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At some point through our lives, most of us come in contact with a soul who feels very familiar to us. These souls, no matter what age, race, or gender, often come into our lives spontaneously, creating profound, momentous ripples that carry on for years, and sometimes lifetimes - all with a quiet word, wise gesture and loving presence. There is a certain breed of person in life whose perspectives and outlooks are vastly different from others. This person perceives the world not with the sprightly eyes of a young person, but with the weathered and wary eyes of an old person. Wise beyond their years, the Old Soul often feels a sense alienation from others, yet a profound interconnectedness with life and deep understanding of the world early on in childhood. Thus, the Old Soul is a natural born sage, mystic and counselor; often providing guidance and a strong pillar of support to others.

Illuminated Souls are awakened beings who have been freed from the dualistic mind that is at the root of all suffering read more about the mind and ego for more understanding. You can read more about Illuminated Souls in my Old Souls book. There are many approaches to discovering the age of your soul - it all depends on your personal beliefs and preferences.

One way to discover the age of your soul is through a deep guided visualization where you seek out your core essence. Other methods include mirror worksoul gazing with another persondream work, meditation, and using plant medicines. How will it ultimately help you? These are important questions to explore as they will help you to use your time and energy wisely.

However, this number is not exact or proven. An Old Soul is a person who feels much older than their age reflects. Pay attention to the following signs: 1. You have a preference for solitude 2. You have the ability to deeply introspect 5. You tend to experience a lot of psychological tiredness 6.

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You have an inclination towards spirituality 8. You have a mystical approach to life 9. You thirst for truth and wisdom. What makes one person awaken to the desire for spiritual fulfillment and self-loveand another person to the desire to content themselves with material gain and social status?

Signs youre dating an old soul

The answer is the age or level of development of their Soul. We also have an Old Soul Test which you might wish to take. Aletheia Luna is an influential spiritual writer whose work has touched the lives of millions worldwide.

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After escaping the religious cult she was raised in, Luna experienced a profound existential crisis that led to her spiritual awakening. We spend hundreds of hours every month writing, editing and managing this website.

If you have found any comfort, support or guidance in our work, please consider donating:. We would love to hear from you:. To customize your avatar, you can upload an image to gravatar. Receive our latest posts in your inbox!

Twenty-two years of age, with the heart and thought in another. They say that having a birthday on November 11th are old souls, but I am childish, I hate reading paper books idk why though? I live in Serbia and i have 22q Also I ask a lot of questions.

Like a lot- even to myself.

I enjoy being alone in my room. Her cat came to me and I petted her and then she climbed on my lap and i was still petting her and she was asleep on my lap for an hour or more. I was really confused. I have just been reading your comment and I also have 22q I am really glad I came across this article.

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I am most definitely an old soul. As a young child I believed I was an angel of rose colored light and my purpose was to share that light. I started having preminitions about the age of 5. Around 11 thats when I started seeing the death of loved ones. Around 16, I had a demonic dream that left rope burn marks on my wrist and ankles. I married a narcissist man I went from 17 to 30 with very little dreams.

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A couple of preminitions where I was able to help friends in the middle of the night. But very little of the light that once my everything. I am not in a spiritual awakening, but a reawakening. I am back to dreaming regularly, communing with my ancestors and past lives, though some I feel are one in the same.

I am currently working on starting an ecovillage, much of it is bc of my dreams. And I am finally back on track and what I feel is and has been my destiny. Admittly I am rather ignorant when it comes to my experiences.

And that is bc I am now witnessing what I thought were nightmares. I would love to share my visions. That is the one part that I have struggled with. I am already an outsider. I have only shared them with a handful of ppl that i trust and while I know some visions are meant to be shared. I have been selfish. Mostly out of fear that I will be deemed insane, bc frankly even I dont believe my experience. And how does one share what they know to be real, if you yourself have a hard time believing?

9 Clear Signs You’re An Old Soul

Oh mythis article describes my personality to a T with the exception of 8 - I had a normal childhood. I love spending time in nature and I lament the degradation and destruction of the natural world, which seems to be happening at an alarming pace.

I yearn for a simple life in a pre-industrial idyllic land - perhaps that is why I love the writings of J RR Tolkien so much! My only wish is to find a companion, another old soul just like me, so that I might feel a little less lonely in this vast universe.

