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In , few people had heard of Tupperware - in fact, many were skeptical of plastic food containers, which were known to peel and smell. Many women got involved in the business after being guests at these parties. Tupperware dealer Li Walker recalled, "I had a friend and she was going to have a Tupperware party, so I went. I didn't buy very much but I thought, that's a pretty good way to make money. Exploiting Social Networks Many new dealers did not see instant results.

Not Helpful 3 Helpful You can order Tupperware whenever you like. In order to be approved to actually sell Tupperware, all you have to do is contact the nearest consultant to you you can find them by searching on Tupperware's official websiteand they will help get your kit ordered and your business started.

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Not Helpful 5 Helpful Not Helpful 10 Helpful If I want to start selling Tupperware, do I have to pick up the stock, or can they deliver it to me? Upon purchasing, you have the option to ship the party to you, to the hostess, or customers can choose to have their order delivered right to their door which is fastest.

Feb 14, - Explore oakcreekclucker's board "Tupperware Tips and Tricks", followed by people on Pinterest. See more ideas about Tupperware, Tupperware consultant and Tupperware recipes.8 pins. Cooking tips, creative recipes, free products, and time to chill with your favorite people. Now that's something to celebrate. It's a party after all! Start your Tupperware collection with some of our most iconic and popular product. Choose between the Modular Mates 11 . Tupperware Dating Tips, que es un terremoto yahoo dating, dating sites for paris tn zip code, gaz and charlotte dating /

All of the Tupperware is processed and shipped in the U. Thousands of Tupperware parties happen every day, and to make sure that everything is all correct, people process the party, put the shipment together by hand, then ship it to FedEx.

If you didn't order direct shipping the party, then your order needs to pass through your hostess before she gets it to you. Generally, it takes 10 to 14 business days.

These differences also help in dating Tupperware pieces. But if you're just learning about these varied products, which included food storage systems, serving pieces, mixing bowls, and even hard plastic ovenware, look at the bottom of a piece you suspect to be Tupperware. Tupperware Dating Games! Dating games have always been a very important piece to the success of Tupperware parties! We want all of our Hosts to receive the most Benefit from their party. In doing so, we must make sure they get two bookings from every party. Tupperware always drives an additional incentive for TWO Size: 57KB. Mar 29, - Explore tupperwareww's board "Party", followed by people on Pinterest. See more ideas about Tupperware, Party and Tupperware recipes pins.

Not Helpful 4 Helpful Then, there are sales bonuses, recruiting bonuses, a unit bonus when your team reaches goalscar programs, insurance, and free products not limited to just Tupperware.

You can make as much or as little as you would like. Not Helpful 7 Helpful To become a Tupperware manager, you must build a team unit of three people. The Tupperware Executive Manager level does not exist anymore. Talk to your upline consultant for information on new levels. Not Helpful 8 Helpful How long does it take to become a Tupperware sales consultant after I have applied? Your kit should come within 10 days. As a Tupperware consultant you can work for yourself by selling directly to customers.

If you want to grow your business, you could add more salespeople to your unit and earn royalties off of their earnings. As you become a more experienced consultant you can create a business model that works best for you.

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Not Helpful 1 Helpful 4. Unanswered Questions. Include your email address to get a message when this question is answered. Hold off on purchasing your Tupperware sales consultant starter kit until you are ready to begin selling products.

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Most starter kits will contain seasonal products, which you may have difficulty selling later on if you postpone your decision to sell. For example, don't purchase your starter kit during the Christmas season if you plan to start selling product the following spring. Helpful 0 Not Helpful 0. Recruit other sales consultants to sell Tupperware to increase your earning potential. In most cases, you can increase your total commission when you become a Tupperware manager that oversees the sales of other Tupperware sales consultants you have recruited.

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Thanks to all authors for creating a page that has been rea times. Reader Success Stories. Sep 10, This article steered me in the right direction to get the information that I will need to get started. RD Rachel Depuy Jun 6, I do have a few more, so I am still doing research. I am thinking this is something I can do and be good at. Thank you. VA Virginia Acheson Sep 19, Now I am aware of how to do this!

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VG Vicky Grimes May 15, I love it and I would love to talk to someone and learn all I can about it. I Googled and found out what I needed to know on how to get started.

Tupperware Training for Consultants: How to Date Parties

Very helpful. LH Lorraine Hlengwa May 11, It is also kind to your hands too. Then, there is a matter of stains that will not come out.

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Tomato paste and curry are notorious for leaving their marks on our lovely Tupperware. So, how do we prevent this from happening? You can either spray some non-stick oil before putting the sauces or curry inside the container OR use a pastry brush to lightly brush the sides of the container with vegetable oil before pouring in the stain making sauces. The principle behind this is, this thin layer of oil will prevent the sauces from sticking on the side of the container.

Simple, isn't it? If you get some undesirable smell out of your containers, there are several ways to deal with them. Here are some effective methods:. So, here is an important tip : Do not close the lids, make sure the lids and the bases are separated. Otherwise you will get to see a mysterious phenomenon whereby the lid disintegrate by itself like I mentioned before. Some industrious ladies swear by this method instead: after three months or so, take them out of storage and give them a good soak overnight.

Then dry them and store them back. The reason behind this is simple, Tupperware is made out of biodegradable oil that needs moisture.

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Just like our skin, it needs tender loving care. You can refer to the picture above to see what I mean by leaving the lid open a little for storage. Or, you can also stack the bases and put the lids separately as shown too. I am sure these basic tips will see your Tupperware in good hands. If you have other tips, feel free to submit your tips to my Tupperware forums.

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Tupperware dating tips

Back to the homepage of Tupperware Manager. Custom Search. How to become a Top Tupperware Manager? Learn the secret of Top Tupperware Manager here.

Distributor Sylvia Boyd explained, "When I had six people and a date book with three to five parties a week in it, I could be promoted [from dealer] to manager. As a manager, I got this added commission on my unit, and I trained [my dealers], motivated them and got them to sales rallies. Distributors were given exclusive rights to sell Tupperware in a specific region of the country - and they oversaw the work of all the dealers and managers in that region.

I really had to be one of the top managers in the country. During this era, banks rarely made business loans to women, and married women rarely had bank accounts in their own names. In most cases, the Tupperware-selling wife was already making more money than her husband, and the financial prospects for distributor couples were excellent in the s and s. On the Move Under these circumstances, most managers jumped at the opportunity to further their Tupperware careers, and over the years, hundreds of Tupperware families sold their houses, packed the kids into the car, and drove off to whatever place Tupperware decided to send them as the company tried to fill in the map.

The first things that new distributors did were rent a warehouse and begin holding sales rallies. Some distributors moved to regions where there were already dealers and managers.

A "dating" (noun) is the specific date, time and location of a Tupperware Party or demonstration agreed upon by your Host and you. "Dating" (verb) is the act of encouraging Customers to host a Tupperware Party or demonstration onFile Size: KB. For most dealers, selling Tupperware, dating new parties, and finding the occasional recruit were enough. The majority of women who worked for Tupperware were simply dealers, taking home some. From innovative kitchen products to a flexible and fun business opportunity. Join us, host a party, shop online, find great recipes & more.

But others had to recruit from scratch - knocking on doors cold, convincing people to get into the business. Monday Morning Rallies Every Monday morning, distributors would fill their warehouses with managers and dealers to introduce new promotions and to recognize their top sellers. University of Texas historian Jeffrey Meikle discusses the evolution of plastic and the history of plastic manufacturing in America.

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