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Yesterday in Madrid the actress stepped out in two different outfit options as she took to the red carpet to promote the Pirates of the Caribbean: On Stranger Tides. At a photocall for the film held at the Villamagna hotel in the Spanish city Cruz,37, opted for a simple black wide-legged catsuit. Wardrobe change: Penelope Cruz stepped out into different outfits promoting the latest Pirates of the Caribbean film yesterday. The mother-of-one had her hair loose around her shoulders and opted for a pair of simple silver earrings as she posed for photos looking lovely. But later in the evening as she attended the premiere for the film at the Kinepolis theatre she had glammed up in a lace embellished evening gown with her hair styled into an elegant up do. She carried a small black clutch bag and had accessorised the glamorous dress with a pair of drip earrings. The actress has shown off her fabulous figure in a whole host of fabulous frocks in recent weeks as part of the promotional tour for the film.

I have to laugh about that. Founded the Mediterranean Meat Company aroun located in Malta on an abandoned British military airport. Vanden Boeynants was among those she had seen there. Boas had access to an international network of prostitutes through Fortunato Israel, his mistress and employee. He used this network to tempt and reward customers and intermediaries with, among them Vanden Boeynants.

Back in the days when Vanden Boeynants was prime- and defense minister, foreign arms corporations knew they had to include ASCO in every single contract if they wanted to work with the Belgians. Adnan Khashoggi, who had an office in Brussels for his firm Triad, was a close associate of Vanden Boeynants. Excerpts of the confidential State Security memo translated from Dutch : "It was determined that certain members of the board of the C.

Amongst others, it concerns: Jean Breydel, secretary-general of the C. The board, the administration and the editorial office of the NEM, which has been published under this name since by the "Compagnie Internationale des Editions Populaires" C. Furthermore, at this address was located the secretariat of the founded NEM-clubs, as well, untilthe seat of F. The seat of C. This building also contains the Belliard auditorium, the seat of "Mouvement d'Action pour l'Unite Europeenne" xxjust as the offices of the "Societe de Promotion et de la Distribution Generale" P.

The NEM is supported by Benoit de Bonvoisin, who pays the rent of the in the Dekensstraat located offices and hires the editor in chief as an advisor Francis Dossogne, head of the F. The partnership P. From to its editor in chief was Major Jean Bougerol, a higher career officer working for the headquarters of the domestic armed forces. Jean Bougerol has spoken at lectures organized by the NEM-clubs This officer, who keeps in close contact with Bernard Mercier, board member of the C.

This person had to be taken by Bernard Mercier to a domain in the Ardennes belonging to de Bonvoisin and subsequently to France.

Oct 31, - Explore luvhollywood's board "Melanie Griffith" on Pinterest. See more ideas about Melanie griffith, Actresses and Don johnson pins. Kinepolis Nancy, Nancy, Lorraine. 9, likes 89 talking about this , were here. Ouvert en , ce complexe accueille au centre ville, au sein des ses 10 salles et /5(K). Mandy is a visual spectacle to be sure, but it's also incredibly boring and pointless. Dann M Super Reviewer. Feb 16, It may seem odd to review an independent arthouse horror/action film 90%.

According to unverifiable sources the F. They had stolen this before leaving the BOB in and tried to sell the information to two prominent politicians: Paul Vanden Boeynants couldn't remember this fact. Only remembered he had declined an offer of Bouhouche to steal incriminating files against his person and Minister of Justice Philippe Moureaux accused by The Sprout of having been present at the murder of Julie and Melissa, together with Cardinal Danneels confirmed it had been offered to him and that he declined the offer.

They are contacted to buy secret information and they don't inform a single police service. At the very least that's a lack of civil goodwill.

Kidnapped by the "Socialist Revolutionary Brigade" from mid-January to mid-Februaryand released after paying a ransom. It later turned out that the gang of Patrick Haemers was behind the kidnapping. Or maybe not. Even after his conviction, Van Boeynants received more votes than anyone else in recent city elections and was in line to become mayor of Brussels. He reluctantly turned the job down under pressure from Prime Minister Wilfried Martens, who is said to have balked at the idea of a convicted man - he received a three-year suspended sentence - being chief executive of the city.

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Vanden Boeynants is an honest man, said his former aide in the ministry of defense, retired Gen. Jules Everaert.

March 25,Washington Post, 'Belgians arrest kidnapping suspect': "The lawyer of an alleged gang leader being hunted for the kidnapping of a former Belgian prime minister has been arrested on suspicion of masterminding the abduction, the prosecutor's office said today Michel Vander Elst, 41, was placed under arrest after nine hours of questioning on suspicion of being "the author, coauthor or an accomplice in the kidnap" of Paul Vanden Boeynants, a spokesman said.

Other accusations included extortion and forgery Vander Elst represents Patrick Haemers, 36, the alleged leader of a gang being sought by police for a string of unsolved violent crimes. Vanden Boeynants was snatched in the garage of his Brussels home Jan.

The spokesman charged that Vander Elst had seen some of the suspected kidnapers after they had rented a villa in the northern French resort of Le Touquet, where Vanden Boeynants was held for a month.

He said the lawyer also had received calls from public booths in Le Touquet. InVander Elst provided a false alibi for Nihoul while this person was investigated for having been seen at the location where Laetitia was kidnapped by Dutroux.

Patrick Haemers and his father were involved with people like Nihoul and members of the fascist underground. Haemers committed suicide in jail in Mayseveral days after his sidekicks in the Vanden Boeynants kidnapping escaped from jail and were caught again. Vanden Boeynants did a lot of his shady business transactions through Caisse Privee Banque of the very noble d'Ursel family intermarried with de Bonvoisin and accused by X1 of serious child abuse.