Hi Ollie, Have a feeling a lot of us old souls have similar dreams. Not so interested in materialistic possessions. Recent realization. Going through a spiritual awakening that started last June. I would like for us to become friends. The last couple of years has seen me grow if that is the wor out of any pair of shoes available, anywhere. The virus has made me realise why I am here.

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I found out I am an Indigo Child last Wednesday. Please excuse the tiny profanity about to come up. Heads in the sand. I questioned their RDT road side drug test maybe 18 months ago. Not because I condone drugs in anyway, but because people are being persecuted because of human nature. Believe you me, a storm is coming, and it is called Paul Russell. It is logic and common sense. Nothing else is needed. Now I do. If you are a bully, and take advantage of situations, and bully people just because you can, this is a very bad time for you to be on this planet.

I am going to restore balance, or die trying. It only took me 50 some years to come to the realization I am an old soul. And this is what it is all about I think. I am a born educator and love sharing with others and help others to find their purpose in life and understanding their process of awakening.

Awareness opens the gates to transformation. Use your personal growth to find your true purpose in life. This is where you will find true authentic happiness. I think this is a very profound article. Before I had a sudden spiritual awakening, I had no desire for status or attention whatsoever, at least not since I gave up musical theater as a teenager. Now all I want is to write music that resonates with humanity and can help bring them optimism, but for me is seems empty without some level of recognition.

It is as if being successful in this vein would somehow apply meaning to my existence. Perhaps I am writing now for the love of music and for self-exploration, but it also feels empty if no one is listening.

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I wonder if a lot of musicians feel this way. They want attention and status because it gives them purpose and motivation, and the freedom to travelbut they also want to be left alone in peace, ironically. This really hit me. I can relate so much to everything in this article. It has helped me so much!

14 Signs You're An Old Soul

Thank you for sharing your wisdom and love. Dear Luna Your poignant article has hit a tight, old valve and cracked a relief of pressure in me that made me cry.

I am so happy and sad to know that I am not alone and my internal experience could be described with great details of accuracy. Thank you so much for your insights and acknowledgement. My next question is where do I go from here? While I now could understand my state, what do I do with this information? How can I reconcile the paradoxical truth? When I was about 7 I was at home outdoors. An awareness came to me, which is this, the life I am living are the memories of an ancient woman.

I told myself to never forget this. I will be 65 in a few months, and several times I have forgotten this awareness but it makes itself known to me again. I am am introvert and an highly sensitive person HSP such as Dr. Aron has spoken about in her book.

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As a child we lived on a beautiful rustic property in Sandy Oregon. Our house had an oddness to it like all the rooms had been added on to the original structure.

This house faced a cliff, with a fantastic view of the Sandy river valley in the distance on the right was the majestic Mt. And this property was surrounded on the other 3 sides, dark damp woods with the scent of moss, rain, and wet stumps.

I had a very deep connection to the Doug Fir, Maple, Alder, apple, plumb, cherry trees and often I felt they were related to me. I used to talk to them and hug them. It was a joy to hunt for wild berries like huckleberries, black berries, thimble berries, salmon berries. But nature always accepted me. I have survived much trauma and tragedy through this lifetime and I have questioned the reason for life. I am not religious. But I am always searching. Oh, I am an old soul indeed.

I am old man 62 but I feel like I am 10 years old. It feels like I have experienced and seen through everything this planet can offer. I have experienced all 17 signs. You described it beautifully. Thank you. I have been an old soul since childhood.

Never felt good in large social gatherings, always preferred one deep friend. Most of my life I have spend alone and silence and beauty of the nature was where I was getting energy to cope with this kind of existence.

You feel motivated to do good because of it. And unlike other people who tend to pursue superficial feats, you do things for your self-development. Which is why you are more inclined to helping people. Do you feel trapped in your spirituality? You need to embrace your inner beast. Learn more here. You look to your past and the lives of others to learn about the world.

There is a feeling of special connection with those that are older than you and you cherish the information, knowledge and skills you have learned from them over the years. History fascinates you. Somehow, you ache to be a part of an era where life was simpler, where people are more connected by life rather than technology.

