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One of the biggest, but rarely talked about threats to prairie conservation comes during transitions of land ownership. I think about the same issue with my own family prairie, though I hope I have many decades before the issue becomes urgent. Conservation easements are a tool that can provide some help, and they are absolutely valuable in landscapes where prairies are rapidly being turned into crop land. A landowner might agree, for example, not to ever construct a building on the site, till the land for crops, or do other things that would destroy the prairie or threaten the conservation value of the property. That agreement becomes legally binding and is attached to the deed so that all future landowners have to abide by the same restrictions for the length of the easement, which is often perpetual. Typically, those restrictions are difficult, if not impossible, to alter once everything has been signed.

Thanks Chris! I am struggling with this very issue on my own small acre farm in Illinois, where I have done both some woodland and prairie restoration. Thanks again for your thoughts and bringing this issue lo light. Chris, Your post is very interesting. Several years ago I became aware of some property in north central Nebraska that had some rare plants on it.

And then I was advised some time later, that it was up for sale. I was able to contact someone who lived in the area to verify it and get a phone number or other way to contact the realtor or land owner.

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I think that my contacting the landowner with my interest in the land may have been a mistake. Then things moved fairly fast and it was sold - and probably for a use that would not be for the benefit of the plants. I also contacted some conservation groups - one was supportive but the decisions already had been made and that was that. Maybe some of your colleagues may be familiar with the property and what happened. There are some other properties in central Nebraska that I am also concerned about.

They are a bit too distant from me for me to be aware of any potential changes in their status. I do have a contact reasonably close for one but the other I do not - and I suppose there are others that I am not aware of. It would be great if there were a network of people and organizations that would be able to keep them in their native state. Folks who love prairie will be ok buying a prairie bound by an easement. Connecting buyers and sellers with that interest makes sense.

Ecologist dating

My feeling is that we have enough land under cultivation. At worst, such land could eventually become open space, which in ag-intensive areas is desperately needed for recreation and biodiversity.

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I only have an acre of land, part of which contains lawn and house. There were a couple other homes in my neighborhood about 18 years ago that were also owned by conservation minded folks. But they moved and now those properties are nothing but a tangle of buckthorn and honeysuckle. All that work for nothing.

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It was too much work to maintain, evidently. They dug it up and replaced it with sod. A stellar idea. Sometime covenants can be placed on a property. Nothing lasts forever but there are plenty of good stewards out there.

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Excellent concept Chris! This is a terrific idea. That is the approach I would take too. What an awesome legacy!

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If you can manage it and are lucky, you might find someplace that connects two other areas. Watercourses are also hotspots for diversity and natural wildlife corridors. It matches farmland owners with folks looking to rent farmland. Researchers have discovered that rainforest deforestation leads to dramatically reduced rainfall in the areas affected, with predictions that rain cou Members of EcologistDating are joining an existing database of many 10,s of people from a network of other high quality sites.

Five leaves would indicated someone very eco friendly - for example they could be a vegan who directly joined EcologistDating. The raw metals can be smelted, purified, and One leaf would be someone just slightly eco friendly - perhaps they are on a partner site such as loveandfriends.

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Welcome Ecologist Dating is an online dating site for people who care about environmental issues and want to meet others interested in living ethically. These get assigned according to how eco friendly the computer analyses each profile to be. Your browser does not support inline frames or is currently configured not to display inline frames.

Eco Dating Related Posts How to Start Composting at Home If your vegetable garden or flower beds are in need of a pick-me-up, the first thing you might consider is buying some fertilizer.

A grey leaf indicates no eco clues have been found in their profile. Since the early noughties, London has made huge strides to become a more sustainable city. Blessing Mark, a year-old massage therapist from Lagos, Nigeria, uses Tinder for two purposes.

She finds clients rather as your correspondent found people through Tinder in researching this piece and she seeks out romantic partners. For marketing her business, she says, Tinder is essential, but her love life on the app has turned sour.

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Others talk of the exhaustion of trawling through endless matches, going on disappointing dates with some of them, then having to drag themselves back onto the net when it goes nowhere. There is a loneliness, too. It is tempting to hope that people made unhappy by online dating will stop.

But people do things that make them unhappy all the time, and businesses often profit from their sadness. Dating apps want existing users to keep using them, maybe even to start paying for new features. Desperation is not necessarily their enemy; the achievement of domestic bliss is certainly not their friend. Nevertheless, new services do seem to be looking at ways to make their users happier.

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Hinge, a popular app bought by Match in June, asks users to answer three short questions as part of setting up a profile, providing fodder to get conversation going-Tinder, but with full sentences.

Luna is attempting to build a reputation market. Good dating etiquette-sending messages to people when warranted, responding to them, behaving nicely if a date ensues-will be rewarded with an in-app currency called Stars.

These can then be spent to send messages to popular users, or exchanged for cash, or donated to a charity.

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There are other problems, too. The least attractive women receive similar levels of attention to the most attractive men, says Mr Wang; all can find someone reasonably attractive.

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Men at the bottom of the ladder end up completely matchless. This fits with the work by Ms Bruch and Mr Newman.

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Even for women not seen as desirable, that can work. For the least desirable men, nothing works. But he is going to try. Tantan is using the data it has on its users-their photos, the text of their profiles and their biographical details-as well as their every swipe, like and text message to train an algorithm which will act as a more active matchmaker, one that connects not just people who fancy each other, but people it thinks will have good conversations.

Nevertheless, it inspired Mr Wang. He aims to use data from the whole market to suggest good partners for each person. If this works, Tantan will reap the rewards. Many people use more than one app.

Dating Sites for Prairies?

If they look at the same group of people through different apps and find that one consistently provides matches they like more, they may stop subscribing to the ones that work less well, and they may tell their friends. Better products can thus hope to be rewarded.

Reducing romance to number crunching may sound crass.

Dating Ecologist Dating is an online dating site for people who care about environmental issues and want to meet others interested in living ethically. Recent Posts As reported in this week's New Scientist magazine, artificial intelligence is helping to improve our understanding of the rainforests of Latest Eco Directory Listings. Same-sex dating, which both operates in a smaller pool than heterosexual dating and is illegal or socially unacceptable in many places, is a particular beneficiary. Ecologist Dating Games service for both men and ladies. Meet, and fuck instantly at a moment's notice - Not all members find Sex but some of them want serious relationships. The adult dating site is one the oldest way to search guys near your local area/

It will doubtless have its limits. But many phenomena that appear complex from a human perspective often turn out to be simple seen through disinterested data. The trick is finding the data that do it best, which is perhaps the most interesting area for dating apps to compete in: is it heartbeat on first meeting, measured through a smartwatch?

Time spent on first dates?

Ecologist Jennifer Dunne on Humans’ Place in Food Webs

Netflix queues? Subway stops missed on the way home? Whatever the telltale data turn out to be, the experience of love will continue to be ineffable, and its pursuit strewn with hardships.

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