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Kyle, dates numerous pensioners at the same time and even takes them home to meet his year-old mother. Trump leaves after being questioned by Asian American reporter. Trump says he's looking at claims about Beijing virus hacking. PM Boris Johnson discusses hopes of getting a coronavirus vaccine. Donald Trump says he now requires anyone near him to wear masks.

In a new documentary series, Extreme Love, the couple are put in the limelight as Kyle explains his penchant for older ladies. Yes, this is not his first time. Marjorie also gave her perspective on the relationship, saying that she was flattered when Kyle chatted her up. Oh Lord!! Where are we heading to in this life?

Jun 06,   Meet the Year-Old Man Who Is Dating a Year-Old Great Grandmother By & by Jenna Mullins | Fri., Jun. 6, And according to Kyle, he's always been into older woman.

Please have mercy. Is love really blind or the the guy has an in built aroma for aged women? Some questions are left unanswered. Love is said to be blind have totally agreed today.

Meet the Year-Old Man Who Is Dating a Year-Old Great Grandmother

What a world hope he is not dating her for her financial class. That really amazing And at the same time Irritating. He is dating someone old enough to be his father. Wonders shall never end, how does he even enjoy the love making with a woman old enough to be his grandma. Thank God the guy is not a minor so he knows what he is doing and his reasons. So when people say love is not with the matter of age.

It does not mean we should be dating our grand ma. The age difference is too much 60 years o my God.

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Young man what is your purpose in life? I cant hold my laughter after reading this story.


Congratulations boy. Continue deceiving yourself. This is absolutely not normal, what did she mean by hop in bed, this is totally against dating and marriage, she is too old for him and besides the man is young enough to be her ground son. This is a bad decision for 31 years old man to marry 91 years old woman. The guy maybe after her money or wealth. What a life. His type is rare to find. Let the old lady enjoy it while it lasts, I know the truth behind it will come out sooner rather than later.

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Let the old lady enjoy it while it lasts. My God, people and there irritable character, how can people do such things, maybe there are no more young girlsin his area. How on earth is this guy doing this Really hopping in the bed with her Oh my God!

At first I thought you are kissing your grandmother ohh gush! Well people do what pleases them. Geezz I would have said love is blind. Gigolo spirit detectedwhat is This?

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Abomination lovesick ppldating great grandma.? Brain check pls. Hmm What is he enjoying from her, the guy will quick old because the woman is giving he bad blood.

Yes people do it both totally weird. This one is not love oo,am very sure is the money that the guy is after. I thought things like this only happen when Green Card is involve. Clearly I can see it goes beyond that.

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Every body want an easy life, regardless of how they have to get it. Love ke I hope he Is not after her Wealth if only she has enough. Emotional plea to Debenhams from employees laid off in Bangladesh.

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1. Kyle Jones 31, Marjorie McCool 91

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Matt Lucas impersonates Boris Johnson's confusing lockdown rules. Piers says PM's plans 'make no sense' as family still can't reunite. Texans flee after shooting erupts at massive Fort Worth party. Ben Stiller and father Jerry Stiller attend charity event in Phillip Schofield tears into governments 'farcical' lockdown advice.

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Kara Bosworth shares heartbreaking account of losing son McCoy. Argos AO. When he was 22 and he brought his first girlfriend home, she was Now he only dates women who are older than him. I offer them adventure.

Thirty-one-year-old Kyle Jones is in a relationship with a year-old great-grandmother, Marjorie McCool, whom he met at a bookstore where he worked some five years ago when she was a spry Kyle Jones, 31, is in a relationship with a year-old woman Marjorie McCool. Ms McCool, who has a year age gap with Mr Jones, likes to wear "sexy outfits" in . Dec 01,   year-old Kyle Jones who is dating a year-old woman, Marjorie McCool has revealed why he is love with her. The pair have a whopping 60 years between them. In a new documentary series, Extreme Love, the.

Kyle met Marjorie back in yes, they've been together for that long at a bookstore. Before Kyle, she had been single for 37 years after she split up with the father of her six children.

And we know that there is a certain question that might be on your mind as you read this, and it's normal to be curious.

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So here's what Marjorie had to say about her physical relationship with her much, much, much younger boyfriend:. I amaze myself, he amazes me. There's nothing better. But it turns out, Kyle is not monogamous.

Man dating 91 year old woman

Along with romancing Marjorie, he's dating Anna Rolan also a great-grandmother at the age of 68, who was skeptical when Kyle first wooed her.

He's very attentive. He just makes you feel good.

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Kyle's mom Cecelia, who at the age of 50 is younger than both his girlfriends, doesn't seem to have a problem with her son's dating habits. You can hear Kyle's full story in the video below, but we must warn you, there is a lot of footage of him making out with his great-grandmother girlfriends. A lot. We and our partners use cookies on this site to improve our service, perform analytics, personalize advertising, measure advertising performance, and remember website preferences.

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