, lots of good people and lots of laughter!

I would just like to say a big thank you to you, and all of those who comment on the blog. Together you have all educated, made me mad, made me cry and most importantly, made me feel like I'm not alone in all this.

Thank you for your website! It is so nice to not be alone through all of this. Your writing is amazing. I was diagnosed with Celiac a few months ago after feeling horrible for 20 years and doctors never knowing what was wrong.

Thanks again for all your posts and being a voice for us Celiacs! You've given me some hope.

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You certainly do help, educate and have me laughing like crazy. Thank you for doing what you do. I absolutely love your blogs and hearing new peeps stories and lessons. It helps so much! Someone get this dude a badge, a certificate, hell something for all that he does! He is one SuperGlutenDudeman!

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I want to thank you for everything that you have done to make me feel more comfortable about eating gluten-free. This website has made a significant impact on me. I don't feel so alone anymore and even though living with this disease will never be easy, this website makes it somewhat bearable.

It makes me feel better that there are others that feel all of the emotions and symptoms that I do. I will forever be grateful for people like you and the rest of the amazing gluten free community. Thanks Gluten Dude. You rock. You are a hilarious breath of fresh air when I feel like no one except my mom understands.

I laughed and cried because this was where I felt connected. I thank you so much; YOU and Mrs. Dude have helped me cope better than anyone. Dear Gluten-Free Famous People.

The Current State of Gluten Free. Is Gluten-Free an Eating Disorder? Oz Calls Gluten-Free a Scam. When Celiacs Sell Out.

Child with Celiac Getting Bullied at School. Mom Needs Help. Part One.

While Gluten Free Passions is part of a much (much) larger network of niche dating sites, it is a stand-alone GlutenFree Dating Site and members CHOOSE to join this site. Some online dating networks automatically place members in sites they have not chosen, but Passions Network is different. Members MUST opt-in to the sites in their accounts. Sep 17,   Ms Strobel, 48, was searching for gluten-free restaurants online when she stumbled across the niche dating website that changed her life. It was on that she met Dale Graff, one of 25, members on the site who not only look for love but also share information on health and wellness, recipes and resources for the gluten-free lifestyle. Gluten Free Dating. The Best Gluten Free Dating Sites. You know that living gluten-free isn't always easy. You're tired of dealing with people who think you're making up your intolerance or allergy. You're even more tired of being judged as high maintenance. Sometimes people who don't understand what you're dealing with think you're picky.

View all. Change Your Diet. The Incredible Healing Power of Food. Eat Smart. Can Something with Wheat be Gluten-Free? Sonic Thinks So.

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Very Cool!! An Ode to Party City. And Now Neither Will Yours. Gluten-Free Love Stories: Part 2. Dude is On the Mend.

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Catching Up On the Week that Was. An Interview with Dr.

Love and Dating in a Gluten-Free Life. Date: June 18, Category: Gluten, Guest Posts, RelationshipsDiscussion: 52 Comments. I was more than blessed enough to be married already when I was diagnosed with celiac disease. I can't imagine dating while dealing with the food issues we've got to deal with. The dating site is specifically designed to take the burden out of finding a gluten-free mate. Whether you avoid gluten for dietary or health reasons, GlutenfreeSingles will match you with a partner who shares your liftestyle.

Peter Gibson. Why Celiac Awareness Matters. What Happened to Celiac. Is this Celiac Awareness or Fear-Mongering? Why the Celiac Hate Jessica Jones? Find Another Partner. New Boyfriend. New Celiac Problems. What Do I Do? How to Recover from a Vacation. Packing for a Gluten-Free Vacation. Log In Remember Me. I was more than blessed enough to be married already when I was diagnosed with celiac disease. Erica has been thru the gluten-free dating scene.

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Ericathe floor is yours. Celiac and the Beast. Share 0. Tweet 0. Erica June 18, at am Thank you for sharing my story, Gluten Dude! The Gluten Dude June 18, at pm The feeling is quite mutual.

