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Nothing kills the joy of a relationship like that nagging feeling that your boo still isn't totally over his or her ex. Whether you found him scrolling through her IG feed, or doing something even more side-eye worthy, these behaviors might even leave you wondering But honestly, any behavior that's giving you a gross feeling in the pit of your stomach is enough to consider re-evaluating your relationship status. It's not exactly fair to expect him to completely shut his ex out of his life-unless she's very clearly still warm for his form-because that's not cool. But if they're talking all the time it's not out of the realm of possibility that he still has feelings for her. If this is the case, talk to him about whether he's really ready to be in a new relationship with you.

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If this is the case, talk to him about whether he's really ready to be in a new relationship with you. Sure, maybe they salvaged a platonic relationship -or maybe he's keeping in touch in case things don't work out with you.

Dudes occasionally view exes as safety nets.

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We'd probably all be better off not following our exes on the Facebook, the Instagram, and the Twitter-especially when they post hot selfies that we still drool over. But a complete digital freeze-out isn't always something a guy wants to do. You see, a block or unfollow can create post-relationship drama, and it can also make things even weirder when you have mutual friends.

However, it's still a red flag.

Im dating my exs cousin

It's completely understandable if he's a little bitter, but if he's saltier than SaltBae and going out of his way to talk about how much she sucked, sound the alarm. He might be trying to remind himself why he's not with her in an attempt to convince himself he's better off.

There's this thing some dudes do when they want to get back at their ex. They go into competitive mode by unofficially racing with their ex to see who can get to RelationshipGoals status first.

May 01,   People Who Married Or Dated Their Ex's Sibling Reveal How It Turned Out My sister has been dating an ex of mine for the last two years, and the . Aug 12,   i'm dating my ex's cousin and my ex keeps calln me a h** and b**** and stuff (i didn't even like my ex when we went out we didn't even meet in person where teens and he wanted 2 have kids at our age!) so anyways me and his cousin are dating and we have been 4 only 2 days now and he told me he loved me (i though it was werid cuz we meet in 1 day and started daten the next i have not grown . A female reader, anonymous, writes (15 August ): Yes! There is no problem with dating your ex's cousin. I went threw the same agony, for 10 years I was madly in love with Danny, and he was married, so was I, so two years after I was divorced, and a few months after his wife left him, we started to date and the gossip was out of control, but 4 years later he and I have become a happy family.

That depends on who you ask. Do you think it is wrong?

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Cause you are the only one who's opinion really matters. I personally think it is really weird, and possibly even illegal depending on where you live And yes, if you had a baby, there is a very high chance of defects. On a side note people WILL criticise you allot so if you get you let people get to you easily it may be hard for you.

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Answer Save. Favorite Answer. I had a cousin I liked a lot and she was near my age. We were friends but no sex or even kissing. So, I would say for you as long as you just hang out no issue.

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If you have sex and would that lead to birth defects The issue is around recessive genes. That is when it takes the same gene from the male and the female to get the effect. Blue eyes are like this. You need blue from both you mom and dad to get blue eyes.

I would suggest that you are in the wrong here, but dating your ex's cousin is not the problem. If you had conducted the relationship with your girlfriend in good faith, and it just didn't work out, and then you were genuinely interested in her co. Jun 20,   I believe it is wrong to be dating your own cousin. To answer your question about baby defects, there are possibilities. Your blood is way to close. I do not recommend going that far. One example is a 2nd cousin of mine who passed away when he was 15 due to a rare blood disease. His parents where 2nd cousins. Sep 08,   I am dating my cousin I am dating my cousin secretly. We both are very much attracted to each other, doing what every romantic couple does. But I am afraid of the relationship because of what might happen between us if our love keeps growing. Submitted: 12 years ago.

If you get a brown gene it will be brown even if the other gene is blue. So brown is dominant and blue is recessive. There are many recessive genes for dwarfism, mental conditions, and so on.

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If you and your cousin have both of these you are more likely to produce a flawed child. This is called incest sweetheart.

7 Things Guys Do When They're Not Over Their Exes

Ethan Smith. Ethan Smith 5 years ago Report.

Ask Steve - Should I Date My Ex's Friend

He and I have been really good friends for 4 years and we want to take it to the next level. What are your thoughts on this and how should we go about going public with it?

May 22,   It happens, and it does seem kind of weird, but it's understandable that people fall for others with whom they have a lot in common. In fact, you two share so much DNA that it's almost like having a crush on yourself! But it's not very practical i. Mar 26,   Started dating my ex's sister after she left me at homecoming in 9th grade. We fell in love, my ex says we should be ashamed of ourselves but she left . I found out he liked me too and wanted to talk to me and after some months we were dating. At the end of this year I'll move to his city. This was my parents idea and has nothing to do with the fact I'm dating him or something. My dad don't even knows about it. Only my mom, my cousin's parents, his sister, and some other cousins knows about it.

By the way we have already been accused of it although nothing has ever happened. Thank You.

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A reader, anonymouswrites 18 August : No matter how you look at it, it's wrong. I don't care if they say it's okay or if people will look at you strangely and gossip, it's just plain wrong.

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Would you like it if the tables were turned? You need to realize that though you were friends before you met your now ex-husband, you need to move on and find someone else new.

This cousin of his is like clutch and it's safe for you because he's someone you can talk to and someone you feel comfortable with. You are vulnerable.

Heck, if you were suppose to be wiht him in the first place, you would have married him and not your ex. Don't let this keep you from the one true person you are suppose to be with and that's someone out there.

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And don't get into another relationship right away

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