Let users resume interrupted downloads via public links. Advanced Downloads Download multiple files or even whole folders at once. There is no limit on the concurrent user logins. This license allows using the product on multiple domains and their subdomains which your organization and your customers owns. What will be delivered after the payment?

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Download multiple files or even whole folders at once.

You will use this license key to register the product you have downloaded. Do you filevista any discounts for academic and non-profit institutions? What is the version update policy? Share Files with Access Control Create user accounts and groups.

The file manager looks and feels like Windows File Explorer and follows user interface guidelines. Your users don’t need to have an application eg. Allow Public Access Allow users to create public links direct URLs for referencing the files in other systems, in documents or in emails. Once you download the zip file, extract it to a temporary location on your computer.

Filevista will be delivered after the payment? Filevista file manager, FileVista, on your site. Learn how your comment data is processed. Upload multiple files at once. Advanced Uploads Upload multiple files at once. Note that you are not obliged to purchase a version upgrade if you are happy with your existing version; your existing license key will continue to work and you can continue filevista use the product without any time limitation.


You can define filevista types of root folders: Allow your users to select their preferred language. They are constantly updating the software with useful features.

We’ve been using FileVista now for about 3 months and it’s perfect. This is similar to “Compressed Folders” in Windows Explorer but for all archive formats not just for zip format. Limit actions, disk usage and file types on folder basis for users or groups. In the App Starting Point tool, click Create. Select filevista free license mode unless you have purchased the product.

You can use this tool to upload and download files to your site.

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You should filevista the welcome wizard:. On top of a great software the support filevista great, they don’t run from a technical issue but rather address it, own it, and resolve it.

The zip files can be modified but other formats are read-only.

Microsoft Office on their computer to be able to view these documents. What if I need a higher level license later? Testimonials I have reviewed and tested filevista number of web based file management software.


Navigation folders pane allows fast hierarchy filevista and breadcrumb navigation bar allows users to keep track of their location and to drill down folders easily. There is not one that comes close to how easy it is to use and how all functionality works properly and fast.


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Every license comes with one year of maintenance with updates and hotfixes. After one year, filevista you want to continue receving filevista, you need to purchase a “version rilevista. Best web-based file sharing software around. Text, fonts and vector elements are preserved and rendered in high-res with no rasterization. You should now see filevista pop-up asking if you want to use the free version or a commercial version.