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Looks like some more teamwork may be required to patch up their broken families, and more importantly, their own hearts. At a lovely outdoor party, Ki-tae follows Jang-mi as she walks away from him, but she stops when he calls her name. They stand for a long moment, faltering every time they try to speak. Finally Ki-tae tells Jang-mi to go first, and braces himself expectantly for her words. Ki-tae argues that she agreed that marriage was burdensome, but Se-ah says it was only to protect herself so that she could stay near him, if only as friends. Ki-tae just laughs scornfully, and says that things were good when there was distance between them. Se-ah finally breaks and cries that she told his mother because no matter what she did, all he thinks about is Jang-mi.

Yea I totally agree about it was great to have Jang-mi just find out about Ki-tae liking her. There was no fanfare, just his best friend telling her and her realizing their feelings were mutual. It's so ridiculously realistic and simple which makes it all the more heartbreaking. Maybe he can propose to her again soon This time with complete honesty and their families approving wholeheartedly! Was the noble idiocy really necessary when it lasted all of five minutes and an expensive phone was lost in the process?

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Nevertheless, I do think this is a realistic conflict because Mom, being a victim of cheating, will never forgive cheaters. So Jang Mi legitimately believes she will forever be branded as a cheater by Mom and will never be able to recover from that, thus decides to leave Ki Tae "for his own good.

Took her long enough, jeez. I am just thankful the noble idiocy was contained to one episode. This must be Hoon Dong's purpose in the show. The ensuing scene of them wallowing in self-pity was priceless; I don't know how Han Groo and Heo Jung Min were able to film that without bursting into laughter. I am glad that after their really bad breakup, they were able to remain friends who genuinely worry about each other.

I was counting on those loose lips. I love when Ki Tae blew up about Dad being a two-timing bastard because he was only speaking the truth, and Mom needed to hear it. Jang Mi's mom better be planning something with Dad with her request for a divorce, like trying to drive the two kids closer when they try to convince her to stay or pushing Jang Mi to turn to Ki Tae when she needs a shoulder to cry on; otherwise, I do not understand why Mom would selfishly do that at a sensitive time like time.

When Grandma said, "You've been watching them all this time, so you will know, too," I wish she meant, "you will know they have real feelings for each other," which we confirmed last episode that Mom does know. I was actually surprised it was an LG instead of a Samsung, yk maybe they threw it on purpose in the HR so that they'd get her a proper Korean brand Even though Ki-tae had bought it she didn't even need to dump the phone.

She just needed to get rid of the SIM card. Regarding cheating: not only was she not with Ki-tae when she was seeing Yeo-reum but also she wasn't going behind Ki-tae's back. He knew about their relationship. That, plus the fact that her initial intro to JM was also the title of HD's ex and the quick recovery into KT's current albeit fake. That was some '2 timing' as even while officially 'dating' YR the dating as the 3 of them understood it she was already developing feelings for Ki Tae, but yet not ending it with YR in a more decisive, cleaner cut.

Even when it was clear YR knew, JM never quite came out to clarify anything with YR, nor did she officially cut off their relationship - which is why they were still kissing last wkend, when she interrupted the YR kiss.

Jang Mi was still confused about her true feelings until the end of this episode. It might have been wrong for her to continue stringing YR along, but honestly it is consistent with her character to cling to a relationship and do things the messy way. I think it is possible for relationships to get complicated and people to get hurt even if no one did anything really wrong. This was a difficult episode, and I'm not sure I liked it as a whole some of the angst just didn't move mebut one breakthrough that I DID like was the breakup of Jang Mi's parents.

I actually really empathized with Jang Mi's wish for her parents to stay together her reason for the sham engagement definitely resonated with me a lot more than Ki Tae's desire to be left alone - it's such a childlike desire - but that's also my problem with Jang Mi.

As an almost year-old woman at least according to the character profilesit's more than time for her to view the situation through adult lenses, and accept that a marriage can be saved or not only by the 2 people participating in it. Yay for growth! Albeit painful growth. I think that Jang Mi's parents should have broken up a long time ago, it is obvious the are at constant war so why keep dragging it out. But people do that - they are so afraid of uncertainty and change that they stick with a bad situation.

