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And you just said you were a soldier fighting boko haram. Where did you do your BMT if you have never seen anyone dating a Hausa girl. Most Hausa girls are cool, slim and beautiful that's if u like dem slim Hi,can you link me with a Christian educated one. Will u b able to endure the superior dating culture of Hausa? Here in hausaland, if u are dating a girl from a good home, u don't have premarital sex and no going out to be alone. They are shy n cultured n marriage oriented.

Am or I'm, Mr Point of Correction. Most of the pretty Hausa girls in Abuja are either married or engaged to one Ango somewhere. I know they like perfumes too. You don catch am.

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Watch the video below first NOTE: i am not advertising shittt. It's a creative work from a hard working artist who knows how to paint pictures on this niche very well.

Tho he not very popular like that Lol, But Magnito is a forever known name in in the indistry for the past years.

Hausa is the majority language of much of northern Nigeria and the neighboring Republic of Niger. In addition, there is a sizable Hausa-speaking community in Sudan, dating from the British takeover of northern Nigeria at the turn of the 20th century. There are a number of theories about the origin of the Hausa people. Re: How Is It Like Dating An Hausa Girl by osuolale95(m): pm On Feb 20 You gat to understand Hausa language also, most of the local girls won't date you until you understand their language Back then during my NYSC Kebbi state 18A, I really want to have one as my gf but they keep saying it won't work cause I can't speak their language. Seeking girls friends dating or guys friends dating - Hausa online Hausa Matrimonial is a free Matrimonials Website where you can search a whole catalog of Hausa unmarried singles or windows or divorce profiles.

Good luck boy However, if I never reply, always know one thing They all meet the dared specs Abeg ask him o! You have never held an FN. Kokaine : Your lies are very obvious. FindX : You mean Hausa girls or Muslim?

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Hausa Girls. I don't want to deal with all he headache of religious and cultural beliefs. When I want to go to the club.

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I want someone who will go with me without qualms to have a damn good time, without preaching shit to ma ears. Frankly, I like to stick to ma own kind! Poster nothing wrong at all if it makes you happy. Individual preference that's all! Encomium Are you lovely? NAH is d answer! I am yoruba for the records, but dont go like hausa men arnt nice, because you dont know them!

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Your response is senseless and empty i am sorry but no disrespect meant! You have made no point, you have just ended up taking up the space meant for some meaningful and relevant reply At times Yes or No is just the best answer suited to people like you, i can't help but LMAO at your ignorance! Poster I don't see anything wrong in dating an hausa man, if you would date anyone from outside your tribe then be ready to bridge the gap of differences and by doing that, it would be fine.

Dating is different from marriage by the way becoz it seems a lot of people replying to the thread have started breaking away towards sex and marriage! I am an Hausa Guy from the North. I live in a Doctors Quarters and so there's this flat occupied by Youth Corpers and those doing housejob in the hospital mainly southerners since its an exchange stuff.

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We get along very well with most of them i even dated some. You learn a lot of things from them and vice versa. It's fun. Hausa people are very friendly!! Sisikill: Evil? It is your right and preferences. When it is marriage time, you bend your tiny legs trying to please your tribal men.

Hausa dating

Ladies say their pot no dey tear and no metre installed but VVF na wetin sef? Seen in the North of oversexed culture. I guess chicks here can't get torn, aged enough huh!

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Well now I know it's your bias which makes you see things that way. Thanks for clearing things up. Sisikill: Wow! To think I was wondering how you concluded from my post that I thought people that aren't Hausas are Evil.

I responded to someone who says Hausas are peaceful. Caucasian Language Families. Celtic Branch. Chadic Branch. Chinese Branch. Constructed Languages. Creole Languages. Critical Languages.

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Cushitic Branch. Dravidian Language Family.

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Endangered Languages. Eskimo Aleut Language Family. Germanic Branch.

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Heritage Languages. Indigenous Languages of Australia. Indigenous Languages of South America. Indo-Aryan Branch.

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Indo-European Language Family. Indo-Iranian Branch.

Dec 14,   You know, Hausa Ladies are known for their docile and calm behavior when it comes to dressing. However, the tides are now changing as We've got Pictures that proves Hausa Ladies are now dressing to kill. These Hausa ladies aren't your shy girls who dress in Hijabs and hide their faces, No, these ones are sharing their beautiful and sexy pictures. Sep 09,   Hausa girls contact details, numbers to call hausa single ladies with, hausa dating site, dating website, Islamic dating, fulani dating site, Facebook, Twitter, email, Instagram, photos, mobile numbers, telephone numbers, cell phone numbers, telegram group, Muslim dating site, hausa women phone numbers etc. Dating an Hausa man has its pros and cons which depends on ladies going after them. Hausa men are good in sugar daddy stuff, they spend the money they didn't labour for in order to get a lady. Also, the stories of snakes making love to ladies are been done by Hausas. In a nutshell, ladies go after them out of greed for money and other material.

International Languages. Iroquoian Language Family. Khoisan Language Family. Language Isolates. Mayan Language Family. NaDene Language Family. Niger-Congo Language Family. Nilo-Saharan Language Family. Oto-Manguean Language Family.

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Pidgin Languages. Romance Branch.

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Semitic Branch. Sino-Tibetan Language Family. Siouan Language Family. Slavic Branch. Tai-Kadai Language Family. Tibeto-Burmese Branch.

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Tungusic Languages. Turkic Branch. Uralic Language Family. Uto-Aztecan Language Family. Related Topics.

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