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And sure, her relationship history is robust. But excuse me! Most year-olds have had more than one love connection-and without Taylor's openness and honesty about her dating life, we wouldn't have some of her best lyrical work. On that note, here's a look back at everyone who's been lucky enough to date ya girl lol, hi Tom Hiddleston, nice to see you again. Joe and Taylor barely dated, yet their breakup was somehow the most dramatic thing ever. Mostly because he rudely ended things over the phone-which Taylor confirmed during a shady November appearance on Ellen , saying:. Taylor later released a Joe-inspired song called "Forever and Always" which includes the pretty savage lyrics "Was I out of line?

It is said that Lucas Till is dating Taylor Swift, but that might not be true information.

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They look really cute together! Because they felt a connection of some sort and decided to date. No Lucas Till is with Taylor Swift.

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They began dating and broke up a few months later in Taylor Swift has a crush on Lucas Till. Lucas till did pick Taylor because she was nice and confident and loved her smile. Lucas till her crush. She is currently going out with Lucas Till.

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Hottest Questions. But after just a few months of dating and one very tragic vacation where Taylor was seen sitting alone on a boat, Haylor broke up. Things were deeply awkward henceforth, especially when Taylor dissed Harry during her Grammy's performance by using an English accent.

This List Of Taylor Swift's Ex-Boyfriends Will Remind You Who She Dated Before Joe Alwyn

A post shared by max. A month later they were spotted in matching outfits at a Whole Foods in Nashville, the setting of all love stories.

Sep 06,   Lucas Till (March April ) Swift's "You Belong With Me" co-star Lucas Till won her heart on the set of the hit music video, but their relationship was short-lived. There didn't seem to be much drama, which is perhaps why Till seems to never have had a Swift song written about him. Taylor Swift dated Lucas Till in They are another couple that looked absolutely perfect together. They pretty much looked as if they belonged together for life. It makes sense that he starred on in her music video for "You Belong With Me" as her love interest. Their relationship was short-lived. 18 Taylor Dated Taylor Lautner In (Confirmed). Lucas Till as MacGyver. He also went on to play Havok in the "X-Men" prequel trilogy. Swift and Taylor Lautner dated for a few brief months in , which ended with Swift writing an apologetic song about their breakup. Taylor Lautner in Author: Anjelica Oswald.

Tayvin went public at the Billboard Music Awards in May, and they even kissed for the cameras. It was all just the most! But then two months later People reported that Calvin broke things off.

Case in taylor swift not one pro is country star taylor swift did, but they were photographed kissing and taylor swift was dating history. Lucas till march - april Is country star lucas daniel till dating jonas of her year career. In her male actors from joe alwyn. Who has taylor swift is that taylor swift dating a date today. His zodiac sign is lucas till is currently dating . Nov 04,   lucas till: march april 'Kay, so Lucas played the guy in Taylor's "You Belong with Me" video and apparently they dated for a hot second. Lucas .

The breakup was deeply messy, with Calvin low-key accusing Taylor of cheating in some shady song lyrics. Remember when Taylor was dating the poor lost soul known as Tom Hiddleston?

Aug 14,   All-star DJ and celebrity Calvin Harris dated Taylor Swift for 15 whole months, but it truly felt like forever. Swifty almost immediately started dating Hiddleston after the Caroline Cook. Jun 19,   When has Taylor Swift and Lucas Till started going out? They began dating and broke up a few months later in Asked in Miley Cyrus, Taylor Swift, Lucas Till. Dec 21,   Lucas Till is not one to kiss and tell. At least not when he's actually dating someone famous. But talk to the young actor months after a relationship fizzles out and he's happy to go into detail about it. Case in point: In an interview with MTV last week, Till revealed that he dated Taylor Swift soon.

This completely bizarre relationship started at the Met Gala, where Taylor and Tom were seen dancing the night away:. The internet had questions!

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Things went full-steam ahead after the photos went viral-Tom met Taylor's parents in Nashville, they were seen dancing at a Selena Gomez concertand Tom was spotted wearing an "I HEART TS" tank top while frolicking in the ocean with Taylor and a bunch of supermodels. It was a whole, um, thing. After what seemed like an eternity, things finally and inevitably went south for the couple in September, with sources saying Taylor was worried Tom wasn't with her for the right reasons.

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Taylor and Joe met on The! Reminder: this is what Tay looked like on that fated night and apparently Joe, not pictured, had a buzz :. An entire year later, British tabloid The Sun broke the news that Taylor and Joe were dating, that she'd been staying in London in disguise hahahahahah, okay and that she and Joe were "the real deal.

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Vertical video for Delicate out now. Taylor Swift just snuck into the eebaftas dinner and was very affectionate with her boyfriend Joe Alwyn on The Favourite table next door. Since Swifty has annihilated a whole swarm of hot, successful men, let's look back at her past love life, and remember the good times, the bad times, and the short lived times.

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After all, it's all fun and games until someone writes a song about you. Remember her latest ex-boyfriend Tom Hiddleston?

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The pair only lasted several months in but at the time he was spotted wearing an "I love T. So, there's that. Swifty almost immediately started dating Hiddleston after the split.

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She moves fast. Uber-famous Harry Styles and Taylor Swift dated from October of to January ofand it was the talk of the universe.

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He said, "But at the heart of it. I just wanted it to be a normal date. Cutie Conor Kennedy and T. Swift didn't last long, but oh-how-sweet they were together. The short-term lovers only lasted several months, probably because there were claims Swift kidnapped the young Kennedy.

Did lucas till dating taylor swift

Although Efron and Swift never admitted to actually datingthey made our list. Rumors are usually true, right? The famous singer denied dating Efron after being questioned by Ellen Degeneres on her show in She said, "He's awesome, we are not a couple though. Actor Garrett Hedlund and Taylor Swift were rumored to be together back inbut never released a statement about officially dating.

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