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Pretty much all of the dates were wrong - at least a year off, and sometimes more in some cases. I suspect that most of it probably came from a typo that Mr. Schumann might have made in his spreadsheet, as I found some instances where years were simply skipped. Could be he originally had fairly close numbers and the date column got misaligned. The sources that Mr Schumann used to compile the Royal list are mostly unavailable to me, so I could not check to see if the original source was off or if the data was simply transcribed incorrectly.

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Determine if your typewriter has an open or closed frame. If it has an open frame, you'll be able to see the inner workings.

New Listing s Olympia SM3 Deluxe Portable Typewriter w/Original Metal Case *Parts/Repair. The "Typewriter Database" is the biggest source of typewriter serial numbers on the Internet today. As far as we know, it's even the most complete collection of serial numbers ever. But when you see the number of given brand names, it's still only a beginning. This Database is also a collection of typewriter photo galleries from the collections. Royal typewriter dating - Our unconscious, royal typewriter dating instincts, drives, impulses, and the reptilian brain identified by evolutionary psychologists are all one and the same. It can be understood and brought into our service. But it can never be extinguished or pretended away.

If it has a closed frame, the workings will be covered by sheet metal. Open-framed typewriters date from to the s, while closed-frame models are from the '30s onward. Look at the rows of keys on your model. Portable typewriters, which were slightly smaller, can be dated by their keys.

If your portable model has three rows, it is from to ; if it has four rows, it is from the '30s or '40s.

Royal 79120q Classic Manual Typewriter (red)

Check the serial number under the typewriter's carriage. For example, serial numbersand are fromand If your typewriter was made in, orthe serial number will be, or Serial numbers between and are from and All evidence indicates that the Junior was a direct evolution of the Signet Senior, as their internal workings are virtually identical.

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The "missing link" model shown above is effectively a Signet Senior with the Junior name on it. It appeared sometime in late or early the earliest ad I have seen ran in April, '34 ; only about 5, Juniors were made in this style before changing to the sloped-top body shown below.

Yet another version of the Junior exists, with a squared-off shell more closely resembling other Royal products. It appears to have been introduced around June, Some are equipped with a backspace key, while others are not.

Based on ads, industry publications, and serial numbers, the timeline of the various versions is roughly:.

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Royal 10 Serial S This model is frequently referred to as "Touch Control" because that is the only labeling to be found aside from the Royal logo the decals, alas, are almost completely worn off of mine. Many collectors refer to it as the Model O because the serial number carries an "O" prefix.

Officially, Royal called this the Portable Standard. It's unclear exactly when this body style was introduced; the earliest example I have seen dates to Later versions have a raised, wear-resistant logo on the paper rest.

Yet this is classic s design, and a terrific typer for actual use. Royal DeLuxe Serial A The DeLuxe is very similar to the Portable Standard in style and function. It has the addition of a tabulator, a paper guide, and of course its signature "crinkle" finish and chromed bands.

How to Identify a Royal Typewriter

Down the road, the DeLuxe would be merged with the short-lived Quiet model and become one of Royal's most popular models, the Quiet DeLuxe. The KHM is essentially an ate to the Model 10, with plastic inserts replacing the 10's iconic glass windows. Note the curved scale incorporated into the right-side panel.

It's the indicator for a touch-control adjustment wheel located at the lower center of the back of the machine. Not a new innovation for Royal, but more visible than it had been. The KMM introduced Royal's famous and patented Magic Margin system, whereby holding down the right or left margin lever and sliding the carriage to the desired location "magically" set the margin. Although dating fromthis KMM was probably rebuilt sometime in the s.

The original round, glass-topped keys have been replaced with plastic keys, a common practice back then. Notice, though, that the tab set and clear buttons are still the old style.

The slightly indented plastic keys actually make this machine much easier to type on.

Look at the rows of keys on your model. Portable typewriters, which were slightly smaller, can be dated by their keys. If your portable model has three rows, it is from to ; if it has four rows, it is from the '30s or '40s. Check the serial number under the typewriter's carriage. For example, serial numbers , and are from.