Thanks for the recap. Let's have more cute moments with our lead couple. Hope it's god riddance now for Se Ah and Yeo reum. YWJ and HG play their characters so well. I enjoy watching their lovely couple moments together and now they would have to deal with the parents. This is definitly alot better then i expected. I really love how hoon dong and jang mi are friends and not awkward. Even Se ah, seemed redeemable after telling Ki tae to go after Jang mi which was a nice twist for her, though i dont doubt she may try something else later, i would love to see her, instead of being the pathethic, revenge-driven, typical female second lead, being Jang mi's friend, since they are in some ways pretty similar.

Also, I have no Sympathy what so ever for Yeo Reum. Setting Jang Mi up was not cool, but not even feeling slightly guilty about? Honestly dont know what his deal is. I really dont want him to mess with Jang Mi and Ki Tae anymore. I thought since u were doing the two recaps this one was goin to take longer but kudos to u. Onto the show. I love how everything played out. All the imaginary scenes were so cute. I wish they hurry up and get together so we can see some home living hijinks from the both of them.

All in all the progress of this episode made giant leaps in each character. JM being alone but I was so happy that KT was the first person on her mind before she realized jt.

I'm waiting to see him sell him house he loves so much so that he can show his family how much he truly cares for her. Kt mom is making a turn for the better but I'm surprise she is still putting up with her husband. I would be too embarrass to even meet the person.

This was probably on re of the better episodes for me since we got so few screen times with the second leads and jm and hoo. Crying to each other about how their lives suck was epic and it would of been much weirder if jm didn't get fired so glad they kept thay realistic. The noble idiocy act for this I understand because she doesn't want more distance between kt and his mom and I see where she is coming from.

I'm dying now since we don't even get previews. I personally don't mind the pacing of the OTP. I think it's realistic and quite necessary, especially for MND, seeing how that's the main plot of the drama- to get into a fake marriage and eventually fall for each other.

If they were to get together too soon, it would only mean that they have to keep arguing with their parents that they truly want to be together. But having said that, I guess I can't help being frustrated at the same time. It's only natural for many viewers to be so irritated at the pacing of the drama, seeing how we're so affected by the OTP because they're just so endearing! Their chemistry is spot on. I guess this is why I can't wait to see them finally confessing their love TO each other soon.

It pains me to see them so fond of each other, and yet be so conflicted for not being able to confess at the same time given their current situation.

I honestly think I'm the only person not bothered by the pacing or by the fact that the truth has only just come out. The show is about a fake marriage. Why would I be upset that they continued to pretend to be fake engaged for so long?

The important players the parents hadn't found out yet so the ruse could totally continue. Plus I think the show has done a great job of exposing all of the issues facing the OTP with regards to their ability to accept their feelings for one another and actually choose to be together. That doesn't just go away. If anything, I wish the show had spent more time allowing the OTP to reflect on their issues and start working through them so that when the happy ending comes, I can feel satisfied that these two actually have the ability to HAVE a lasting, healthy relationship.

As it stands now, I still think they both but especially KiTae need a lot of therapy to get in a good place first.

Feb 17,   Like and Subscribe to watch more episodes Marriage Not Dating (?? ?? ??) movie. Watch more episodes: Like and Subscribe to watch more episodes Marriage Not D. Aug 12,   Marriage Not Dating: Episode 12 by LollyPip. There's no more hiding now that everyone knows the engagement was a sham - but rather than putting the issue to rest, the revelation only kicks off more hurt and misunderstandings than it solves/5.

To add, I did feel somewhat frustrated at the way things were playing out; however my issue was not with the fake engagement BUT with the fact that the writers chose to use the second leads as wrenches to prolong the conflict and keep them apart. I'm perfectly fine with them telling me that KT and SA needed closure but to have her throw herself at him repeatedly and to go to ever greater lengths to be with him when he has made it very clear from day one that he's not interested in being with her - that frustrates me.

Second leads serve a purpose but eventually it gets to a point where it's time to wrap things up with them and focus on the OTP and I wish the show had done that a little faster.

