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Subscribe to our newsletter. When Stefanie saw the familiar face in her Tinder feed, she swiped right and found they had matched. Back in the place where it all began - a little app inside your phone. Rachael and Jason recently welcomed a baby! Thanks to busy jobs and grad school, Jenny and Ben were short on time in the years after college, and there was barely room in their respective schedules for love.

I met my boyfriend on a dating app and I am not alone: there are thousands of us, loved-up thanks to a single swipe. I first saw my now boyfriend on Tinder : rugby kit, gorgeous dreadlocks.

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Friends are hopeless sometimes. We now live together and have a crazy amount of weird connections and mutual friends - we had probably been at the same parties but never met.

5 Tinder Success Stories That Will Restore Your Faith in Love

I had strict swiping rules: tattoos - swipe left. Selfies - swipe left. Shirtless selfies - swipe left as fast as possible. I wanted to date people with a good sense of humor, so I looked for guys with a description or pictures that made me giggle.

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I came across a guy who was extremely cute, looked like he was a ton of fun and seemed genuine little did I know I was swiping right on my future husband.

I could be a homeless stripper.

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We dated for a year before we moved in together, got engaged shortly after and have now been married for two years. We both acknowledge that Tinder can be superficial: all you know is that you are attracted to the person and it is a leap of faith that you will hit it off. I had arranged two dates in one day and both were rubbish, so I decided to message her in case she was free - third time lucky.

Photographed by Lula Hyers. Swiping right on Tinder means potentially dipping a toe into the world of casual sex - unless, of course, you downloaded the app to find love or simply swap funny Author: Sara Coughlin. How to be successful on Tinder1) Let the pictures do most of the talking.2) Picture do's and don'ts.3) About me: Less is more4) Keep an open mind5) Get the conversation started! (more items). Jan 30,   These dating app success stories might just restore your faith in online dating. We both acknowledge that Tinder can be superficial: all you know is that you are attracted to the person and it Author: Rosy Edwards.

We had dinner the following week and that was it - two-and-a-half years and counting, and I love her more every day. We matched, chatted for about 10 days as I was out of town and then had our first date at a gin bar in Soho.

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One evening my flatmate and I joined Tinder after several glasses of Rioja; my boyfriend was the first person I matched with. We hit it off right away, and now we've been dating for almost six months.

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I was completely wasted, brought my friends with me, and made a total fool out of myself. My friends thought he was 30 and didn't know I'd met him on Tinder.

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But he looked past my drunkenness and took me on an actual date the next night. We hit it off, my friends loved him, and the rest was history-more than two years later, we're as happy as ever.

Tinder Success Story - Inspirational Story Of How It Made it Big - Top Dating Apps - Startup Stories

First date coffee, second date dinner, third date drinks, and we were officially together within a month. We've been together a year and a half and just moved in together! I brought along my roommate and hung out with The Guy and one of his buddies.

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The four of us spent all night talking, and it was super great. Things didn't work out with The Guy, but my roommate and I still hang out with his friend on the reg. It became this social activity with my friends, and we'd always discuss our latest hook-ups and crushes on the app.

Whether you are looking for serious relationships or casual hookup dates, you can make full use of the online tinder dating site and find both of them easily and safely. Are you ready to enjoy the tinder dating trip and find eligible singles in your area? Join our tinder dating site for free now! It . These Tinder dating success stories that we've collected for you may help you restore your faith in true love. Still skeptical about online dating? Good, then we have a real treat for you.

What I didn't expect was to meet a guy I adored, who is now my boyfriend of several years. I almost canceled our first date at the last minute, and now I'm SO glad I didn't.

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We probably never would have crossed paths if we hadn't been matched online, and it's so crazy to imagine never having met him! Actually no thank you.

5 Tinder Success Stories That Will Restore Your Faith in Love Alli Hoff Kosik. it's completely understandable if you're starting to feel skeptical about online dating. of course), but if you're still feeling the slightest bit optimistic, we have some Tinder success stories that might help you keep your chin up. Stefanie + BrettAuthor: Alli Hoff Kosik. Feb 14,   Anyone who's ever tried online dating has at least one horror story (or many, many more), but that doesn't mean that every swipe right is a total dud. In fact, you just might find your soulmate on there. Here, ten adorable (and true) stories about online dating that will make you believe in true Alexia Dellner. I've seen a lot of hate towards tinder and online dating around here recently, which is totally validated because as a regular user of Tinder and Bumble and all that yada-yada, it can be very tedious, uninspiring and downright depressing sometimes - BUT I just wanted to share a little positivity and hear some of your best online dating success/love stories as a reminder that it can sometimes.

It made me squirm to be so honest because I worried that no one would actually want to date me. Nothing happened besides that, but the moment was magical in and of itself.

And if that wasn't enough, his first name was Best. Jordan was the third and we instantly connected over our undying love of pizza.

Tinder dating success stories

We went to the same college, he worked out at the gym I worked at, he ate at the dining hall I also worked at so I tell him I was cooking for him before he even knew itand we worked one block from each other in Manhattan. BUT we never met until our first date at a speakeasy after talking on Tinder.

Now we live together. Feeling inspired to have a little dating app romance of your own?

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I don't blame you. Just go into it knowing that finding love in the world of online dating can be a little difficult.

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