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Ralph first appears on the show as a soldier in the Aprile Crew in the second episode of season 3, Proshai, Livushka , but eventually reached the rank of Caporegime of the Aprile Crew in the DiMeo crime family , under the regime of Tony Soprano and Corrado "Junior" Soprano. Cifaretto is characterized as cunning and an excellent earner, but also unstable and prone to sudden outbursts of violence, often for no reason and at the worst possible moments. Ralph Cifaretto was a member of the DiMeo crime family. Next to such other notable mobsters like Richie Aprile and Mikey Palmice , Ralph is one of the more unfavored members of the DiMeo crime family. He didn't move up in the ranks of the family nearly as fast as his peers; he credits this to not going along with the robbing of Feech La Manna 's card game, which led to Tony, Silvio, and Jackie, Sr.

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As he was a soldier at the time, albeit a high ranking one, he unofficially tried to take over the Aprile Crew as captain despite Tony's reluctance to make him captain and often referred to it as "my crew". Although they had gotten along in their youth, recent years had Tony having problems with Ralph; he viewed Ralph as obnoxious, disrespectful, and insubordinate, which is why he passed Ralph over for promotion and gave it to the less qualified, but more docile Gigi Cestone.

Although Ralph was the highest earning member of his crew, Tony could not bear to promote someone whom he despised so much. At the time, Ralph had become obsessed with the film Gladiator and would incessantly quote the film, occasionally acting out the most violent scenes, which became very annoying to others around him.

Ralph was always totally oblivious to others' feelings and would make the most inappropriate comments at the worst possible times. In the episode " Another Toothpick ", Vito Spatafore 's brother Bryan is violently beaten and put into a coma, and it is revealed that he will probably suffer permanent brain damage from the attack.

Ralph remarks "look at the bright side: he wasn't that smart to begin with. Gum the guy to death? While Ralph may be loud and obnoxious, when it comes to earning, he is undefeated. Even when his son, Justin, was on the verge of death and comatose in the hospital, it does not hinder his earning ability, which is also complimented and acknowledged by Tony.

Upon his return from Miami, he as Junior says "really whipped the Aprile Crew into shape. Paulie becomes exceptionally jealous of Ralphie, because Ralphie outearns him and because the two don't get along.

Paulie envies Ralphie to the extent that he is persistently searching for the slightest excuse to have him killed. Paulie becomes peripheral to Tony, as Tony is always focused on the abundance of income Ralph earns for the family. Ralph does, of course, have a considerable advantage over the other capos, since he is in charge of the highly profitable Esplanade Construction.

Joe gives sal dating advice

When Christopher discovers his corpse after Tony brings him over to Ralph's house, he comments, "He was a captain, T In the episode " University ", he enters the Bada Bing's V. After making inappropriate comments, he picks up a chain and proceeds to swing it at Georgie, the club's head bouncer and bartender, in an attempt to imitate a battle scene from Gladiator.

In a sign of their closeness, the "Avengers" star has invited Gaga to spend time with him and his daughter, Ava, 6. The girl is Renner's daughter with his ex-wife, Canadian model Sonni. Richie Aprile. Richie Aprile is played by David is the older brother of acting DiMeo crime family boss Jackie Aprile Sr., was a capo in the DiMeo crime family before being sent to prison for ten years. Richie was previously married and fathered a son, Richie Aprile Jr. Richie returned from prison to a very different family, with Tony Soprano as the boss, whom Richie . Sep 05,   DWTS Alum Joe Amabile Gives Bachelorette Hannah Brown Some Tips - and Predicts She'll Win! this link is to an external site that may or may not meet accessibility guidelines.

Although the men urge Ralph to calm down and women begin screaming, Ralph continues swinging until he inadvertently hits Georgie in the eye, which causes Georgie to have to wear an eye bandage for the rest of the season. Meanwhile, Ralph has also begun a volatile relationship with a year old Bada Bing stripper named Tracee.

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When Silvio Dante comes to Ralph's apartment one afternoon to get Tracee, who had been loafing around with Ralph instead of working to repay Silvio the money he had loaned her for braces, Silvio becomes violently frustrated and smacks her hard across the face, which Ralph finds funny. One night while Ralph is conversing with Christopher, Bobby, and Gigi, Tracee walks by, and Ralph comments that she can't even say hello.

Tracee is angry at Ralph for not calling her for a few days and insults him in front of his friends. Angered, Ralph proceeds to follow Tracee outside where they reconcile for a moment until Ralph makes yet another inappropriate comment regarding Tracee's pregnancy. He says if the baby is male, it will get his name, and if it is female, it will get her name, in which the baby will grow up to be a "cocksucking slob like her mom".