I'm afraid that's what the writer would do. Purposely leave us hanging here expecting the inevitable and then crush our hope.

well understand

I'll curse the writer if they don't confess their feelings in the nxt episode. It sure as hell has been dragged on too long already. I'm losing my patience here. I have a feeling that both of them could still pop up with an eleventh-hour scheme to break up the newfound couple assuming that Jang-mi and Ki-tae acknowledge their feelings soon and throw one last wrench into things".

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Oh I worry about that too though I think they can't do much damage now even if they try because it seems that both Gi-tae and Jang-mi finally realize that they can't deny their feelings any longer.

My heart sank when Jang-mi asked Gi-tae to go to Se-ah, and sank even deeper when he really grabbed Se-ah's hand and walked past her. I seriously hate their moment of noble idiocy in this episode, but fortunately it doesn't last long. I don't like Hyun Hee at all but she did not "rape" him, had a one night stand by manipulating and seducing a drunken guy when he was at his weakest, yes.

I have no idea why this is irritating me and I am sure nobody is saying that in the literal sense hopefully but it is a touchy subject for a lot of people, a package that comes with a lot of trauma and psychological problems. On to the episode, I found this week's episodes to be the weakest. I know angst is necessary, but denial angst is something I can't get behind. And it's not even for the right reasons.

It did not make any sense. But the last scene gives me hope.

sorry, that

I cannot wait for these two to be together. Furthermore, the way Hoon-dong is portrayed I'm not sure he would have acted any differently if he was sober. He was in no condition to give proper consent. If it had been the other way around, people would be outraged. The other way around? Well,it is one thing to be seduced by a guy when you are drunk and another to be raped by him.

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People would be outraged. Honestly, I will be outraged too but I would have said the same thing then. You see, consent when you are drunk is a little hazy pun intended. In no way did it look like Hyun Hee overpowered Hoon Dong and forced him against his wishes to sleep with him and his reaction the next day made it clear that yes, at that point when he wasn't sober he was willing but he regrets it later on.

For people who seem to be really hung up on Hyun Hee's act as NOT rape bc Hoon Dong was drunk and lonely, it can actually be considered rape. Consent is not hazy at all especially when intoxicated, people are not in their right mind to give consent.

If people were to look up this situation, agencies and support groups that help rape victims definitely define this as taking advantage of someone sexually and as rape.

Others are claiming that Hoon Dong participated for them to actually get pregnant. However, that's not really the case, a guy can be 'ready' without him controlling it or even have the decision to make it happen if someone gives him a 'helping hand. And as someone who knows the lifestyle of clubbing and having one night stands and encourages her friend JM to have one night standsit's hard for me to believe that she doesn't consider the possibility of getting pregnant accidentally which makes it even harder for me to believe that she was not angling towards the possibility of getting pregnant after saying she is not a nice girl.

KT even says at one point that Korea is not kind to single mothers. It's not like she was overcome with passion that she just had to have HD and she does seem to have a calculating mind. Her entire storyline would really just frustrate me if she had a no-consequence, happy ending. HD was very responsible about the whole situation and I'm very interested to see how he would live with her after everything is said and done. He seemed to happy and accepting at first but has said to KT that it might have a fleeting moment after finding out HH's lie about her mom.

Even after he decides to stay knowing that she's manipulative, will he keep staying with her after getting to know her better and the initial novelty of starting of family wears off as reality sets in? He might but I don't know if I can picture anyone being happy in this equation.

Yes, technically if you are intoxicated and someone were to make a move on you, then even if you are willing about the whole thing, it is still considered rape under law. It might be a really harsh thing to say and I am in no way diminishing the value of such an event, but it's only a personal opinion and we can all agree to disagree on this one :. Is MND subverting the sweet and lovable best friend of heroine trope here? But that's my fav k-drama trope! And poor Hoon Dong wants to for the first time, probably do the 'right thing' by marrying her.

Will she change her manipulative ways? I doubt it. Will he be miserable his entire life?

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Most probably. Is their kid going to have a lot of childhood issues while growing up? Sometimes as a non-native audience we have to let things go that don't sit right with us. Wrist grabs disturb me and scream "domestic violence!