Vanden Boeynants burnt his private archives in Michael and St. Sylvester, and many others. On August 20,Commandant Duterme of the BOB internally decided to sack De Baets and his team, who had been working with X1, one of the witnesses that accused Vanden Boeynants of having raped and tortured her. Interestingly, the investigators themselves were only told about their removal on August 25, by Col.

Brabant, who had recently sanctioned a media campaign against Nathalie W. Nathalie W. They kept in touch over the years. De oppositie ruikt onraad.

Job dating kinepolis nancy

Indien u een officiele kent die dat heeft gezegd, dan zult gij dat kenbaar maken. Wat is dat voor iets? Dat, ik zeg, is onredelijk. We moet redelijk blijven, mensen. Ik ben gekomen omdat ik niet wil dat u hier staat te bevriezen. Wees redelijk. We hebben al problemen genoeg.

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Ik ben ervan overtuigd dat indien ik destijds dat niet aan het licht had gebracht en hem had laten voelen dat we meer wisten van zijn geheimere, niet openbaar gemaakte bedoeling, dat hij door mee was doorgegaan. At a certain point children of approximately 10 years of age were brought in. These were then abused by the guests present.

This happened more or less 7 years ago. Happened in the s. In the second half of the 16th century, Jehan de Bonvoisin received land from his father, a descendant of an ancient House of landed gentry. From the outset of the 17th century, the family developed the textile industry in the region of Verviers, where its members also held positions in public office. Pierre was an Economics professor at the University of Louvain. Married Elizabeth Galopin, a granddaughter of Alexandre Galopin The official story goes that several months before the allies invaded Normandy, Galopin gained access to a list of industrialists who worked with the Nazis.

On February 28,he was assassinated. InPierre de Bonvoisin attended the first Bilderberg Conference along with Paul van Zeeland son-in-law has been named a key plotter in the aborted fascist coup in Belgium, together with an agent of Vanden Boeynants and Benoit de Bonvoisin, Army Major Jean Bougerol. He attended several other Bilderberg conferences. Chairman of the Banque du Congo Belge. President of the Belgian International Chamber of Commerce.

Director of Companhia de Diamantes de Angola Diamangwhich had a monopoly on the diamond supply of Angola. Chairman of the Belgian League of Multiple Sclerosis. One of the counsellors of King Baudouin. Benoit was born in Graduated in philosophy from the University of Louvain.

Benoit's other sister Marie Francoise de Bonvoisin b. The d'Ursel especially another branch and de Merode families are among the most noble families in Belgium. Both families, not unlike de Bonvoisin himself, have been implicated in child abuse networks, just as a large number of their associates. Bernard de Merode works for a firm these days which is headed by two senior retired MI5 officials. Political advisor to Paul Vanden Boeynants in the s. With Paul Vanden Boeynants involved in the aborted coup.

It became the political front of his private militia Front de la Jeunesse, which was founded in the same period. Around the same time Lecerf organized a meeting at the castle of Baron de Bonvoisin in which a number of fascist leaders from Europe were brought together.

Francis Dossogne, head of Front de la Jeunesses by this time, also attended. Arranged a meeting of European Nazis and other fascists in his castle in late In return for their investments PDG created fake invoices for them. Shareholder of Parc Savoy, which is where Cercle des Nations was located. Front de la Jeunesse was the private militia of the in established Parti des Forces Nouvelles. Front de la Jeunesse had secret paramilitary training camps in the Ardennes.

Together with Paul Vanden Boeynants, de Bonvoisin founded the Army's Public Information Office ina fascist "personal" Military Intelligence group that spied on journalists that had a negative attitude towards the Vanden Boeynants gang. Mayerus, who later became chair of the European Institute of Management, a private intelligence group that took over the functions of PIO; In contact with Faez El Ajjaz, a member of the Syrian secret services.

Pictures of his bedroom showed a very disorderly room with riot guns and a blow torch, for which he questioned. Lieutenant-general Pierre Roman, chief of staff of the Belgian Army, was Bougerol's superior and another political ally of de Bonvoisin and Vanden Boeynants. Bougerol gave orders to Francis Dossogne, an employee of de Bonvoisin and leader of the fascist Front de la Jeunesse and the subversive Group G.

Most members of a particular cell did not know about the others and Nazi-fascist infiltration could have been much larger than the estimated 60 recruits. Major Jean Bougerol, sponsored by lieutenant-general Roman, Paul Vanden Boeynants and Baron de Bonvoisin, was a coordinating figure in this plot including the aborted coupjust as Count Arnould de Briey, a public official who was married to co-Bilderberg founder Paul van Zeeland's daughter. They explained to him that at least 9 important members of Opus Dei which likely included de Bonvoisin in addition to several officers and generals of the Gendarmerie and the army were working to destabilize the country and as a result transfer all power to the king.

Instead, he uses two thirds of his own biography to bash his opponents. Through a number of people with whom he was in touch in the United States and France, B. He considered it urgent, since this was the only secret service to escape control This clearly bothered the Americans who got him to resign.

InBenoit and his brother Pierre were prosecuted by the Belgian authorities for having faked so called KGB documents. Benoit used these documents in to prove there was a vast left wing conspiracy aimed at discrediting him, which included many members of government. March 6,De Standaard prominent Belgian newspaper'Baron de Bonvoisin again to court': "Yesterday, the Black Baron Benoit de Bonvoisin, with three of his compagnions, has been referred to the Brussels penal judge in the affair of forged KGB documents.

That is wat the Court in Brussels stated in a recent verdict. Raes was head of State Security from to The intelligence service exposed De Bonvoisin in the s as financier of extreme right wing groups.