These are great machines. Get one if you find one. Royal Companion Serial CD Royal Arrow Serial CR This version of the Arrow was made exclusively for the U. Navy during WWII. Note the embossed and chromed "U. Navy" on the paper rest. Specifically, it was what was known as a radio mill-a typewriter with a special, 9-pitch all-caps typeface and slashed zero that the ship's radio operator would use to transcribe incoming messages. The ated Quiet DeLuxe added a push-button ribbon cover release, a carriage return tension adjustment knob beneath the left side of the carriage, a guide for determining how many inches of paper were left, and relocated the tab sets for easier access.

Download the manual for this typewriter here. As an example of how well Royal built their typewriters, I found this covered with mildew and with its type basket, key levers, and inner workings inundated with dirt, leaves, bits of fur and feathers, dead insects, cobwebs, and even a couple of acorns. All I did was blow out the junk, brush it off and wipe it down, and it worked perfectly.

Get the best deals on Antique Royal Typewriters when you shop the largest online selection at Free shipping on many items | Browse your favorite brands New Listing VINTAGE ANTIQUE ROYAL TYPEWRITER # CSY - 39 - $ 0 bids. $ shipping. Ending May 15 at PM PDT 6d 1h. Jan 03,   The Royal page at the Typewriter Database is now ated with the latest and best info we have. Serial #O is a Model O Portable made in Serial #O is a Model O Portable made in Today, Royal is owned by Olivetti and still sells typewriters, though none with the famous Royal brand. Royal Standard No.5 Serial # This early Royal design is commonly known as the "flatbed". Download the manual for the Model 1 version of this typewriter here. Royal #10 Serial # X Royal Portable (2nd model).

Not a single drop of lubricant was needed. The moral of this story is: just because a typewriter is dirty and stiff, that does not mean it is "dead". Many of my typewriters have come to me because someone thought that they were unusable, when in fact all they needed was a good cleaning or a minor adjustment or repair.

Unlike today's products, typewriters were built to last.

Royal typewriter dating

Royal Aristrocrat Serial B Royal Companion Serial S c. Royal Futura Serial 2A c. Note that the Royal logo acts as a hidden push-button release for the ribbon cover. Unlabeled Futura body Serial m This curious machine is housed in a Futura-style body, but it is far from a Futura.

The most obvious difference is that the famous Magic Margin feature is missing! The margins have to be manually set using the little sliders seen behind the platen.


There is no paper guide or pop-up paper support. The Royal logo is silk-screened on and does not release the cover. Under the hood, it has no touch-control adjustment, and no carriage lock. This is truly a stripped-down Royal! I suspect that like the Heritagethis was an offshoot line sold through a catalog outlet.

Royal typewriters were first manufactured in the early s by E.B. Hess, according to The initial Royal typewriter was later followed by two additional models, the Royal 5 typewriter and the Royal 10 typewriter, which are the most valuable. Later Royal versions varied wildly in their design. The Royal Model P was the first successful Royal Portable, and one of the longest-lived ones. (In , when the Portable was redesigned, the former P became the Model O, and was produced until ) This typewriter was offered in several color schemes, including black-and-red, black-and-green, black-and-orange, and black, just to name a few. Vintage s Royal KHM Typewriter Serial #KHM WORKING Antique. Vintage Blue ROYAL PARADE Typewriter W/ Case Made in Holland. Royal KMG Gray Manual Typewriter w/ Magic Margin & Touch Control Functional. Royal Quiet De Luxe Seafoam Green Portable Typewriter & Case. - Royal Typewriter Antique.

In fact, it shares many characteristics with the Heritage III, but it doesn't seem to be that, either. In the early '60s, Royal offered their standard typewriters in six different colors, so that office typewriters need not be "drab blobs". This minty-green FP with carbon ribbon is not only colorful, it's cursive! Royal Eldorado Serial E It's bigger than an IBM Selectric, and weighs almost as much, but it's a manual!

I like that it kind of looks like the Jetsons' car. Royal sold a similar-looking electric model called the Electress. It could be that the Empress was offered as a manual alternative.

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