The show clearly does not feel that it did anything wrong with Hyun Hee and that relationship, so I'm not about to put that on them and essentially rewrite the show when that was never their intention and that is not the story they are telling. Having said that, I don't think it hurts to point out double standards in a show.

remarkable, the valuable

Not rewriting the story, but more identifying where the story is weak. So while I don't think it is fair to say she raped him according to the show she obviously didn'tI do think it's fair to point out that the show is operating on a double standard.

This episode was so much love and I really appreciate angst without having it dragged out for too long. I know everyone mostly are against noble idiocy but I totally understand why Jang-mi did what she did. It's a difficult situation because they were already lying too much. Now all of a sudden, the truth is just so much more harder to believe.

The whole throwing phone in the river was such a fantastic metaphoric scene. I interpreted it as she Jang-mi thought it would've been right for her to let him go, that she should let him should, that she could But then she throws the phone with his name flashing on the screen before it falls in the water.

And its like this sudden realization that she can't. She can't let him go for someone else, that she can't have his voice die on her like that, that she isn't okay without him in her life It was such a perfect moment and so freakin well executed.

Gah, this show is SO good. I just adore Hoon-dong and Ki-tae's relationship. They're the definition of best friends in every regard because even when Hoon-dong always seems to have the wrong info, he always knows how Ki-tae feels. He can read him even when the latter feels the need to conceal every emotion.

It's so subtle but clearly obvious. I hope the writers explore their relationship more as we progress. Now Hoon-dong and Jang-mi are just sugar, spice and everything nice put together lmao.

I was giggling as they cry their hearts out. I'd love to have that kind of relationship with my ex, and this works for them much better because being besties suits their personalities more. Everyone's relationships in this show is so well written and everyone just seems to naturally blend with each other in terms of personalities. I'm very thankful for the lack of Yeo-rim and limited Se-ah in this episode. Hopefully Ki-tae and Jang-mi doesn't allow them into their relationship anymore and that they work on getting their families believe that their love is true this time around.

It's a difficult task, given all the lies and deceit behind them. It's gonna be a while, but I hope they'll eventually prevail because their families were much happier when this wedding was to happen, than now that its broken.

Best scene? That was a hilarious musical choice that basically made the episode for me. I really hate that they ended the episode with them running towards each other and did not show them actually meeting. I feel like there is going to be some kind of interruption I really hope they have the glorious reunion and reveal of their mutual love that they should! For the first time, I thought HyunHee was ok in this episode.

At least she came clean about being shady and manipulative I liked how HoonDong noticed that JangMi was going away sad Because he is sweet and thoughtful sometimes. I cried with JangMi when she was talking to her dad about the reason why she let the show go on for longer than she should have Maybe I was just feeling particularly grouchy on Saturday but this episode just really, really annoyed me. Maybe the awesomness of this show at its start made my expectations too high but this episode just really, really disappointed me.

The only character that I truly care about at this point is Ki-tae's mom. I want her to have an independent woman moment, kick her loser husband to the curb and rock her stylish new hairdo with a brand-new empowered attitude.

Everyone else, though? As little experience as for-real-dating this pair had, they did have the besties through-thick-and-thin routine down. At least Ki-tae tried, what's with the brain damage Jang-mi? So much for character continuity there. I can't even care about this conflict because I know they'll end up together anyway so it just seems stupid and forced. Unless they don't meet as they run back to each other and we do a time skip into the future where it shows how much they've matured on their own then this whole episode served no purpose at all.

She's a ball of crazy and it truly worries me that she's a doctor. Who would let this woman operate on them? She actually needs to go to a psych ward. It's the only ending for her that will satisfy me. That or if she decides to drop off the grid and go explore the world to find her true self, be one with nature, yaddah yaddah turn the crazy bitch into a feather-in-the-wind, puka-shell-wearing hippie!

Don't care about her either I loved him as a character and a rebound for Jang-mi but when he finally decides to be proactive about making sure Ki-tae doesn't steal his girl he does it in a hurtful way? Not awesome. Also, very unlike how his character had been portrayed up to now What was that about character continuity?