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This is where De Bonvoisin got the nickname 'black baron' from. According to De Bonvoisin State Security falsely associated him with the extreme-right and this was part of a conspiracy set up by Raes. During a trial at which De Bonvoisin were accused of blackmail and swindling, the baron provided the Court with documents that should have provided proof of that conspiracy.

It was about several affidavits of intelligence agents who would have been witness to the conspiracy. The intelligence agents turned out not to exist and all reports turned out to be forged. The report that went the furthest was the 'Mullican report' in which a name with similar name of British Intelligence wrote down that a certain Alexander Vialavitch, an agent of the KGB, has testified that Raes since has worked for the Russian intelligence agency KGB.

Raes would have received 1,1 million dollar for that. In this case also it were forged documents and fictional person. According to the correctional judge De Bonvoisin knowingly used the documents to tarnish the reputations of Raes and of magistrates who have opposed the 'black baron' Jean-Francois Godbille for example Since Baron de Bonvoisin 69 has been hit by a brain hemorrhage [over a year ago] he was unable to attend is trial.

As soon as his health allowed it, the judge will proceed with the sentencing. The Court did sentence the suppliers of the dozens of forged documents, Eric Van de Weghe, to six months effective jail, and former gendarme officer Christian Amory to two months.

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According to the verdict they have been found guilty of 'unacceptable manipulation', with the intent to destabilize the State powers and the credibility of the institutions'. Both have to pay 4, euros in moral damages to Albert Raes. Van de Weghe and Amery have appealed against their verdicts.

The case already dates from Najeeb Halaby [FAA] Inexamining magistrate Freddy Troch reopened some of the Gang of Nijvel documents and began to look into its political connections. Troch was warned and subsequently kicked off the case by Melchior Wathelet, a violent child abuser together with Baron de Bonvoisin and Paul Vanden Boeynants, according to X1.

Wathelet was also accused by another source. In NovemberMoyen said that the Belgian stay-behind network was not only anti-communist, but that it fought subversion of the state in general. Has visited the Mirano, according to X2, where he was involved in child abuse parties with Paul Bourlee, Oliver Castiaux and others. Has been accused and convicted of a number of crimes in his career, but was later on always acquitted.

In August or Septemberde Bonvoisin began to interfere with the Dutroux investigation, undoubtedly because he had gotten wind of X-dossier witnesses implicating him in child abuse and torture networks. He was even mentioned as a central person in child hunts. X1 in PV It is about someone who prefers the violence: the sex is a dessert He participated in the hunts on children Tony brought her to a domain - there were 4 other girls Marianne; Valerie; Catharine; Sonja There was also the gamekeeper who raped the girls but did no more than that.

Bonvoisin was the most dangerous - he had come to kill The girls run into the woods and each time they are caught they have to remove a piece of clothing. X1 is forced by Bonvoisin to stay with him - she must choose and point out the girls Bonvoisin forces X1 pull the trigger while telling her that if she misses she is shot. She fires on Sonja and kills her. Marianne is killed with a cross-bow.

X1 is raped and brought back home. A sort of game-keeper kept two Sint-Hubertus dogs on a leash. I quickly counted them, about ten men I knew the domain, with its sloping hills, the big pond a bit further, the woods and the rhododendron bushes. It didn't exactly comfort me to be taken out here Silently I began to calculate how my chances were of getting out alive, and hope sank to my shoes.

This would be a short hunting party, it still was far too light and the weather too nice to effectively hide yourself. And they looked like it was really serious I looked at Jo [one of her regular and most violent abusers], he didn't smile, not even tried to interact with the group.

He tensely looked back. The fear slowly crept up. This was serious He [de Bonvoisin] had come to kill, the other men didn't play a role to me anymore, if he was sitting that unmoved he would do the most damage The girls had to run into the woods, and each time they caught one, they had to take off a piece of clothing I didn't have to play the game.

He made me an accomplice by having me find these girls and pointing them out When the girls had taken off all their clothes they started to aim. They shot next to them on purpose, hunting them up, and laughing about their fears.

He came to stand behind me, readied his gun and helped me to aim it What she noticed about the villa, was a large pool and an impressive collection of model ships which were exhibited inside just about all over the place ["villa des bateaux" of Count Herve d'Ursel and Marie-Cecile de Bonvoisin d'Ursel]. The children were forced to watch a sort of snuff movie, in which, according to X1, two of her children were tortured. The purpose of the first night was an initiation. The adults wore SM clothing and butchered a goat and a rabbit in front of the eyes of the by then unclothed and tied up children.

According to X1, the whole ritual had nothing to do with satanism and even less with bizarre sexual preferences of the adults - they hated this - but everything with a well thought-out method to condition the kids and to prevent that one of them would ever speak out. After all, stories about butchered goats, rabbits and men in black leather suits would not be believed by anyone.

With 'Kristien' it went totally wrong, X1 said. She kept resisting, refused to accept what happened to her. X1 and Mieke, who had to force her to eat the heart of the freshly-butchered rabbit, tried to keep her silent - which didn't succeed.

During this meeting he called up Michel Bourlet, head of the overall Dutroux-Nihoul investigation, to make an appointment with this person. Bourlet scheduled a meeting with the baron for the following day, but never had the intention to actually show up which he indeed didn't. In Decemberde Baron accused inspector De Baets, the interviewer of X1, who claimed to have been brutally tortured and raped by the baron and his friends, of having overstepped his authority in Maywhile searching his castle during the CIDEP affair.