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J June 18, at am Erica, You give me hope. Erica June 18, at pm There is someone out there for everyone, I promise. Berni White June 18, at pm Preach on sister! Erica June 18, at pm Thank you, beautiful! The Gluten Dude June 18, at pm We were out with good friends last week talking about my health I knowboring and Mrs.

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Eff you celiac. Susannah March 14, at am Hi, Thank you for what you wrote. Erica June 18, at pm Thank you! Ken Scheer June 18, at pm As you know, last month I wrote about this as well. Vicky June 18, at pm Sassy, There is one I just searched it. Sassy Celiactivist June 18, at pm Americans, only, but good find!

Erica June 18, at pm Just so you know, Gluten Dude, I just watched that video and lost it - there are tears rolling down my face right now. Suzy Gyorke February 6, at am What video to watch? It hurt but i keep marching forward. Thank you for this post. Really appreciate it. Erica June 18, at pm You deserve better than that! Andrea June 18, at pm Sorry, but I just have to say I love how cookies can be an emergency!

Amanda June 18, at pm ugh i so know the feeling!!

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KrisandT June 19, at pm Agreed. Stefannie November 6, at am I just need to shareyour story made me smile bc my hubby was the same. Thanks for starting my day off with a smile. Nicole January 2, at am Love this story. Kathie February 1, at am I have to share this post with 2 of my twenty-something kids who now are eating GF confidence is key!!

There are another 90 men which are ok what means: 1. I think that you see my point. If a person truly cares about another, they will change their ways to accommodate the other. Good luck on your journey! Casey August 11, at pm Thank you Erica and Glutendude for this amazing post. Victor July 15, at pm A nice story with a happy ending. You are misinforming people about a legitimate disease and putting them at risk.

Anna Koziol July 31, at am That made me feel alot better. Leave a Reply Cancel Reply Your email address will not be published.

"Most of the people on Gluten Free Singles could date someone who eats gluten, but maybe for them it's just easier to date someone who makes everything out of . is a unique online dating and community platform connecting people who are celiac, gluten intolerant, or are on a gluten free diet. is a unique place where you can socialize and find gluten-free dating partners - or friends who share the same health goals," said Marcella Romaya, co-founder Get the full scoop on the new site by visiting or reading the official announcement from Fitness World.

The Gluten Dude Mobile App. Great Book on Celiac Disease. Join the Crowd.

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Thank you for your answers, wisdom, support and humor. I could not live this life without you. Finding this website was like walking into a house full of old friends and family for me. Thanks 4 putting into words what many celiacs feel! Celiac Corner. You are changing the world for us. GF Mom.

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Thank you for keeping me educated and uplifted. You have helped me become a better mom. God heavens, you are amazing. This site just turned my day around. This blog just stopped me from going over the edge. You were a life line for me when I was bewildered, brain foggy and Sam Yagan, head of Match Group, which owns Match. First, they help people find people who are like them more efficiently. They provide an entry point into online dating for new Internet daters like Graff, who otherwise might be skeptical of the process.

And they get daters on multiple sites. Most of the people on Match Group sites, he said, have accounts on three sites. At the same time, while sites like BlackPeopleMeet. It now has about 25, users - a little over 6, of them are active on a weekly basis. Co-founder Marcella Romaya had the idea for the site after she re-entered the dating world after two decades of marriage. She had developed a gluten allergy, which she feared made her come off as high-maintenance at dinner dates.

The company, based in San Diego, is entirely funded by Romaya and her business partner.

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As the gluten-free diet has grown in popularity, the site has also grown, expanding to nine employees. But Gluten Free Singles has had at least one success. In the fall ofGraff received a message from Pia Strobel, a hair salon owner in Connecticut who is also both gluten- and dairy-free and shares his loves of running and the outdoors.

In less than a year, Stroble made the move to Bozeman, where they are now buying a house together. A small photo of the couple holds a prominent space on the GlutenfreeSingles. Kristen V. Brown is a San Francisco Chronicle staff writer.

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