Jang-mi's parents? I like their relationship towards Ki-tae but that's about the extent of it. They should have been sent to jail back when Jang-mi was 5 for mistreatment. The girl almost died because they abandoned her! How is it no one has raised this issue?

I'm surprised she didn't grow up even more messed up with an upbringing like that. The baby-duo? Couldn't care less. There's nothing about them that's worthy of my time Hoon Dong is starting to be one of my favorite things about this drama.

His character gets better and better for a mama's boy with questionable taste in boxers. Argh, that cliffhanger! Just let the OTP get together already!! With just 4 more episodes, I better get some gooey couple-y scenes before the ending And Yeo Reum and Se Ah better butt out of the way!

Ki Tae and Jang Mi, I adore these two so much! Loved all the fallout this episode.

not right

The parents reactions were really consistent with their characters and also really heartbreaking :'. However, the ending was really frustrating! It felt like the writer was artificially prolonging the back and forth and mis-communication.

And the second leads continue to just make me throw my hands up. I was really surprised HD and HH ended up with a happy ending- I honestly thought HH was faking the pregnancy just to manipulate him, but I guess it turned out she was sincere? Ki Tae's mom should kick the old cheating fart out of the house and have him stay with his skanky mistress for good. I still can't believe her denial that she still wants him around after what he and his mistress has embarrass her in public.

She needs and deserves to get herself a new life. Still don't like Hyun Hee She got what she wanted in the end and married a rich person.

Didn't she realize Jang Mi lost her job when she was gushing about her forthcoming wedding to Jang Mi former boyfriend? Jang Mi had feelings for him previously, so it still would have hurt. I'm going to throw something at my computer if Jang Mi and Ki Tae can't find each other at the beginning of the next episode I feel they might miss each other.

YR will make a great chef and JM will make a great alcohol sale person!! Maybe she will end up doing alcohol import-export business. Why threw away a perfectly good phone? I half expected her to jump down and get the phone back once she realised her feelings.

You know phone these days are built to be waterproof. SO excited for next week episode! Ofcourse they'll be having problems on how to face each other parents. Esp looking forward on how Ki Tae can gain back the love from Jang Mi parents. Hahahaha this is getting interesting. There is some kind of poetic justice in Ki tae getting his elaborate proposal ruined, the same way he ruined Jang mi's in episode 1.

You know 'what goes around comes around' and Karma's a bitch and all that. He certainly could appreciate the effort that went into it, though. Although what I took away from it was that Ki Tae really does turn into his mother under pressure.

His actions at the end instead of saying "I love you, please come back to me", he tries to manipulate Jang Mi into running after him made me yell at the screen "Jang Mi, are you sure you want to live with this for the rest of your life? And his smooth assurance that Yeo Reum is a momentary blip because Ki Tae thinks he's soooo smooth. That remark actually made me laugh. Ki Tae, son, you don't even know, because you won't actually open your mouth and talk about your feelings.

Just like his mother. He has a plan in his head, and accepts no deviations from it - because he wants Jang Mi, he's convinced himself that he can win out, without even once talking to her about how she feels. Jang Mi, are you sure you want to marry into that? Yeo Reum is sooo much less complicated. Just sayin'. I agree with everything you're saying except for the YR part.

I would be overjoyed if we never saw him again. But yes, KT is so much like his mother and will really have to work to overcome that but he'll first have to identify the behaviour before he can be a truly worthwhile partner to anyone. Also Yeo Reum may seem less complicated now but he clearly has his own deep-seated baggage that he has not dealt with. If JM had to be with anyone else, I'd rather it be someone completely new who is actually well-adjusted and not still carrying around the scars of wounds inflicted upon him in childhood.

Haha, I thought that even as I was writing it. I was going to add in brackets does such a person even exist?! Maybe I should have said "relatively well adjusted"? I dunno - because the most relatively well-adjusted drama character I can think of is Jae-Yeol from "It's OK", and he's having active hallucinations. Maybe the moral of the story is that JM should pick the one whose dysfunction she finds least annoying.