Unfortunately for the baron, although De Baets was involved in that case, the actual search of the baron's house had been conducted by a colleague of De Baets. Other attempts to defame De Baets were undertaken by friends of the baron, not the least of them the earlier-mentioned Andre Moyen, but all of them turned out to be bogus. De Baets was already "under investigation" at that point for allegedly not having properly interviewed X1.

He would be acquitted of these charges inbut luckily for the de Bonvoisin that apparently was no reason to reopen the case of X1, X2 or any of the other victim-witnesses.

October 14,Belgian Parliament, Report on behalf of the Gang Commission, Appendix III, 'An analysis of the investigations into ex-gendarmerie officers ': "In his next testimony - one day later - Peeles made several other remarks about the investigation: He said to be in the possession of information that Montaricourt would have given films or video tapes to be stored at her councellor, and that another tape would be kept at a notary in Brussels; this one would have been handed to [the notary] by de Bonvoisin who would have taken pictures based on this video, which was shown to certain members of the "Gang Commission".

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Inits apparent owner was Ms. Allison Lindo, a St. Lucia resident according to a document! Lucia lawyer, Michael Gordon. Until May the company was a contractor of the Belgian Sabena Airlines.

Florida Corporations Registry further shows that a company called Unitrans Intl. The company was dissolved October 9, The same records also show that a company called Majus Aviation Inc. Dietrich Reinhardt and an attorney, Morris J. Turkelson based in Littleton, COwere listed as director and president, respectively. Over the years, STL operated various aircraft, registered in St. The St. Reinhardt and Turkelson did not go out of business, however, with the dissolution of STL.

On June 10, 1 a CA Hercules crashed during take-o! At the time it crashed, the Hercules was under contract by the Angolan government and operated on lease by a Saint Lucia-based company, Carib Air Transport Co. Ltd, incorporated in " le n. January 4, Lucia registration J6-SLQ. After the change, the aircraft was leased April 15, to a company called Questline, supposedly based, but never incorporated, in Florida.

The accident report for the Hercules was never made publicly available by the Angola government or the US authorities, despite the e! Another St. Owens president and Jack Owen director. Tepper business seemed similar to the one STL had just left. Petty, a veteran CIA pilot, was killed in the accident. By June, three C- Hercules were taking o! At the time, she talked about a secret studio where snuff movies were recorded.

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On the E40 Brussels-Luik she had pointed to exit Sterrebeek. From there she made the inspectors drive until a crossing. A few miles down the road she made the car stop. That's it, 'the factory'. X1 describes the BMW - 'dark windows through which you look from the inside out, but not the other way around' - and immediately leads De Baets to suspect that this was about the type of cars the Diana Group drove with.

De Baets doesn't reach that conclusion for nothing. In a writing pad He always wore dark sunglasses [which reminds most people immediately of Madani Bouhouche] That night he [De Baets] tested his suspicions. Gerard Lhost and Col. Rene Mayerus and seemed to confirm his suspicions that key suspects of the Gang of Nijvel affair were also involved in the child abuse network.

However, X1 also misidentified at least three, and maybe four pictures, and this time it really appears to have been a mistake as opposed to all the manipulations by the "re-readers" later on. It must be stated, however, that X1 always became very emotional when looking at pictures because of all the flashbacks she would get.

Armenian descent. InMajor Herman Vernaillen transferred Bouhouche and his colleague Robert Beyer left the Gendarmerie in with Bouhouche and worked with him until September in Agence Recherche Investigation ARIa front for other criminal activities; with Bouhouche he had stolen from the Gendarmerie a whole database of info on prominent politicians, which they tried to sell; part of Bouhouche's group to some day conduct a terror-extortion campaign against warehouses; said Bouhouche tried to recruit him in a secret organization, but declined the offer; fled to Paraguay in for a murder he and Bouhouche were investigated for; briefly stayed with Jean Bultot in Paraguay; claimed in February that he offered to Vanden Boeynants to steal dossiers about him from the Ministry of Justice, but how this ex-prime minister refused.

Highlighted the alleged State Security connection with the CCC, a "communist"-terrorist Belgian group in the s after he had found out that that these two had bugged the office of a colleague.

Bombs with similar unusual timing mechanisms were later found in a storage space located in the same street where Paul Latinus and Martial Leukeu lived other top players in Belgium's NATO-sponsored fascist fifth column. Vanden Boeynants, Buslik and Bouhouche were also tied to the assassination attempt on Vernaillen, and as might be expected, Bouhouche for a while headed the investigation into the attempt on Goffinon.

Buslik fled to the United States where he assumed a new identity. Bouhouche, who was a was a regular visitor of the Diana Group, was totally implicated, but never prosecuted. Bouhouche regularly visited the gunsmith of the Diana Group barracks. In hindsight, after you learn what type of guys those two [Bouhouche and Beyer] were, then you don't have to look further, do you?

That is the idea of most policemen and also my thoughts, even though they were not convicted for that theft. That's also what I said to the second Gang Commission: 'As far as I know there has been large scale manipulation of the investigation into the theft. With just a few thousand bucks they apparently were able hire about half a dozen storage places and apartments, and buy computers, cars and weapons.

Where they got the additional source of income to buy or hire all this stuff has not established. As the editorial staff learned from a certified source, Bouhouche and Beyer were really working as subcontractors to another detective agency, namely the one of Bob Louvigny, an ex colleague of the duo.

Interesting fact: Louvigny often worked on assignment from the gendarmerie. Second interesting detail: Louvigny was the detective hired by the Brussels psychiatrist Pinon who came on the trail of the extramarital affairs of his Misses Pinon. The divorce would grow into the famous dossier of the Pink Ballets. Bouhouche and Beyer were specialized in spying. They were in the possession of high tech spying equipment and even tapped phone calls via the public RTT distribution boxes.

