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By Rhonda E. Like it or not, infidelity and affairs are part of the fabric of our relationship lives. Married men are everywhere making themselves available to single women. I call it dating while married or DWM. We all know at least one woman who has dated a married man, or been cheated on. I know more than one.

In that case, he should contribute a lot to your support - he should provide an apartment and an allowance. How do you know if this open marriage is even real?

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He could be cheating on his wife and you wouldn't even know it. I say pass Sign Up Now! Sort Girls First Guys First. Do you realize a married man wants sex and not much else from you. If and when his wife finds out, do you trust she won't retaliate against you. The vast majority of wives blame the other woman more than they do their husbands. Have you verified with his wife that she also thinks they have an open relationship? Why you would believe a man who is going to cheat on his wife, I just don't understand.

He's a cheater and liar. Why would you think he telling you the truth? If a recommendation is worth it to you, sleep with him. Why do you think all the nice things you said he is makes him an honest man? To do what he wants requires lying. Really think this through.

Good luck. Xper 5. Talk to the wife to make sure she's actually okay with this. If he doesn't let you or has excuses, run. I guess a pro is hed more than likey buy you off.

But that's more of a sugar daddy situation. He's only really using you as once in a while object. If his marriage falls apart, its your fault and you'd be a homewrecker.

Especially if children are involved. I can't think of any pros. Its a messy issue in the end. My thoughts exactly. There are no pros at all in dating married men. Not fair to all the unmarried guys dying for your attention.

C'mon what should they do, get married first.! Disturbing someone's marriage is never good. But this is just my opinion. Its your life, so do whateva you want.

Pros and Cons of an Affair With a Married Man

I mean 'letter of recommendation' and other stuff I wonder if his wife knows that she and her husband is in an open relationship and she can knock it out with some other guy too. Show All Show Less. Cons: he is married Pros: he is a man Xper 6. I think dating a married man is fine Otherwise, it's insanity.

Yeah, he's real mature all right Yeah, he's a real prize! Are women really this desperate for "romance"? Get me a bucket, I need to barf. Dragonflare Xper 5.

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Not really any Pros because if he's truly as you say he is, he loves another woman. He won't even look at you that way. Why would you go out with a guy who just wants you as a side chick?

Nothing else though. If you're too troublesome he'd drop you like a fly. A school textbook example of woman's sexuality: 1. Seek guys that all other women crave 2.

Seek hot guys 3. And I don't care about my BS, because women are one big immoral and spinless cunts anyways, as they always act based on primitive instict regardless and rationalize their stupid behavior in every possible unimaginable way just look what OP wrote.

Loving And Dating A Married Man.20 Reasons Why Dating A Married Man In Your 20's Can Be Amazing

Trully stupid creatures and I love them because just of sex. GeraldLiberty Xper 4. Pro: your ego would be all time high temporarily Cons: you could be a homewrecker, you are not a priority, he would only use your body then dump you, her wife could kill you, you are very young and he is very old.

He could easily make you pregnant and ruin your life. Are you sure do you want to be played by an old man? Think about it, it doesn't worth the risk. Mhmm okay sure but don't go complaining about how you got used for sex afterwards and start the whole "I hate men" nonsense.

Let me put that back into perspective He is hot, rich and married. You are thinking of letting him bang you for fun?

Otherwise, find someone else. He could be lying out of his ass. Cold hard cash and obvious benefits. You grab those before anything else. Hey, if you want to be the sidechick to a year older, married man, then go ahead. Just don't think you'll ever get that romance from him and why does it matter if he's a successful man because you'll never be anything other than an easy lay for him?

Nov 21, Going on regular dates (at reasonable hours), socializing with friends and family, building a relationship based on trust and intimacy a married man is always going to withhold something from you. You deserve better than that. And frankly, so does his wife. Pros: Your ego is heightened because you have the attention of a married man. Cons: His wife may try to kill/assault you if he's lying. You are directly contributing to destroying a relationship. Dec 02, 1) Married men are fun, attentive and most go the extra mile to keep a smile on your face-they plan strategic outings, they may take you shopping, you get to eat out at nice restaurants and they help you with bills from time to time. They call and text .

