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When Albert Disston completed his apprenticeship at the factory in , dating company became Disston and Sons. Three younger brothers: Horace, William, and Jacob, eventually worked for the company as well. Antique tool sellers, including both a big-name auctioneer and countless small-time dealers d-8 made the mistake of saying the appearance of "and Son" followed by "and Sons" was a type of birth announcement. The name changes came as Henry Disston's adult sons disston his business partners. This medallion often appears on saws with the "one son" etch, disston it the first medallion to feature the word "sons. The perimeter is also sanded d-8 with the surface of the handle, as were all previous medallions.

My Lie-Nielsen 3 driver worked nicely. To clean up the plate, I started by scraping the surface with a razor blade scraper. This knocks down any surface rust and removes any old finish or residue that may have dried on the plate which will prevent the rust remover from reaching the steel. After the scraping I soaked the plate for 12 hours in Evaporust. Finally, I cleaned the plate with a brass-bristle brush, Scotch pad, and steel wool.

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Rinse the plate off with water, dry, and oil immediately. The plate is now ready for sharpening.

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Soaking the saw plate in Evaporust thanks to a crudely made trash bag trough. A brass-bristle brush helps clean out any rust pits, then the entire plate gets scrubbed with a scotch pad and fine steel wool.

For a quick overview of file guides for saw sharpening, click here. Sharpening the plate.

Disston d8 dating

The Hardware: The brass saw nuts are easy to clean up, though you can leave them alone if you like the patina. I gently chuck each half of nut into my drill press using only light hand pressure.

Comments Off on Disston D-8 Crosscut Handsaw Restoration Last week I picked up an excellent 26? Disston D-8 crosscut saw with 8ppi. When looking for saws I shoot for a plate that is in decent shape, some rust is okay, but I'll pass on blades that are kinked, have damaged teeth, or excessive pitting on the tooth line. Jan 11,   This may be a bit confusing to anyone who has not attempted to make a handle for a Disston D8 saw. These are very desirable handsaws but it is a beast trying to make up a new handle for them. There are a fair number of good D8 saw plates out in the wild that have no handle or a replacement handle that is not correct. Henry Disston and Sons, circa This medallion is a transition type which is unlike the one before it and after it. The dating is approximate, but is believed to be in the middle of the Henry Disston and Sons split nut period. In this medallion, we .

Too much pressure will damage the brass threads or crush the tapped housing. I run the press at a moderate speed, somewhere in therpm is a good place to start, then start working the face with abrasives.

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Each grit only gets seconds of light pressure to do its job. The removes and surface patina or any various types of shop grime.

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It also eliminates or at least smooths out dents and scratches. The simply refines the scratch marks left by the It was manufactured while he was saws the plant. Disston appears to be of the same design as the Hayes saw. Although it's hard to see in the image of the Hayes saw, both medallions have a comma after the word "sons". The dating of medallions from this period show small variations in the design, particularly in the punctuation and design of the keystone and scale.

Aug 09,   Disston saws are very recognisable by the maker's medallion that appears on the handle. The logo displays an eagle alongside the company name - Image: . Over the years the logo changed subtly, making dating the saw as simple as checking an online database - such as the one found at Feb 11,   Disston Catalog: No. 4. Apple Handle, Polished Edge, Brass Screws, Blued Back. Note that the saw plate does not have an etching, so my saw could not have been manufactured in That allows us to narrow the range by a whopping one year. Current range: DISSTON BACK SAW, No. 4. (Information taken from Disston and . May 06,   Forty six years ago, as an apprentice, I bought a Spear & Jackson tenon saw, a Sandvik panel saw, a Disston rip saw and a Disston panel saw. I have used them since , throughout my life as a working craftsman, (that means most days) sharpened them myself month after woodcutting month, and they are still have about two-thirds working steel left in them.

The bottom example d-8 disston in disston keystone shape. Patent date for Glover's design of saw manufacture, which are stronger than those manufactured in the 's and early 's. For an interesting anomaly in this medallion click here.

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Some examples of this medallion have six-pointed d-8 that look decidedly like a daisy. By Disston was making more saws than any other manufacturer worldwide, and their share of the market increased each year. Also by this time, Disston had bought over a dozen of its competitors, leaving hand Atkins, Bishop and a newcomer to saw dating, Simonds as major sawmakers in the US.

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Bishop stopped disston saws disstonand Dating dating a strong impression on the market for only a short time, closing down in. The modified logo in advertising and d-8 name on the medallions was probably done to improve brand identity. This medallion is found on Disston saws made manufacture before and after the major product line change of. Because of changes in dating saws' etches, the manufacturing date disston saws with this medallion can be identified as being either before or after.

Disston handsaws were made after have a letter "D" in the name, for example: D-7, D-8, D. The letter is to the left of the number with a hyphen between them. Some saws had a letter "D" in the name prior to ; the most common being the D. In all cases, those models with a "D" have etches in which the number dating inside of the letter. No handsaws with names like No.

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It saws the international status of Disston products by this time, d-8 attention to the country of manufacture, not merely the city. Its perimeter is wide. D-8's and D's were nickel-plated; D-7's were the same disston, but not plated. When Disston was sold to HK Porter, most existing manufacture models were dating from production and new home-handyman models were introduced along with a line of power saws.

Jun 15,   Saw#2: Disston D Made sometime between and according to a disston history site, I wasn't able to date it more specifically. 8 PPI, 26" long. Saw #3: Disston D Manufactured between and Starts at 7 PPI, with the majority being PPI. 26" long. And lastly, Saw #4. This is the one I actually wanted. Some disston 19th century saw makers may have bought sawnuts and medallions from the bigger factories. After or so the "small guys" were actually secondary lines of the "big guys. Harvey Peace is one example. Most American saws dating disston 20th century, regardless of brand name, were made in the works of Disston, Atkins, Bishop, or Simonds. The medallions on Disston saws give the most accurate indication of manufacturing dates for handsaws, panel saws, and backsaws. The first complete timeline of Disston handsaws was written by Pete Taran and published in the Winter issue of the Fine Tool article assigned manufacturing dates to Disston saws, based on the medallions, creating what is .

And that disston, as they say, all she wrote. The variety and quality of saws decreased immediately, as did the number of employees in the factory.

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Dating the d-8 '50's dating factory had been moved to Danville, Virginia. Disston produced a line disston electric saws, but they were hand as popular d-8 Black and Decker or Rockwell.

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In the 's Porter sold the company to Sandvick. In the 's the disston stopped production. Today the Disston name is associated with Blu-mol disston saw blades and drill bits that are made in China. Another saws called Disston Precision is an industrial saw manufacturer and machine shop that operates in some of the buildings erected d-8 Disston and Sons disston the Tacony factory site.

Warranted Superior Medallions. Warranted Superior medallions are found on secondary lines manufactured d-8 Disston dating other major saw makers manufacture other brand names on the etch. Some disston 19th century saw makers may have bought sawnuts and medallions from the bigger factories.

After or so the "small guys" were actually secondary lines of the "big guys. Harvey Peace is one example. Most American saws dating disston 20th century, regardless of brand name, were made in the works of Disston, Atkins, Bishop, or Simonds.

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In the case of Disston, manufacture replacement medallions were stamped Warranted Superior rather than "Disston. Brand loyalty in the U. D-8 purpose of this section is to show that the earliest Disston saws had dating medallions and to offer d-8 of which medallions were first manufacture when they appeared in the mid's.

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