Bouchouche was also in the possession of a RTT uniform. The BDRI still exists and seems quite a respected investigative agency. Etienne had found out that a number of call girls whom Beyer wanted to hire, earlier had worked for the network of Lydia Montaricourt. Instructor at the Parabellum Club, a practical shooting club. After the men without Bouhouche left the club they went to drink something at a nearby cafe.

Here they got into a fight with one Frenchman and two Algerians. The two Algerians were shot and the Frenchman was hit in the face with a broken beer bottle. Bouhouche was mainly in contact with Latinus' right hand, Michel Libert. Bouhouche was in contact with members of Group G, a secret Nazi group within the Gendarmerie that was part of a wider operation to destabilize the Belgian state.

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Commandant Francois and Frank Eaton were important members. Gendarme officer Martial Lekeu close friend of Commandant Francois and Paul Latinus; member Group G exposed the group in already gave his information to the proper authorities inbut nothing was doneafter he had fled to the United States. As a devout Nazi he had been recruited in the late s by a colleague at the BOB. Lekeu: "When I joined the Gendarmerie I became a devout fascist.

At the Diana Group I got to know people who had the same convictions as me. We greeted each other like the Nazis. Every time we clicked the heels of our boots together in the canteen or halls of the BOB building at the Leuvense street we heard others do the same. That was a sign of solidarity Together with about 10 other Gendarme officers we listened to march music of the Waffen-SS. Nazi flags were decorating the walls.

It's likely that the idea was to introduce police state legislation and possibly even to declare martial law, but apparently the average fascist didn't know the exact procedure. Lekeu in in Panorama magazine: "During the gatherings of the Front a plan was developed to destabilize Belgium and to prepare it for a non-democratic regime.

This plan consisted of two parts: a cell political terrorism and a cell gangsterism. I worked in the cell gangsterism. I was one of the specialist who had to train young guys with rightist leanings, to knead them into a well trained gang prepared to do anything.

After that I had to break all contact with them, so they could exist as an independent group and do robberies without them realizing they were part of a well-planned plot. In the first half of a team led by investigating magistrate Freddy Troch and substitute Willy Acke managed to track down 10 former members of Group G. They largely confirmed the story of Lekeu, although obviously tried to marginalize the whole operation.

Interestingly, Bob Beyer once mentioned that Bouhouche asked him if he would be interested in joining a clandestine organization. Beyer declined and says he doesn't know what this group was about. Some time before his death Juan Mendez said to his family and friends that he had been invited to join a clandestine group that was gathering data on political adversaries to be used during and after a coup.

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Bouhouche regularly went to the Jonathan in Sint-Gillis, a night club with strippers and prostitutes. The visitors of the Jonathan were mainly Nazis and other fascists who often worked for the police, military or mercenary corporations. The owner of the Jonathan in the s, Jean-Paul "Pepe" Derijcke, made sure that pictures and video was taken of his customers when they were involved with one the club's prostitutes. This material was used for blackmail purposes.

It's probably no coincidence that Michel Nihoul was a good friend Derijcke. Lammers was accused of hiding the body and during house searches inspectors found child pornography on the computers of both Lammers and his friend.

The witnesses told that some of the men there were talking about importing "young white and brown horses" from eastern Europe by plane, but after the Dutroux affair thought they had been talking about children. The witness, Rita Vetsuypens, found out she was married to a paedophile who was involved with these people; acted as a gunsmith and delivered explosives to the Haemers gang, which kidnapped Vanden Boeynants in Bouhouche is said to have visited the Mirano, where there was private area where children were sexually abused.

X2 said she had seen Bouhouche talk to Henri Bil, the confidant and private driver of Vanden Boeynants, at the Dolo, the group sex and child abuse club of Michel Nihoul. According to her, Bouhouche also sat at the table with some of her abusers. Bouhouche was involved in at least one of two armed robberies in on transport vehicles loaded in total with pounds of gold and a number of other precious items. The transport vehicles were raided by several fake Gendarme officers.

Bouhouche was convicted for one of these robberies in ; Jean-Francois Buslik in absentia. Although it has been "rumored" that Buslik is protected by US intelligence, he still was extradited to Belgium in However, originally convicted for life, Buslik was released within three weeks. Bouhouche was suspected but never convicted for the murder on Juan Mendez born in ; fascist gun-lover who owned dozens of rifles and pistols; arms merchant at Fabrique National FJ whose Peruvian predecessor fled Belgium after it was found out he worked for the CIA and was involved in the illegal arms and drug trade; involved with the fascist underground since the late s, and was tested to be introduced to higher circles by Bouhouche; part of Bouhouche's group to some day conduct a terror-extortion campaign against warehouses; interrogated several weeks before his murder about his connection to Douglas Stowell, a rich American who apparently was working for or with the CIA in Iran-Contra; one MP5 stolen from the Diana Group was found at his home after he was killed on January 7, At the time, Mendez had been investigating who was responsible for stealing his large private gun collection and had begun pointing to Bouhouche as the main suspect.

Bouhouche had a meeting with Mendez on the morning of January 7, was found in the evening of January 7 visiting Mendez' widow leading to his arrest and him hiring the notorious Jean-Paul Dumont as his lawyerand provided a fake alibi.

Furthermore, Mendez was killed with 9mm hollow point bullets, which were used by Bouhouche, and according to two different ballistic reports Bouhouche's gun had fired the bullets that were found in the head and chest of Mendez. However, the attorney of Bouhouche was able to come up with yet another fraudulent ballistic report that completely contradicted the earlier ones.