And here I am still being single I am not going to hate you. If you truly believe he is an open marriage.

The married man may fulfill you in ways other men have not. He may also be more adventurous than your spouse or other men you have dated. Whatever the situation is, you are likely to have some great sex with a married man, even if most of the excitement comes from the possibility of being saporiviafrancigena.com: Tamsen Butler. One of the benefits of dating a married man is emotional fulfillment. In a marriage, a couple gradually grows apart from each other and quarrels about little things. In a relationship, your boyfriend just can't make you feel loved and give you all the attention you need. So there is a desperate need of someone who really understands you.

Of course, it is the "wrong" thing to do. But you are an adult, so is he. And so is his wife, if she is aware.

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LolaB28 Xper 6. No pros to dating a married man, only cons. Sorry, being with someone's husband is bad. Pros: you like him, he likes you. Cons: he's married, wife may get terribly upset if you destroyed their marriage, he's already in love with one woman already that should be a red flag of he's trying to come onto you being the married man he is. Super cons: cheating is wrong no matter how you look at it, his poor wife would be devastated if you broke them up and will likely want your head on a dinner platter.

Even if he has this arrangement with his wife, which I'm skeptical about, are you comfortable being a prostitute? That's exactly what that is, sex for favors. This is in the worst category of bad ideas, on every possible level.

Pros of dating a married man

RealandGenuine Xper 5. There are no "pros " to being a mistress to a married man. Don't do it. It's very unlikely that he's going to leave his wife. And even if he does, him, or you, or both, are going to develop feelings of guilt over time. He's eventually either going to go back to his wife or leave you.

You're also going to destroy the lives of many people. Find a single guy who's hotter and better than he is. Steer clear. Sounds like a one way ticket to being hurt and destroying a marriage. No pros. Just cons.

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But if you are looking for just fun and nothing serious, then go for it. There are no pros here. He's married. He's already taken. Think about how you would feel if your husband did this to you. Anyone else find the lack of morality among women extremely lacking? Like you feel like there's no point in dating or marrying anymore?

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Here's an idea honey, there are plenty of guys who are single, why don't you go ask one out? Sometimes people don't realize what they have until they lose it. Being caught involves more risks than just divorce.

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It can also ruin your career or your reputation. Even if you are single, you'll still be labeled as " the other woman " which can carry as much if not more negative stigmatism as the adulterous husband. You could lose friends and family support and your reputation in the community could be ruined as well. Sometimes the hope of having a love affair is that he will leave his wife and marry you.

This does happen in some cases. However, the majority of the timethe married man only wants to have an affair. Even if he says he loves you and plans to leave his wifenothing is certain as long as he is still married.

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Affairs often have a fantasy feel about them. The problem comes when you expect the fantasy to continue. Even if he does leave his wife and eventually enters into a committed relationship with you, the nagging feeling that he's a proven cheater may weigh on you heavily.

If you are single and having a relationship with a married man, it will not be as fulfilling as dating a single guy. The relationship has to be secret ; you can't have your parents meet him, and he will be in the arms and bed of another woman.

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Is that the kind of relationship you want? He won't be able to drop everything to come help you if you need assistance since he's trying to keep you a secret from his spouse. You will probably always come second in his priorities - this can wreak havoc with your own self-esteem.

It's not uncommon for single people to become attracted to married men. This might reveal a number of things about the individual; do they fear commitment? Do they consider "stealing" a man to be exhilarating?

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Or perhaps the thrill of being wanted by someone who isn't supposed to desire another person beyond their spouse is appealing. It's easy to assume the worst about the man willing to pursue an affair, but what is to be said about the other willing participant?

Anyone willing to get involved with a married man should take a close look at their motives and what compels them into such a situation. Before you have an affair with a married man, remember the fundamental fact that at one time he made a vow to forsake all others for his spouse.

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