This turns violent when Tracee slaps and spits at him. Ralphie then becomes very enraged and he proceeds to hit and stomp Tracee to death, finally beating her head against a highway guardrail. When Silvio DantePaulie GualtieriTony, and Christopher Moltisanti discover her corpse laying outside, Silvio instructs Chris to cover it up with a sheet, while the others bring Ralph back outside to explain himself on Tony's command.

Tony and the crew instantly see past Ralph's pathetic lie that "she fell. Ralph defends himself by shouting, "I'm a made guy! This incident causes temporary bad blood between Ralph and Tony. Although Tony feels his response was justified, others, especially Ralph, feel it violated traditional Mafia code. Although Silvio believes that Ralph's actions were indeed despicable, Tony would only have been able to physically retaliate if it had involved a woman whom Tony either had a sexual relationship with or who was a blood relative, and Tracee was neither.

Silvio says this cannot be overlooked, and his recommendation is to blackball Ralph from the club. After Gigi Cestone dies of an heart attackTony reluctantly installs Ralph as captain of the Aprile Crew, for he is the most qualified at the time. Ralphie's crew becomes the highest earning crew of the family, mainly due to Ralph running the lucrative Esplanade construction project.

Ralph's stepson to be and some friends rob a poker game that belonged to Ralph and his crew, which ends tragically as Jackie ends up shooting at Christopher Moltisantia made man, shooting Furio Giuntaalso made, in the leg, and killing the dealer, Sunshine. To control the situation, Ralph reluctantly orders the boy's death. In season 4, it is discovered Ralph is into sado-masochismincluding role playing as a female prostitute and being sodomized by his girlfriends via a phallic device of some sort.

He briefly pursues relationships with Rosalie Aprile and Janice Soprano ; both of these relationships end badly.

Mar 30,   Joe finds himself in a big predicament when his wife shows up for one of the challenges. New episodes premiere Thursday, July 16 at 10/9c on truTV New episodes Thursdays at 10/9c on truTV. Terry Crews portrays Lieutenant (previously Sergeant) Terrence "Terry" Vincent Jeffords, the supervisor of the 's Detective avid bodybuilder who stands at more than six feet tall, with a linebacker's build, Terry's intimidating size and appearance is contrasted by his gentle giant persona, being very caring and parental in nature. Jeffords is devoted to his wife and three . Jun 01,   Between an Joker Sal Vulcano was a part owner of Full Cup, a beloved music venue and bar in his native Staten Island. Unfortunately, the location ran into financial trouble in Author: C. David.

Ralph dumps Rosalie for Janice with whom he'd been messing around clandestinely behind Rosalie's back for a brief timebut Janice quickly dumps Ralph possibly because of his preference for masochistic sex. In the episode " Mergers and Acquisitions ", Ralph's latest mistress, Valentina La Pazis introduced who later complains to Tony about Ralph's sexual inadequacies and eccentric sexual fetishes ; she later breaks up with Ralph as well, begins dating Tony, and is his mistress through the end of Season Five.

Valentina later makes it explicitly clear to Tony it was Ralph's sexual idiosyncrasies that caused their relationship to end. Johnny Sack is eventually informed of the joke via Paulie Gualtieriwho is in jail on a firearms charge at the time.

Johnny is so personally insulted that he contracts a hit on Ralph for the insult, only to call it off at the last minute.

Ralph Cifaretto

Unbeknownst to Johnny, calling off the hit not only saved Ralphie's life but also his own, for Carmine Lupertazzi had planned for Johnny to be murdered indirectly via Tony Soprano's hit men. By sanctioning the hit on Ralph, Johnny was being insubordinate to Carmine who would not sanction the hit himself, as Carmine judged that taxing Ralph may be appropriate punishment for the insult, but that a hit would be extreme.

The joke Ralph made was that he "heard Ginny Sack was having a 95 pound mole removed from her ass". When explaining the incident to Carmine, an angry Johnny Sack said that "the implication is that her ass is big enough to have a mole that size removed from it".

However the incident of the Weight Joke on Ginny Sacrimoni went down, or whether it was to cause little or great and potentially damaging consequences for the Family, that would not go unanswered on Ralph's behalf.

Impractical Jokers - Fan Favorite Punishments (Mashup) - truTV

Eventually after all the troubles, Ralph was discussing the event with his crew respectively with Gene and Vito and remembering the birthday dinner offered to Albert Barese when the joke happene counting of all the possibilities of people "flapping their gums" over the topic during the event, he came to the correct suspicion that Little Paulie was the one who informed Paulie Walnuts of this joke and since he was, at the time, on buddying terms with Johnny Sack, relayed it to him.

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