It apparently didn't matter that this report was written by a person named Claude Dery. Mendez, by the way, was an arms merchant who had become involved in Iran-Contra he claimed against his wishes. Apparently, according to PV Starting inMendez had been involved with a plan of Bouhouche to extort a number of warehouses through terrorist bombings. Jean Bultot has been named also. This plan never went through as Bouhouche was arrested in for the murder on Mendez.

Confronted with testimonies of Christian Amory, Bouhouche admitted to his interrogators that recruiting Mendez had been an assignment given to him by the WNP leadership and that there was a political motive behind the planned attacks. Bouhouche and possibly Bultot recruiting Mendez was part of an admission test for this person although they declined, both Mendez and Beyer were later invited to join a secret group.

Madani Bouhouche, Robert Beyer and their friend Jean Bultot were suspected of involvement with the Gang of Nijvel, which committed terrorist acts inan apparently in an effort to destabilize the Belgian state.

No direct evidence against Bouhouche and Beyer exists. As for Bultot, when on November 9, a stolen burnt out Golf GTI, belonging to the Gang of Nijvel, was found on the side of the road, detectives found a charred piece of paper with handwriting of Bultot's girlfriend, Claudine Falkenburg.

The piece of paper was a fragment of a February speech that Bultot had given in the shooting club Triton. In that same month at the Triton, Bultot had given a demonstration to civil servants, law enforcement officers and intelligence agents about the use of kevlar in car doors. Coincidentally, traces of kevlar were found in the car doors of the burnt out Golf GTI.

Other inconclusive evidence was found in the car that might have belonged to Falkenburg. During a house search inspectors found the telephone number of doctor Pinon, responsible for the covered-up Pinon affair, in Falkenburg's address book. There hasn't been any real follow up on these discoveries. The ammunition used by the Gang of Nijvel also was unique to the Diana Group. Bouhouche was arrested in January on suspicions of having murdered Juan Mendez. A search in Bouhouche's house turned out he had a collection of Adolf Hitler pictures and a number of carnival masks possibly used during Gang of Nijvel operations.

Beyer was arrested in January and revealed some the dealings of himself and his colleagues Bouhouche, Christian Amory and Rene Tchang in their preparations of extorting a number of warehouses. Bouhouche was caught in for trying to break out of jail with help from some of his fascist friends from Front de la Jeunesse and WNP.

Bouhouche and Beyer were arrested again in September for having shot on two and killing one Libyan diamond dealers in Antwerp a failed attempt to enforce a payment to a third party. Convicted in for the murder on the Libyan diamond dealer. Released on parole in September after serving 11 years of his year jail term, including the six years he spent in pre-trial remand detention.

Moved with his girlfriend to the French Pyrenees, where they lived on a remote, simple farm near the city of Foix. Still in contact with his former extreme-right friends, including Alain Weykamp. In NovemberBouhouche was beheaded after a large clump of wood flew off a tree he was cutting with a chainsaw. The Belgian justice department found out about his death only "by coincidence" two months after the event had happened.

Detectives were sent to search his house, but apparently nothing of interest was found. Zijn dossiers gekraakt' How shifty was the detective work of Bouhouche? His dossiers cracked' : "The databank turns out to be a small goldmine: it contains more than files and thousands of names of clients, targets, employees, candidat-employees and other relationships of the two dangerous gangsters [Bouhouche and Beijer]. The databank of ARI gives a good picture of the network in which Bouhouche and Beijer operated at the time.

Besides routine detective jobs for insurance companies, credit card firms and jealous housewives, ARI was also involved in a very professional manner with the gathering of political and criminal intelligence. Quite a number of clients were supplied by lawyers, in total almost one hundred, among them well known names as Jean-Paul Dumont [accused of child abuse] Viscount Etienne Davignon [referred at least one U.

Intensive relations also existed between ARI and Baron Jean de Barsy, a notorious financier who later ended up in the criminal circuit. Still other customers of ARI were recommended by former-gendarme colonel Rene Mayerus, director of the European Institute of Management, also a private intelligence service, with a seat directly across the American Embassy on the Brussels Kunstlaan. At the time, EIM had several contracts with the government of Zaire.

In Belgium, thanks to Mayerus, one of the contracts the peculiar firm received was from the Department of Foreign Affairs for the security of diplomatic gatherings and high level conferences in several castle domains of the department, as the Egmont Palace. At the request of Intertel, we learn from the database, ARI for example investigated a firm which had offices on the the Brussels Meeusplein, coincidentally directly across the headquarters at the time of State Security.

Source s : X2 Present at sex parties in a castle near Eindhoven in the Netherlands, together with Jean-Paul Dumont, Baron de Bonvoisin and many others; present at smaller child abuse parties where girls were tortured by Baron de Bonvoisin et al in his residence at Faulx-Les-Tombes; went to Le Mirano where he was involved in child abuse parties where cocaine was distributed; went hunting with Baron de Bonvoisin and others during which underaged girls were raped and abused.

Attorney and judge. Went to the Mirano, according to X2, where he was involved in child abuse parties with Baron de Bonvoisin, Oliver Castiaux and others.

When X1 was asked about Nihoul, she told that in the early s he took her to a certain apartment. She drew the apartment and later took the investigators to it.

The drawing of the apartment's layout was accurate. Because of this she had quite a number of higher level connections by the early s and knew people in politics, the justice department, embassies, banking and soccer. First met Nihoul inbut it would take several years before they would see each other again. Met Nihoul again in and they went to live together in In the late s, Nihoul convinced Bouty to leave her mentor Jacques Marres and to set up her own attorney's office specialized in seeking asylum for refugees from Africa.

Nihoul took care of public relations and brought in customers. Philippe Deleuze, a friend of Bouty from college, became a partner in the law firm of Bouty and Nihoul in Jean-Claude Van Espen himself acted as an occasional partner in the firm. Vanden Boeynants and Deleuze were said to have been responsible for the appointment of Jean-Claude Van Espen to examining magistrate.

Nihoul soon came into contact with Vanden Boeynants. Deleuze resigned after 10 months in after stating that Nihoul was giving too much business to Bouty and too little to him. His wife, Francoise, also complained that the company received too many complaints from clients who did not receive answers to their letters.

Nihoul was responsible for that. Bouty had an apartment at the Rue Dupre in Jette district in Brussels from to X1 Regina Louf pointed out this address as a location where she had been abused by Nihoul and Bouty in the early s, and accurately drew a layout of the apartment.

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Bouty actively took part in the feasts and liked to hurt the children put certain objects in the orifices of children Bouty had the role of executioner. Bouty and Nihoul separated inbut remained close over the years. In Aprila close family member of a prominent judge died in Le Mirano from an overdose of drugs, resulting in an investigation which not only uncovered evidence of drug dealing, but also of a clandestine pedophile ring there headed by Philippe Cryns co-founded Parc Savoy in with individuals like Charly De Pauw and Ado Blaton.

The prosecution and the judge decided to focus only on evidence dealing with drug dealing for which Cryns was sentenced to three years in jail in His partner Alexis Alewaeters, represented by Didier de Quevy the lawyer of Dutroux in at the instigation of Bouty, received 5 years.

Both Alewaeters, a close associate of Nihoul and Bouty, and Cryns were named as the main organizers of paedophile parties at Le Mirano and private villas.

Witness VM1, a child prostitute employed by Cryns, explained on February"I had to pick up children and get them drunk or give them drugs, then take 'em to the private area [of the Mirano], where they were abused.

From mid to the late s, Nihoul worked with Bouty and her law firm Cadreco seemingly a rename of their earlier law firmwhich was specialized in representing refugees from Africa especially Nigeria, with whose government Bouty had close relations in Belgium. On October 6,Lt. Guido Torrez, head of the Neufchateau district of the gendarmerie, personally called the gendarmerie in Schaarbeek to tell a gendarme officer to leave his suspect, a Portuguese named Juan Borges, alone.

Why Torrez made this highly unusual move came out three years later when the company of Annie Bouty, Cadreco, went bankrupt and all the company's financial records were sieged. It turned out that Bouty's friend Michel Nihoul had been the one who personally called up and convinced Col. Torrez to leave Borges alone. Borges was a business partner of Nihoul in the underworld, and was involved in the illegal trade of gold, drugs, fake dollars, art and apparently also humans.

He had high level connections to the Italian mafia and fascist members of the Jonathan Club like Frederic Godfroi inspector of the BOB in Brussels who became a gang leader; friend of Jean Bultot and acquainted with Nihoul. InBorges owned the firm Candy Medical, which was a front for illegal weapons trafficking.

Brigitte Jenart, Borges' girlfriend since who only found out about the criminal circuit he was involved with after a while, in claimed that it took only one call from Bouty at the time for the gendarmerie to leave Borges alone.

Jenart also claimed that Bouty had it checked once in a while if Borges had not appeared on an internal watchlist of the gendarmerie. Jenart committed suicide in April Bouty admitted in that she had told Nihoul to call Torrez. Nihoul founded J.

Travailler a Kinepolis

Nihoul et Associes intogether with his son. Bouty had an advisory role during the founding of the partnership. X69, a transvestite specialized in SM and scatology, testified that in or he was asked by a pimp, Micha, from Berendrecht, if he wanted to make 50, franks in one night. X69 was interested and was pointed towards an old house in Berendrecht.

While walking towards the house he noticed a large American car and "a gray Mercedes with a license plate of the Consular Corps"The X-Files, p. X69 found 4 men and 3 women inside, including Michel Nihoul and Annie Bouty. Three girls and a boy were also present, which he estimated between 8 and 13 years old and probably from the Netherlands or Germany. Nihoul had sex with several children while Bouty made them watch her while having sex with a guy of about 30 years old.

X69 didn't touch the children and was very uncomfortable that night. He had pee sex with a guy in his fifties.

Investigators were only able to find the house after a while, because it had been demolished in the mean time. Michel Lelievre, the future partner of Dutroux in kidnapping young girls, met Cr Flier, the former business partner of Annie Bouty, in jail in late Flier had been convicted for international cocaine trafficking while Lelievre had been locked up for trafficking XTC pills.

After his release, Lelievre went to work at a gas station owned by Flier. In MarchLelievre stayed a couple of days at the place of Annie Bouty, and it was here that Lelievre allegedly first met Nihoul. Lelievre and Nihoul became partners-in-crime in trafficking stolen cars and drugs, with Nihoul telling Lelievre what to do.

Lelievre at some point introduced Dutroux to Nihoul, but exactly when, and if Dutroux and Nihoul had never met before, is not known like X1 claimed; they also moved in the same milieu. Dutroux and Lelievre were arrested on August 13, on suspicions of having kidnapped Laetitia.

Nihoul was arrested on August 16, and although released, he was heavily implicated in the kidnappings.

speaking, opinion

Bouty was arrested on September 5, but after a few interrogations released on October Interestingly, after Bouty had been arrested, magistrate Benoit Dejemeppe accused of trade in drugs and children by one person contacted the controversial police commissioner Georges Marnette accused of child abuse and spreading disinformation and informed about the case against Bouty.

Dejemeppe questioned if there was enough evidence for her arrest and proposed to transfer her dossier out of the pedophilia dossier and into the car fraud dossier.