And this is the way you want to live your life, too. You see the purpose in taking care of our elderly and work to ensure that they understand their worth in the world today. For you, the older someone is, the wiser they are. And in turn, you can learn more from them. You feel closer to someone older than you than you do of the people your own age - but that is nothing new.

You like to learn about yourself and how you can improve your life from the inside out. Instead, you know how to take responsibility. Old souls are humble enough to acknowledge that life is random and surprising, but are comforted by the fact that they can always choose how to react from what happens.

And you ensure that you take time everyday to reflect on what has transpired in order to learn about how you can move forward in life. Taking responsibility for your life is the most powerful attribute you can possess. Learn how to take ultimate responsibility for your greatest challenges in life with our best-selling eBook here. Most people get caught up in their own lives. But not you. You know that whatever problems you might have, there are always bigger ones out there.

And this knowledge centers you. They are tools to help you navigate this life, but you could be fine without them. Instead of collecting stuff, you like to collect experiences instead. Material things are just that - they are material.

So you are not inclined to acquire them.

9 Signs You're An Old Soul LonerWolf. Apparently, the "in" thing to do lately is break everything down into a list. " 10 signs you know you are studying what you should be studying", " 5 ways you know your boyfriend hates you", " 45 reasons proving you are a cat person", the list could go on.

You prefer the company of books and journals to television and people. Fancy things only distract you and keep you from focusing on what you really want in life. If you always felt like you were the odd-one-out when you were in school, it could be that you were more mature than the rest of the kids.

Maybe you liked different music, books, or activities. Or you had to pretend to like certain things to fit in. Now that you are older, you see that there is no need to pretend anymore. And what you might have thought as bad thing when you were younger, is probably one of the things you love about yourself now. Because that is not where you get your energy from - you get it from inside yourself. In the past, you were probably frustrated by your inability to relate to people your age.

However, you embrace it now. Your knowledge gives you peace and helps you feel part of the bigger plan. While it can be difficult to be so passionate and sensitive, you need to understand that your abilities make you an incredible human being.

You understand that there is something profound in emotional agility. Instead, you are stronger for them. And your ability to recognize emotions and to let them in is what makes you a happier and well-adjusted person. In turn, you become a valuable adviser to those around you. You might have always felt like you were a bit older, not just physically, but mentally. And how they see things seem short-sighted to you. Being an old soul is a gift, not a curse. You might have noticed that people are always coming to you for advice.

What makes you an old soul is that you take the time to talk to people when they ask you questions. You look deeper into things. Your ability to dig deeper is what makes you a valuable confidante.

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You realize that they are asking for your help because they trust you so you take these conversations seriously. You give a lot of yourself and never expect anything in return. People who have old souls are often found at home.

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It is where they feel safe and secure. There is nothing more restful than being in your favorite couch, tucked under a blanket, and simply enjoying the comforts of the place you made for yourself. If you are an old soul, you are pretty low maintenance and can happily occupy your own time by learning about the things that interest you, reading, writing, or resting your mind for the next time someone needs your wisdom.

As an old soul, you get tired out around people quite easily. This is probably why you love taking breaks from everything and everyone. From time to time, you like going somewhere different, where no one knows you, and you like to rejuvenate your energy with the unknown or with nature. For you, this might be traveling to other countries, or taking camping trips in the wild. Or maybe even just a day at home doing nothing. You know how to rejuvenate when the time comes and it usually involves being alone.

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Part of knowing how to take responsibility is focusing on the inside things - your journey, your needs, and improving your own life. So many people never feel complete because they expect others to provide that piece to them, but old souls are able to be that completion piece for themselves.

Huffington Post reached out to their Facebook community and asked them :. What is this? First of all, empaths are people known for their ability to sense the emotions and thoughts of people around them.

They can intuitively feel what others are experiencing, which gives them a finely attuned sense of empathy. You may even be going through a spiritual awakeningstarting to transcend your own ego and connect with the universe around you. Do you want to live a more mindful life? Learn how to achieve mindfulness on a daily basis with our practical guide here. We all know that one person who seems to have all the right advice, can remain calm in tricky situations, or knows just what to say to make someone feel better.

If people ever told you that you are wise beyond your years, or that they come to you for advice, you might be the old soul in your circle of friends.

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