Such a person do exist in this world - they're called normal person. But in drama normal person just don't exist because normal is boring. I have to disagree - everybody carries scars from their childhood and baggage that they can't put down from their past.

The most well-adjusted people are just aware of it and try to compensate. What I mean by normal is not everybody in this world had terrible childhood that scarred them for life. I take myself for instance coz I think I had a normal childhood that didnt scar me badly or turned me into a bitter person today.

Am I weird that I don't carry baggage frm my childhood? When I was a child sometimes I got beaten by my dad if I did big mistakes or if I've been too mean or too rude to him. Did all that scar me? I don't think so because for me it's normal occurence in life. What I mean is my childhood life weren't as bad as the things portrayed in most dramas, so I take it as normal Anyway agree to disagree!

I mean, honestly, I was too busy being pissed at Jang-mi for asking him to go to Se-ah in the first place. It may have been the wrong reaction from him, but he was gearing up to tell a girl he loved her for the first time in a long time Remember that he has no assurance that Jang-mi likes him back although I think he understands that something is between them. He was obviously very hurt.

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But if he had started his talk with a confession, if might have turned out better. Everybody needs to learn to use their words, darn it. This is true. I admit, I really wanted that to be his moment to cut through the bullshit and I was definitely really disappointed with him even if I can understand why he reacted the way he did.

I definitely want some honesty from both of them next episode! Well, in all fairness, he did spend a number of episodes telling her how much he hated "girls like [her]", so she probably thinks she's just imagining whatever affection she sees from him not to mention that when she asked, she thought he laughed at her. Not from the beginning but lately after finding out kt is a playground kid when he teases his crush. My sentiments exactly! Though I understand why she did what she did, I really want to strangle JM for saying that to GT when she already knew that he likes her.

And GT seriously needs to get rid of his darn pride. Someone here commented about whether it is really necessary to put noble idiocy plot that lasted all about 5 minutes in a drama.

I bet the idiocy will last much longer if it's a 20 eps drama. I really enjoyed the fall out in this episode, especially with the parents. It really felt believable and consistent with their characters and a long time coming. When he picked up that bat, oh boy. Still I feel like some good is coming out of this - it's unfortunate that JM's parents might get divorced but their relationship is incredibly unhealthy and they're finally realizing just how much they've hurt their daughter and warped her view of relationships over the years.

I think you make a really good point that even now, KiTae still doesn't have the respect and consideration for his mother that he should. The two of them still have a long way to go and I'm still waiting for cheating dad to get the boot and I'm hoping JangMi will help them get there. I also am very curious to see how the OTP manages to reconcile their families to the idea of the two of them being together now.

He and JM commiserating was also cute - they've really come a long way. Kitae imagining JM was adorable too. The hell? She seemed to be going down a path of noble idiocy and I did not like it but then the real ending happened and I was somewhat appeased. Come on, show. There are only 4 episodes left.

Let's get these kids together, make up with the parents and wrap things up nicely. No more misunderstandings are necessary. Uhh, how dumb! That was the time to say it all and they blew it! We could of been spending some serious episodes focused on Jang Mi and Kitae cuteness. Plus the time needed to fix the family issues.

Next week please don't disappoint. Oh, thanks!!! Jang Mi's new haircut is adorable - and it looks like it'll be all lead couple, all the time next week, even if looks like there's entirely too much sneaking about.

Oh Thank you so much! Agreed with you all, her hair looks cute! And it seem Gi Tae is stalking her hahaha Sending prayers to the dramagods that the last scene in the preview where Gi Tae grab Jang Mi into his embrace is for a kiss, come on - i need to see that again, even the shaman told them they have explosive chemistry, it will be a shame not to go for it again ;p.

If u look at jm clothes. Oh really, LOL I need to check again! Thanks for sharing ; Crazynoona yep the first thing that entered my mind when I see that last scene is a hug and followed by an explosive kiss heheh.

And since they left us at that and knowing such the troll the director is I thought the same too It seems I was smart in waiting a week so I could watch 3 episodes. And they're not in the preview either so I don't think they'll be too important now. I'm still kinda mad that the writer took Yoon So Hee, the most adorable actress ever, and made her such a horrible character with 0 redeemable qualities.

But oh well, I can just go back and watch her be cute in Let's Eat. Jang Mi has cut her hair which is K-Drama sign for things are about to get serious in the relationship department so let's hope this week's episodes are full of so much fluff, it's overstuffed. Let me just say what a revelation watching MND is. When she sobs, it really reminds me of the distinctive way YEH sobs with the heaving and, just try to watch them and compare if you bother teehee.

And some other angles she'd resemble Yoona, and sometimes Sung Yuri! Looks like a bit of your wish now come true! Memorist: Episodes Final. The King: Eternal Monarch: Episode 7. Drama viewership ratings for the week of May Good Casting: Episode 4. Team Dramabeans: What we're watching. Please enter your username or email address. You will receive a link to create a new password via email. A verification email has been sent to your new email address.

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Newbie August 11, at PM. Adal August 12, at AM. Bunny August 12, at AM. AJ August 12, at AM. Bunny August 12, at PM. Kim Yoonmi August 12, at PM. BTW, she would have to be 8 weeks pregnant for a heartbeat.

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Dafuqwhat August 12, at AM. I am a bit disgusted that so many are calling this drunken encounter "rape". Because of Reasons August 12, at PM. I just don't even know- Rape is sexual intercourse without consent. Honestly, this is probably the most appalling comment I've ever seen on this site. MajorDickason's August 11, at PM.

Chandler August 11, at PM.

something is

Moonbean August 11, at PM. That my friend, is a very good question. I got super scared when Jang-mi told him to go to Se-ah though because while I'm totally with her on her reasons for pushing him away, saying something like that and throwing the phone would have been the first time that I had a hard time understanding her actions so I'm glad that doing those things led to her ultimate realization that she can't let him go : Poor Ki-tae was finally so ready, I wish he hadn't told her to speak first!!!

Can't wait until friday! I don't think we are getting it. Mandy August 11, at PM. Yeah I felt really bad for that phone.

Anticipate Marriage, Marriage Over Love, Marriage Without Dating, Marriage Without Love Volunteer Team Marriage, Not Dating Volunteer Team Broadcast Network tvN Broadcast Period to Rating PG Korea Romantic Comedy Korean Drama Idol Drama/10(K). Marriage Not Dating, Not Dating, Marriage, Anticipate Marriage, Gyeolhoneul Gidaehae, Marriage Without Love, Marriage Without Dating, Marriage Not Dating Korean Drama, Watch Not Dating, Marriage, Anticipate Marriage, Gyeolhoneul Gidaehae, Marriage Without Love, Marriage Without Dating, ?? ?? ?? eng sub, Marriage Not Dating online ep 1, ep 2, ep 3, ep 4, watch Not Dating, Marriage /10(K). The following Marriage Not Dating Episode 12 English SUB has been released. Dramacool will always be the first to have the episode so please Bookmark and add us on Facebook for ate!!! Enjoy.

I was like "Girl, just trade it in or sell it on ! LOL really, shame girl it was such a nice phone! She could've send it back to his owner instead! LG is Korean Regarding noble idiocy: she was being the noble idiot since the beginning of the episode. Isn't that "cheating"? In her defence, when she was clear she likes GT she was honest with YR.

No cheating detected here. Though betraying the parents by lying to them all long is just as bad. I thought since u were doing the two recaps this one was goin to take longer but kudos to u Onto the show. Chandler August 12, at AM. Han Groo Main Cast. Jeong Jinwoon Main Cast. See all. Cast - Marriage, Not Dating. Yoon So Hee Main Cast.

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Heo Jung Min Main Cast. Kim Young Ok Supporting Cast. Park Joon Gyu Supporting Cast. Choi Hyun Supporting Cast. Kim Kap Soo Supporting Cast. Im Ye Jin Supporting Cast. Kim Hae Sook Supporting Cast. Lee Bo Hee Supporting Cast. Park Hee Jin Supporting Cast. Julien Kang Cameo. Marriage, Not Dating Volunteer Team. You can subtitle on Viki and be part of the community too!

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Marriage not dating ep 12 eng sub dramacool

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