This intervention of an outside judge was so unusual that investigators at Neufchateau wrote a report about it. Dejemeppe initially denied having made such an inquiry, but was later forced to admit it. In the days after the arrest of Nihoul and Bouty, examining magistrate Jean-Marc Connerotte asked the gendarmerie if they had any files on Bouty and Nihoul. The gendarmerie lied and told Connerotte they had nothing on them.

Bouty has never been investigated since her release on October 20, They protected him from investigation.

Bouty had an affair with Borges.

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Godbille file, pp. In 98 the honorary ambassador reached the newspapers for a last time because the aid he would have given to a Russian couple he was friends with. The man was suspected of belonging to the Russian mob. The Russian resides in the Hungarian Budapest, from where he leads his criminal enterprise over prostitution, money laundering, murder, drugs, weapons, and cigarette trafficking.

The godfather does business with the Napoli-based Camorra, the Japanese Yakuza and the Columbian drug lords. In dossiers of the American FBI that Friedman was able to look into, it is reported that Mogilevich brokered deals with Western intelligence agencies.

In return for information about competing criminal enterprises Mogilevich attempts to keep these spies [spy agencies] as friends. That was uncovered in by the Belgian police detective Pierre Deliliez. He also brought to light that that Mogilevich had sought contact with French intelligence through Alfred Cahen. Curiously enough, after that Delilez was put on non-active as an expert on the Russian mafia. Cravatte claimed that Vander Elst Prezedborski links and possibly his middle man for the Haemers gang had already invited him for the barbecue early in August, while others claimed that the idea of the barbecue had spontaneously arisen earlier that day.

Vander Elst had been Deferm's lawyer. Born in Member of the resistance in WWII. Was put in a concentration camp back in WWII. Trader in the textile business after WWII. Member of the Order of Leopold. In he demanded a public apology from the German state and 25 million franks in damages. De Standaard newspaper did an interview with him in and portrayed a picture of him as a patriotic royalist and courageous member of the resistance during WWII.

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According to his own words he was a spy, apparently after WWII. De persoon die zij beschrijft als kasteelheer is zeer waarschijnlijk baron Theo Bracht. Deze heeft zijn eigendom - waarin volgens Regina een snuff movie studio was ondergebracht die was verhuisd nadat Roger Boas de minnaar van Fortunato Israel, de madame van de "Roze balletten" niet meer wilde laten filmen in zijn bedrijf ASCO in Zaventem - verkocht aan Axel Vervoordt, 13 dagen na het eerste bezoek van de BOB politie t.

Charles and Theo rented castle from de Caters family. The father of Theo Bracht was Charles Bracht, a wealthy Antwerp industrial who in was kidnapped and murdered - coincidentally weeks after the kidnappings of the warden of diamond trader Leister Grass and Baron Empain Przedborski links. Theo's mother d. The child of the new couple, Nicolas Janssen b. Het begin van wordt getekend door drie ontvoeringen.

De ontvoerders denken dat hij de diamantair zelf is. Apers wordt vrijgelaten op 22 februari, na 39 dagen opsluiting, en na het betalen van een originele losprijs: voor 15 miljoen aan diamanten. Tien dagen na Apers verdwijnt in Parijs de Belgische baron Empain. De derde ontvoering loopt het slechtste af. Op 7 maart wordt in een parkeergarage in het hart van Antwerpen baron Charles-Victor Bracht 63 ontvoerd. Zijn lichaam wordt teruggevonden op 10 april.

Kort nadien pakt de politie de ontvoerder op, de jarige scheeps-elektricien Marcel van Tongelen, alias Dexter, zijn schuilnaam in zijn contacten met de politie. Een losgeld komt er niet, omdat Dexter niet kan bewijzen dat baron Bracht nog leeft. Source s : X2 Pimp of X2 in the mids; tortured girls along side Baron de Bonvoisin and others, but seemingly not X2. Bailiff of the Justice Department. Reporter and spokesperson of the judicial district of Nivelles.

Bailiff of the Human Resources Management night Director general Heureux Abri. Member of the Rotary Club. Source s : X1 forced to kill a girl on a domain owned by the de Caters family in the presence of Tony and Nihoul; their neighbor was-is Axel Vervoordt, who has been accused of pedophilia by Count Yann.

A description of Castle Kattenhof in 's Gravenwezel was given by X1 and later identified by the investigators. According to X1, children were tortured and killed in the gatekeeper's apartment on this castle's domain. The de Caters family owned property in streets in Knokke in which X1 had already pointed out some apartments where she was abused.

The castle was jointly owned by brothers Baron Philippe b. Philippe owned the janitor's home on the property in which, according to Regina, a snuff studio was located. Baron Charles and later his son Baron Theo Bracht have been named as renters of the Kattenhof domain. Patrick is also the manager of construction company Bageci, the Wallonian branch of Groupe CBE, which is headed by a person who is-was a director of Suez and the ING banking group companies with people on their board that have been accused of child abuse.

Source s : X3 PV Vanden Eynde". This was at extreme torture parties in the s until at the latest City council member of Hasselt Member of Parliament since Deux chefs de gare nous guident.

Prix libre Contact : autisme En anglais, en part. Prix E. Que renferme t-il donc? Mugnier Festival Inter.

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Kaspar Zehnder - M. On fait le grand saut! Le saviez-vous? Masereel demeurera tout au long de sa vie un personnage critique mettant en garde ses concitoyens et il voulait agir. Graphisme, Niels Wehrspann. Courtesy Laurent Godin. Bar le Duc Bluegrass, folk et blues constituent la base des influences de Gunwood, trio parisien taillant la route sur les traces de Neil Young et des Stones.

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