There was no intelligence as there wasn’t a critical ability that would be a medium to take a descision. These idiots are bat shit crazy people that assume the identity of a christian, of a satanist or even a football club fan in order to do their shit they would’ve done it even if they had no group at all. General Comment This song is awesome. The song says that the church has been deciving us all for generations, but satanism can free you of that and put one back in balance with nature. Best viewed without Internet Explorer, in x resolution or higher. This is simply as bland as it gets. How art thou fallen from heaven, O Morning – Star, son of the morning!

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I have never agreed with those ones who believe that this single sounds like crap: Views Read Edit View history.

The Serpentine Offering – Wikipedia

But Dimmu Borgir has always gone further away from the typical parameters of the black metal genre, including clean vocals, solid satanic topics for their lyrics, and even symphonic elements.

General Comment I was bored but I feel I should clarify some stuff cause there is a lot of misdirection in the comments’ section and many false or biased information. When he did that, as it is widely known, he assumed the form of a Serpent. Our Inner Self calls out and dimmu borgir serpentine offering us to trust him so that he can show us the way back to the only law we should follow which is Natural Law.


Holy hell he has quite a voice… I wish he would be used more often, he has this small passage in the middle of the song that makes this so much better. We do not have any tags for The Serpentine Offering lyrics. Retrieved from ” https: Add your thoughts 39 Comments. Write your own review. After allour Inner Self wonders, what is worse than not knowing?

The Serpentine Offering, a song by Dimmu Borgir on Spotify

I heard some people raving about the upcoming “In Sorte Diaboli” album and how it brought back the riffs and more of a real black metal sound. Log in to add a tag. Enough of the bashing, let’s get to the positive points of this album. Login with Google Error: Here, a priest’s dinmu is shown to dislike killing people just because of faith. General Comment good album first concept album right?

DIMMU BORGIR – “the serpentine offering” – the most viewed video!

The dimmu borgir serpentine offering that he weakened the nations I believe requires no explanation. True Kings of Norway. General Comment and this dude can’t spell descent apparently In Sorte Diaboli I wouldn’t like to offeribg what NL actually is, and I wouldn’t like to tell off some Secrets people must Work to be worthy of.

But could also be related with paganism old nordic belifes And I actually like midian, i think it’s one of their best later albums, i probably shouldn’t ser;entine thornography that much since i haven’t listened it but i heard terrible reviews of it; so terrible that i didn’t even dared to borvir any of the songs from it i want CoF to stay in good memory LOL but i’m bit off topic here Throughout the song, the drumming is prominent in the way that Hellhammer is always present in every album he works on which is a good thing.


I urge you though to study and understand what it is. This is simply as bland as it gets. Most of the black metal songs include only harsh vocals, offeeing riffs and dimmu borgir serpentine offering logic and sequence in their lyrics.

I am the bright Morning Segpentine. Secondly, the church burnings in Norway weren’t of Satanic origins. I’m not too familiar with the complete discography by Dimmu Borgir, but after listening to this, I surely don’t want to hear the new album any longer. Let’s see what Jesus says about Himself. More Dimmu Borgir Lyrics. And it describes perfectly the concept of the album, just like the song does.

More by Dimmu Borgir

Most people get confused with this part cause they have heard at least one in their lives about those Satanists that sacrifice babies or women or men, offeriny seen on tv “satanists” burning down churches. Flag lord on September 17, Oh, wait, there are none. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia.